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Online Flipbook Maker

Convert PDFs into powerful HTML5 flipbooks with a page flip effect and easy access from any device. Add videos, photo galleries and more. Share it with your audience and track in real-time.

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Why Flipbook?

Because your static PDF documents can’t engage your readers any more. With Publuu - online flipbook maker you can convert your PDFs into HTML5 flipbooks with animated page flip effect. Flipbook conversion is quick and easy. Just upload your PDF document and it will be converted into an HTML5 online flipbook within seconds. After PDF to flipbook conversion, you can add interactivity like videos, photo galleries, audio files or external links to each page of your new, online flipbook.

You can share your HTML5 flipbooks using direct links or embed it on the website. All online flipbooks are mobile optimized and easily accessible from any device. You can also track your digital flipbooks performance like a number of views and time spent on each page, with simple to use statistic panel.
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The simplest way to create flipbook

Just upload your PDF and Publuu will convert it into stunning HTML5 flipbook. It's so simple!


Upload your PDF and Publuu will convert it into HTML5 digital flipbook that can be instantly opened and always look great on any device.


Add custom and animated hotspots with interactive content to your flipbooks like videos, photos, links or audio files with just few clicks.


Share your Flipbook, no matter what your PDF size was. Just send the link via email, embed to your website or post to social media.


Get an alert when your clients opens your flipbook, see what page they have spent the most time on and more. This will help you to understand your clients better and improve your sale.

Flipbook perfectly fits to all devices

Bring life to your static documents. Convert your PDFs to HTML5 flipbook with page flip effect that look great on any device. Show your recipient how professional you are.
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In 2016 we decided to try Publuu out and it was a very good decision. We publish every HTML5 flipbook inside our own, created on mobile app with no problems. Service is continually updated and all the functionalities always perform as they should.

Elizabeth Jeznach

Businesswoman & Life

How your flipbook might look like

You don't need coding skills to create a HTML5 flipbook.
Just upload your PDF and Publuu will convert it into a beautiful online digital content with page flip effect. Take your PDF to the next level. See some examples below.
No matter what kind of PDF document you have, it will always look much better with Publuu and will impress your clients.

Flipbook features

Excellent look

Your PDF converts into a beautiful, digital flipbook that looks great on every device. It looks more like a website then a pdf file.


Turn your PDFs into a powerful online sales tool. Add redirect links to your online store and increase your sales.


Keep your audience engaged and focused. Add interactive elements like videos, photos, links and sounds into your interactive online flipbook.

Easy Access

Every flipbook generates its own link. Just click and access it with no need to download a whole pdf file.


Flipbook online tracking system presents your audience interactions in real-time. Use it to improve your sales.

Content protection

You decide who can view your flipbook. Just set a password and your content can be read-only after entering it.

Flipbook manager

Manage all your PDF files from one, central location. Add, replace or make them temporarily inaccessible with just one click.

Dark mode

Your readers can switch between dark and light mode for best online reading experience.

Create your interactive flipbook and start tracking your audience

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