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How to set a video background in your flipbook?

Adding an animated background to your flipbook is a fantastic way to make your content even more dynamic and captivating. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it!


Log in to your Publuu account, choose the flipbook you want, and press the CUSTOMIZE button.

Publuu account


Once you enter the customization menu, on the left panel you’ll find the BACKGROUND tab. Click it to access the background settings.

Customization menu


In the background options, from the colors, themes, and images select THEMES:

Background options


You’ll now see two options: “Graphics” and “Videos”.

Background theme

Under “Videos” click SHOW MORE to explore all the available animations:

Video background more options

You can also choose a color tone for your background to find a theme that best matches your content.

Background video color tone filter



When you find one that fits your flipbook content select it. Preview them to see how they look with your flipbook’s content.

Animated background GIF


Save your changes!

After selecting and customizing your animated background, click the SAVE button in the top left corner to apply your changes.


Congratulations! You’ve just added the dynamic background to your online flipbook and created it even more engaging!

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