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How to add real book effects?

One of the best assets of Publuu’s flipbooks is that even though they are available in digital form, and can be read on any mobile device, they still reflect physical publications that we know from real life. Online flipbooks from Publuu not only look like they’re printed on paper but even sound real thanks to the page-flipping effect . A combination of various effects available at Publuu will give your clients a real-book reading experience. Keep on reading this guide to learn them all.

First, enter the editor by clicking the CUSTOMIZE button in your flipbook’s main panel.

customize button

Almost all the options needed to make your flipbook more realistic can be found in the PREFERENCES tab.

preferences tab

Let’s take a closer look at each of them individually.

Page-flipping effect

The page-flipping effect is added automatically every time you upload a PDF file to Publuu. Thanks to this effect, your reader will feel just like he is flipping smoothly through the pages of an actual physical book, magazine, or booklet.

The page-flipping effect will work anytime your reader turns the page of your digital flipbook, no matter if he uses the arrows or simply drags it.

Check it by yourself – turn the page of the sample flipbook below to experience the page-flipping effect!

Page-flipping sound

This is one of the components, next to the page-flipping effect, that takes a major part in making your publication truly realistic. It is the characteristic paper rustle sound that can be heard when turning the pages of your online flipbook. You have for sure remember the similar sound when reading the physical magazine. With Publuu you can make your clients hear it too while reading your online publication!

The page-flipping sound is active by default right after converting your PDF to a flipbook. However, you can turn it on and off using either the icon at the top panel of your flipbook,

audio icon

or the AUDIO switch available after opening the MENU tab.

audio button

Page shadows

Once added, shadows appear in the middle of your flipbook’s facing pages giving it a certain “depth”- the same as you see when you open a real, bound along book. This particular effect was created to give your flipbooks extra realism. As soon as you enable this effect, it will be applied to all the pages of your flipbook – from the first to the last one.

shadows enabled

Same as a page-flipping effect and sounds, shadows are added by default to every newly-created flipbook. You can turn them on and off anytime by shifting the switch PAGE SHADOWS in the PREFERENCES tab.

page shadows

Flipbook thickness

It is a visual representation of the thickness of your flipbook.

Look how your flipbook may look when the page thickness is enabled:

page thickness enabled

And when it is disabled:

thickness disabled

Can you see the difference? Of course you do! This effect makes your flipbook seem like an actual physical book!

GOOD TO KNOW: The page thickness effect looks best when applied to a flipbook containing more than 10 pages.

Similarly to previous effects, page thickness is added immediately after PDF to flipbook conversion. But you can play with the PAGE THICKNESS switch available in the PREFERENCES tab and turn it on and off, depending on your preferences.

flipbook thickness enabled


After any update made in the editor, click the SAVE button in the top left corner to apply the changes to your flipbook.


As you can see, with the page-flipping effect, sounds, shadows, and page thickness available at Publuu, your digital publication will be more realistic than ever! To make your flipbooks even more visually engaging, visit these articles:

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