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Make your own flipbook app for your online catalogs, magazine, brochures and other flipbook publications. Customize and publish your flipbook app on Google Play Store. Share your content and grow your audience!

Flipbook App
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What is flipbook app?

A flipbook app is a digital application that allows users to create, view, and share flipbooks on mobile devices, published on Google Play.


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Revolutionizing digital publishing and reading experience.

Flipbook App Features

  • Your Own Flipbook App

    Your Own Flipbook App

    Your flipbook app will be published in the Google Play Store – the worlds largest mobile store for Android devices. We will handle the complicated submission process and make sure that your app are always ready for download by your readers.

  • Flipbook App Offline Access

    Flipbook App Offline Access

    No Internet? No problem – once your publications have been downloaded inside your app, they can always be accessed and read offline! That way everyone has your publications with them all the time and in the most appealing form.

  • Custom Design

    Custom Design

    Use simple online editor to apply your Corporate Design into your app. Upload your logo, choose colors and set your graphics. Enrich your publications with multimedia elements. Beautiful design and new functionalities will make your publications stand out from the crowd.

  • Test Your Flipbook App Now

    Test Your Flipbook App Now

    Upload your publications, adjust your design and try your flipbook app on your device now – for free! Just download Publuu flipbook app on your device, log in with your Publuu’s account password and see it for yourself.

  • Push Notifications

    Push Notifications

    Send as many push messages to your readers as you wish – with no extra cost. Readers receive your notifications as pop-up on their devices, even when the app is closed. Great marketing tool!

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