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How to analyze your flipbook’s statistics?

The analytics tool is a great asset of Publuu flipbooks. Imagine you send your business proposal in PDF format to a key customer. You are waiting long hours, maybe days, and nothing happens. You simply don’t even know if he opened your file.

Now you know the reason why so many people turn their PDF documents into online flipbooks – because finally, thanks to statistics and tracking functions, they can check EXACTLY when their flipbook was opened, how many times it was viewed, and which pages are the most interesting for the viewers. Isn’t it great?

So, in this article, we focus on discussing every single statistic metric available for Publuu flipbooks. After reading this tutorial, you will be able to read all the data, draw conclusions and then improve your marketing strategy!

NOTICE: The advanced statistics are available only for Optimum, Professional, and Premium plans subscribers. If you are using the Basic plan, you are allowed to check only the total number of views. So to have insight into all the statistics, go to Prices and upgrade your subscription right away!



Analyzing your flipbook’s statistics is not a hard task – actually, it is totally easy.

The first thing to do is to log in to your Publuu account, head over to your flipbook, and click the SHOW STATISTICS button.

show statistics

As you can notice, you entered the statistics menu.

stats menu

As a user of the Optimum, Professional, or Premium plan at Publuu, you are able to check the number of views, pages viewed, average time spent, hotspots, and collected leads tabs. If you can access only the total number of views tab, it means you are subscribing to the Basic plan.

Let’s take a closer look at each metric.



Before you start analyzing your flipbook’s performance, set the time period first. To do so, go to TIME SPAN input in the right-hand corner, click it to open the calendar pop-up, then select the timeframe to analyze.

time span menu

The majority of our data, such as Views, Pages Viewed, or Average Time Spent is presented in graphs to make it easy to compare the individual values, while Hotspots and Collected Lead details are shown in a form of a table.



The first tab on your left is called VIEWS and runs in default when you open the statistics menu.


At the top of the tab, you can see the overall number of views in the chosen period.

total views number

The graph also shows the views per day – hover your cursor over any of the columns to check how many views your flipbook had on a particular day.

views per day graph

Every time a visitor views your flipbook on your website or clicks a direct link to it, our system counts it as a single view.



Now, let’s take a look at the PAGES VIEWED tab.

pages viewed tab

At the bottom of the graph, you can see the page numbers one by one.


Move the slider to specify the range of pages you want to be included in the graph.

move the slider

Again, you can hover over the column to display the small preview of the particular page of your flipbook and see the exact number of views it has.

page preview

Notice that the higher the column, the more views a page has. It is quite common that the first page gets the most views, however, you can sometimes see a boost for some other pages, meaning they are valuable for the visitors.

Thus, thanks to the PAGES VIEWED function, you can check which page of your online publication is the most popular and interesting for the readers. This information can help you to evaluate what type of content works best for your audience or which product grabs your customer’s attention the most.


After selecting this tab, on the top header, you can check the average amount of time your readers spent on the whole flipbook during the specified timeframe you set.

average time spent in total

But, of course, you can also verify the average time your visitors spent on the specific page of your publication.

Just as in previous cases, hover your mouse over any of the columns depicted in the graph to see the preview of the page and get access to the average time spent on it.

average time spent column

The average time spent may vary depending on the page’s content. For example, assuming that the first page contains only the short introduction to the whole flipbook, your readers can spend only a few seconds reading it, but they can spend much more time looking at your product description on the next pages of your flipbook.



If you wish to check which of your multimedia added to your flipbook works best and gets the most clicks, you are in the right place.

First, take a look above the TYPE column – there you can see the total number of clicks on hotspots in the selected flipbook.

hotspots total clicks

Below you will find a list of all the hotspots added to your flipbook. It can be a video, a gallery, an audio file, and a link. You can sort them by clicks, page, or type – just press on the drop-down menu in the top right corner to see all the options and choose the best for you.

sort by menu

After doing so, you can now see your hotspots arranged by the chosen category.

You can then check the information about each hotspot. Starting from the left, you can see what type of hotspot is it,

type of hotspot

its preview,


which will open in a pop-up after clicking on the magnifying glass icon;

magnifying glass

hotspot preview icon

the page number on which it is located,

hotspot page

and the number of clicks of the particular hotspot.

clicks number

Scroll up and down to analyze various hotspots and check which one is the most engaging.



This panel enables you to examine the number of collected leads, see the shared contact details, and the date when a specific lead was created to check when your clients access your publication. What is more, Publuu allows you to export this data straight from the statistics panel with just a single click.

Capture leads- report

These statistics are available only when you create a lead generation form inside your online flipbook. Otherwise, you will see only the following message on your screen:

lead form statistics unavailable

If you are an Optimum, Professional, or Premium user, you can enable lead generation form anytime to start collecting leads straight away from your flipbook – to learn how to do this, go to this instruction: How to Create Lead-Capture Form?

But if you are a Basic plan subscriber, you need to first upgrade your plan to have the chance to add lead generation forms to your flipbooks.


We hope you find this article useful when analyzing your flipbook’s statistics. If you would like to learn more about Publuu’s analytics tools, visit this article:

How to Create Tracking Links?

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