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How to create lead-capture form?

By adding a lead capture form to your publication, you will be able to collect visitor information, such as names, email addresses, and other contact details, in exchange for access to the rest of your flipbook. The information collected can be used for follow-up, building a mailing list, or direct marketing efforts and more.

How to add a lead form to my flipbook?

Begin by logging into your Publuu account and following these instructions:

Open the list of your Flipbooks

Click on the “Customize” option of the flipbook you want to modify (the first option, marked with a paintbrush icon). A setup window will open.

Customize your flipbook


Select the Contact Form option – marked with an envelope icon – on the left-side panel.

Lead form option


To enable a contact form, toggle the switch. A pop-up window will appear over your content.

Turn on the lead-capture form

A pop-up window will appear over your content:

Lead form pop up

Customizing the lead form

You can adjust the form as needed:

Choose the page where the form will appear. You can give your readers a taste of the content and allow them to read more if they allow you to contact them in the future, or ask them to leave their contact information after they enjoyed your e-book.

Set a lead form page


Add a description encouraging the viewer to leave their contact details. Add some encouragement to make it worth their effort and breach of privacy.

Add lead form description

We have provided you with sample “e-mail” and “phone” fields, but you can name them as you see fit. For example, you can add a name and form of adress to the fields to approach your prospects politely. You can declare some fields as required by clicking the slider.

Customize your lead capture form

Add extra fields oto your form.

Add extra fields to your form

You can remove the field by clicking DELETE icon.

Remove field from your lead form|

Toggle the switch and make the field mandatory to fill in by your readers.

Mandatory field in your lead form

You can allow the reader to skip the form if you want to make leaving the information voluntary.

Skipping the lead form

We have provided a link to our Privacy Policy (since the data will be kept on our servers) but you can also insert a link to your own.

Lead form privacy policy

Our final option is the access to the gathered data. This can be also viewed in a tab in the Statistics panel, where you can also export them into a database-friendly CSV format.

Leds collection report - statisctics

Collected leads report

You can see the Contact information, their e-mail adresses and other fields they filled in, as well as the number of times they have accessed your flipbook and the time of their sign-up. This can be very useful for analytics purposes, for example help you determine the time when your content is usually accessed.

Lead contact informations


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