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How to duplicate my flipbook?

Duplicating a flipbook can be a useful feature, whether you want to create a similar version of an existing flipbook, a different version for specific audiences or purposes, or simply want a backup copy. Follow these simple steps to successfully duplicate your flipbook!


Start by logging into your Publuu account, go to the dashboard where all your flipbooks are listed, and find the flipbook you wish to duplicate.

Publuu dashboard


Now head over to the right and choose the three-dot button menu, click it to expand, and select the DUPLICATE option.

Duplicate feature


Once select this option you’ll see the pop-up. Click on ‘YES, DUPLICATE IT’ if you are certain that you want to make a copy of the selected flipbook.

Duplicate pop up

This action will create an identical duplicate of the flipbook you have chosen.

Duplicated flipbook

Well done, the flipbook has been duplicated!


The duplicated flipbook will have the same name as the original one. You may wish to remain that way or you can like this or you optionally rename the duplicated flipbook to better reflect its new purpose or content.

To rename it, simply click on the name:

Rename your flipbook

and enter the new title for your duplicated flipbook.

Change name

Once you type the new name press the SAVE button.

Save the renamed flipbook


  • Don’t forget to keep a backup of your original flipbook before making significant changes to the duplicate.
  • Add interactive elements enhancing the flipbook’s visual appeal and functionality for various audiences or purposes.

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