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Why upgrading to the Optimum plan?

Publuu offers four main subscription plans tailored to your needs – basic, optimum, professional, and premium, each providing different functions and opportunities for your business. The Optimum plan is the most popular one – it offers plenty of advantageous functions at a relatively low cost. It is highly recommended by the majority of entrepreneurs who have tried the Basic one.

The Optimum plan contains all the Basic plan features plus some more to make your flipbooks move to the next level. If you wonder what you can gain when upgrading to the Optimum Plan, you should follow this guide – below you will find all the additional Optimum features described.


Lead Generation

Lead form pop up

Building a list of qualified contacts is essential in business. If are up-to-date with your industry news, you have for sure heard about lead generation – it is a process of achieving potential customers and then converting them into paying clients. However, it can sometimes be a tedious task, but Publuu’s Optimum plan provides the solution.

With a lead capture form available in the Optimum plan you can generate a list of people who are interested in your content. Lead capture form collects contact information from them and then it leverages this database in future sales – people who found your catalog or magazine interesting are more willing to convert into paying customers in the future.

Using the lead form is easy – you can start capturing leads in just a few minutes. Upload your file, convert it into an interactive flipbook and click “Customize”. On the left side of the navigation panel, you will find a “Lead Form” tab. After clicking this field, your lead form will open – all you have to do now is to shift the switch to “Enable”. Then you can customize your lead form in a few steps, by setting a page on which a lead form will appear, adding some new fields in the lead form (if you demand other information than just e-mail address or phone number), or writing a heading to it. Your visitors can leave their contact details right away in exchange for access to the rest of the content. No longer do you have to ask your clients about their personal data – the lead form will do it for you.

You can use this function not only as a lead generation tool but also for several different reasons, such as a Contact Us form. If you want to get more information on how does this function work check our Knowledge Base article.


More Statistics

Flipbook - Statistics

With the Optimum plan, your statistics tool extends. If you have already used the Basic one, you are acquainted with the “Views” tab which showed you the number of everyday views of your flipbook. If this tool is enough for you, it is ok, but with the Optimum plan, you have the access to much more statistics that will help you to control your flipbook’s performance in real-time – you won’t do the same with the static PDF file.

The Optimum plan gives you access to such statistics as pages viewed, average time spent on each page, the number of hotspots clicked, and aforementioned leads collected – so you have 4 additional tools within one upgrade! Why do I need them? You may ask. It’s simple: you want your flipbook to become a perfect marketing tool. If you don’t know how does it perform, then you can’t improve things that will result in your business growth. What is more, Publuu collects your leads in one place as a separate tab in your statistics. No more chaos, no more searching for your customer’s email address or phone number.


Tracking links

Tracking links in Publuu flipbooks

Let’s take a business proposal as an example. You have sent it in PDF format to your client. How would you know if he’s opened it? With Publuu you no longer have such problems. You can check if your flipbook was opened – more! You know EXACTLY when it was open, how much time did your client spend reading it or how many times did he click into your hotspot link.

You can have access to all this information thanks to the tracking tool. Tracking, as its name suggests, allows you to track the link with the flipbook you have sent. Click on the “Tracking links” on the right side of your flipbook menu, then press the “Generate Link” button and you will see the pop-up window with the settings of your link. You can entitle it, set the expiration date, and two types of email notifications: one when your flipbook gets open, and the second when your flipbook is NOT opened till the selected date. When your tracking link is ready, you can share it with your customers and then see how it performs!


Password Protection

Password protection

Do you want your flipbook to be out of reach of people not related to your business? With the Optimum plan, you can do it. Does your flipbook contain specific knowledge or a new product description that you want to share only with premium clients? Set a password to your flipbook and decide with whom do you want to share it. You don’t have to worry that your sensitive content falls into the wrong hands – your flipbook will open only after typing the correct password.

To set a password to your flipbook you have to open it, click “Customize” and find the “Security” tab. After opening it, you will see a “Password Protection” button – turn it on and then, type your unique password in the blank space below! And that’s it, your document is protected!


Custom Domain


Another great function that comes to you when you upgrade your plan to Optimum is called the “Custom Domain”.

What is it and how it can affect your brand awareness?

As the business owner, you want your flipbooks to be branded in all possible ways – and it is completely understandable! If you have already added your logotype or customized your flipbook with your brand’s colors, now it is time to try the custom domain feature, for it is great for retaining a particular brand identity and building audience relationships.

Simply speaking, a custom domain is a new way of creating your flipbook’s direct URL address. As you know, every flipbook you create with Publuu is hosted under the domain. When you choose to upgrade to the Optimum plan, you will be able to create a link to your flipbook with your own subdomain, with no Publuu mention. For example, if your website is called, you can choose from a variety of subdomains like:,, or, and make your client see your company’s name in the publication link.

Thus, what are the benefits of using a custom domain function?

First and the most important thing is that you let your clients know the goal of your flipbook from the very beginning using the unique URL with your subdomain that will indicate what type of publication your recipient will see. People are more likely to click the link from a trustworthy source that contains your domain name, so your click-through rates grow. What is more, a custom domain function helps with SEO as search engines are more likely to rank the flipbooks that have their own domain names higher than those that don’t.

Customizing your own domain requires a bit of technical knowledge, so if you want to do this, ask your IT specialist for help or read our step-by-step tutorial here: How to Customize Publuu Domain.


Embed Protection

After upgrading your subscription plan to Optimum, you’ll obtain another great function called EMBED PROTECTION. It is dedicated mainly to those, who want to make their content as safe as possible and in this matter, they are not willing to any concessions. You are one of them? Then Embed Protection is designed for you.

How does it work?

Simply speaking, it makes your flipbook accessible only on the domain you choose and fully protected from third-party access. It would be best to show it with the example: you set as the only domain where your embedded flipbook will work. Now, your flipbook can be viewed only on and nowhere else. Thus, if someone tries to access your flipbook through a direct link or on a website different than, they will see this notification:

embed protection notification

So, with this function enabled, you have total control over who views your flipbook, but the best thing is that thanks to embed protection you can sell your content on external platforms, such as Wix or Squarespace without worrying about piracy or unauthorized sharing or downloading. Great, right? We have even prepared a detailed guide on how to sell your flipbooks – you can read it here: How do I sell my flipbooks?

If you are curious about how exactly this function works and how to apply it to your flipbooks visit this guide: Embed Protection


A Summary

Publuu offers you not only one or two pricing plans, but four – to give you the opportunity to choose the best one for you. Each of them presents a variety of different features suited for different businesses.

A lot of people start using Publuu with a Basic plan if they need only the elementary functions, such as customizing it with a couple of images or a logotype or sharing it as a direct link. This particular plan is the best option for small start-ups or local businesses. But when you want your business to grow, and the Basic plan is not enough, it’s worth upgrading the plan to Optimum. It contains all of the Basic plan features and a bit more to improve your flipbook’s performance. Lead capture form, more statistics tools, tracking links, and password protection are the main aspects that distinguish Basic and Optimum plans.

It depends on you which pricing plan would you choose – basic, optimum, professional, or premium – remember that before making up your decision you should consider a lot of benefits your business will gain after upgrading.


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