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Why making an online proposal with Publuu?

A well-written business proposal can often mean the difference between winning or losing a prospective client. Online proposal presentation should hold the clients attention and stay in their memory. This is why you should create it with Publuu - online business proposal maker. Business proposals made with Publuu draw everyone's attention, are mobile optimized and easily accessible from any device. They will stay with your recipients for a long time!


How to make a business proposal online?

Working with Publuu, an online proposal maker, is very easy. Follow the four steps described below and learn how to prepare, customize and share your first business proposal.

  1. convert


    Log in to your free Publuu account. Upload or drag and drop your PDF file and Publuu will turn it into a professional online proposal with a realistic page flip effect. It will take only couple of minutes to switch your static PDF into an engaging offer.

  2. customize


    Customize your digital proposal. Add your logotype, choose the background style and add interactive hotspots. Our online proposal maker also allows you to make your proposal more interactive by adding animated hotspots with links, videos, photos and more.

  3. share


    Choose the best sharing option. You can set a password and share your business proposal securely with selected audience only using a direct link. Insert a link in your e-mail or send it as a text message. When clicked your proposal will be displayed in new, professional form.

  4. track


    Stay in front of your customers even after your proposal has been shared. Get alerts as soon as your digital proposal is opened or if it doesn't get opened by certain date. Check how much time your clients spent on each page, how they interacted with it and how often your proposal was viewed.

Features of the Proposal Maker

Mobile optimized

Make sure that all of your clients can access your business proposals on any device. It doesn’t matter whether you view it on a tablet or a smartphone, Publuu’s proposals will look and work great everywhere.

Mobile Friendly
Business Proposal maker customization screen

Add your branding

Customize your proposal design to match your brand identity. Adding branded elements will help you reinforce your business credibility. Insert your brand logo and set your colors. Choose one of the stunning background proposal templates. Make it yours!

Share your proposal

Share your online proposal with your clients. Send a direct URL link via e-mail or text message. Once clicked it will open instantly on any device with no need to download anything. No more attachments!

Business Proposal maker sharing view
Business Proposal maker tracking

Track and be notified

Track your business proposal performance in real time. Check how much time your client has spent on each page and find out which one was the most interesting for him. Get notification via e-mail when it gets opened or set a reminder if it won’t by a certain date.

Business proposals examples

More and more clients create online proposals with Publuu every day.
Have a look at a business proposal example below.

Even More Features of the Proposal Maker

Creating professional and engaging online digital proposal will take your company presentations to the next level. Check out other smart features of online proposals made with Publuu.

Add links

Add links

Add links to your external sources on any page of your online proposal. Make you lead gain more trust in your offer.

Add videos

Add videos

Add videos to your digital proposal. It’s always easier to show then describe your full potential.

Add pictures

Add pictures

Hide more details of your proposal under a hotspot pop-up picture or whole photo gallery added to any page of your offer.



Make your business proposal look professional by adding you logo. It will appear at the loading page and in the top bar of your offer.



Add your own background, choose a color or set one of 30 beautiful design templates. It will make your presentation stand out from the crowd.



Help your clients quickly find what they are looking for - use the new online proposal navigation panel!

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What is a business proposal anyway?

A business proposal is a document that is used to present an offer to another company and convince them to accept it. It is often used in sales presentations to develop an understanding of what is being offered and how it will be delivered. A well-written and professionally presented proposal can make a huge impact on acquiring new clients.

Our customers also ask:

  • How my business proposal should look like?

    An effective business proposal should be engaging in order to attract potential customers. Publuu makes it easy for your content to impress your prospects through the realistic page-flipping effect, interactive elements, and multimedia such as videos or GIFs that can be displayed right away on any device your clients may have.

  • How do I make my business proposal private?

    You can protect your sensitive content and limit access to your business proposal by the password protection function available in our Business Proposal Maker. With it, you can be sure your proposal opens only after typing the correct password and your content will be out of reach of people unrelated to your business.

  • Why do I need a business proposal?

    If you want to stand out from the competition and at the same time provide detailed information about your business, its products, and services you will need a digital business proposal created with Publuu Business Proposal Maker. It allows you to make a professional business proposal that will impress your clients with many innovative functions. Thanks to versatile sharing options available at Publuu you can share it as a direct link without the need to download anything and check how it performs in real-time.

  • Should I have coding skills to create a business proposal with Publuu?

    Not at all. Creating an effective business proposal with Publuu is totally easy and doesn’t require any coding or design skills.

  • How do I know my business proposal was opened?

    You will be informed once your document is opened via an email notification thanks to the PDF tracking links function available in our Optimum, Professional, and Premium plans. This function allows you to track the individual link sent to your client and monitor how your document performs in real-time.

  • How can I share my business proposal?

    Publuu allows you to share your document in many different ways. You can share it as a direct link, publish on your social media account or you can embed it into your website using a simple embed code. More information on how to share your business proposal can be found in this tutorial: How To Share My Flipbooks

  • How many business proposals can I create with Publuu?

    The number of business proposals stored at the same time at Publuu depends on the pricing plan you choose – from 10 in the Basic plan to even 500 in the Professional plan.

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