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Use Publuu easy-to-use newsletter maker solution to create a professional and eye-catching newsletter online. Add your images, videos, gifs, and more. Share your newsletter and analyze how your clients interact with it in real-time.

Why making a company newsletter with Publuu?

Newsletters created with Publuu will keep your audience engaged and focused from the first moments. Realistic page flip effect will instantly make your company newsletters stand out from the crowd instantly.
You will easily customize them by adding interactive hotspots with videos, photos, links and even audio files too. Thanks to Publuu, you will be able to share them in many ways with just one click and then track your clients interactions in real time. Start engaging with your audience now!


How to create a newsletter?

Creating your interactive newsletter has never been easier. With Publuu’s online newsletter maker you can create a professional looking newsletter in just a few minutes. Follow our guide below and see it for yourself how simple it is!

  1. Open a free account


    Sign up for free and upload your newsletter in a PDF format. Publuu will convert it into an interactive newsletter with real page flip effect in a few seconds.

  2. Build and customize your newsletter


    Now it is the time to customize it. Insert your company's logo, upload a new background or choose one of the templates to match your brand colors.

  3. Share you newsletter with your audience


    Now you can send your new online newsletter as a direct link, post it on social media or embed it on your website.

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    Track your newsletter and check the amount of time your audience spent on each page, the number of views, and the interactions your readers made.

Features of the newsletter maker

Share it everywhere

Your newsletters will never go unnoticed. Publuu allows you to send your company newsletter as a direct link, not as an attachment, fast and easy. Share a link via e-mail or publish it on your social media to engage your subscribers.

Share your newsletter
Customize your newsletter

Customize your newsletter

You don’t have to spend hours using complicated software to customize your newsletter. With Publuu you can make your newsletter unique with just a few clicks. Personalize its look, upload your brand logo and add some videos, images, and links.

Add hotspots to your content

Diversify your company newsletter with animated hotspots that can transfer your customers to your website or an online store and help you sell your products directly from the newsletter.

Newsletter creator - share your newsletter online
Newsletters- mobile devices friendly

Mobile devices friendly

Whatever device your subscribers use to view your company newsletter, they will see it clearly. Using Publuu’s company newsletter creator you can be sure your newsletter will be easily displayed on every mobile device.

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More newsletter benefits

If you want to take your email marketing to the next level, create an email newsletter with Publuu.
Take a look at other smart features below.

Brand recognition

Brand recognition

Create brand awareness with adding to your company newsletter elements such as your logotype. Choose the colors and graphics that match with your brand and make it recognizable.

Link replacement

Link replacement

Change the layout of your newsletter and replace some elements with others at any time. You don't have to share another link with your clients – the one they already have will be enough to see the updated version.

Large PDFs

Large PDFs

You don't have to worry about the size of your PDFs anymore - just convert them to an interactive newsletter and share as a direct link. No attachments mean no problems with large files.

Online Product Catalogs Design Tips

Top Tips

Content marketing

Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing content that helps a businesses build, maintain, or grow their brand and audience. Your company values should be reflected in the content that is produced. When looking for new ideas for your newsletter content, it can be helpful to use content presentation tool like Publuu. It generates an eye catching newsletters focusing on your audience engagement and on their professional presentation.


Design Elements

Below are some of the best practices that you should keep in mind while designing your newsletter:
– Create an appealing and engaging design.
– Make sure that your content is relevant to your company culture’s and your audience.
– Include a call to action for the user – keep it short and concise.


Newsletter template

Take advantage out of our newsletter templates. It’s a good idea when you don’t have enough time to create a good newsletter design from scratch. You can also use email template, which is a great way to get started with email marketing. All you need to do is take the template, personalize it and start sending out emails to your list. If you want to send out newsletter e-mail that stand out from the crowd, then Publuu is just what you need.

Our customers also ask:

  • What are company newsletters?

    Company newsletters are publications that a company sends out to its clients and employees. They include information about the company and its products, as well as updates on recent events. Company newsletters created with Publuu can be easily shared anywhere on the web, viewed on every mobile device, and tracked online - these functions make Publuu Company Newsletter Maker a good choice not only for global enterprises but also for start-ups.

  • What should a company newsletter have?

    A company newsletter should have a clear purpose, be interesting and engaging to the reader. Thanks to its versatile functionality Publuu makes it easy to achieve. All the interactive elements and multimedia, such as videos, GIFs, audio files, hotspots, and many others will grab the readers’ attention and will let you convey your content more effectively. A sleek page-flipping effect, reflections, and shadows created to resemble a real publication will impress the readers and make them stay longer.

  • What makes a successful company newsletter?

    A successful company newsletter is entertaining, easy to read, and builds trust and credibility. Our Company Newsletter Maker allows you to create a stunning company newsletter and add your own branding elements to make it recognizable and easy to remember. With Publuu your company newsletter can be displayed on every mobile device in high quality and enriched by plenty of interactive elements in order to engage the recipients in your corporate news.

  • How do I create a free newsletter?

    Publuu allows you to create a free newsletter and use all of the greatest business-focused functions during the free trial. Just create a free Publuu account and your free trial will start instantly.

  • How do I know if my company newsletter was opened?

    Thanks to Publuu’s tracking function you will be notified via email each time your company newsletter is opened. You can also take advantage of advanced statistics that Publuu offers – you can check the total number of views, average time spent on each page of your company newsletter, and much more.

  • How big can my company newsletter be?

    While using Publuu you don’t need to worry about the page limits – the number of pages of your company newsletter is limitless. Regarding your company newsletter size, it can be either 150 MB, 250 MB, 500 Mb, or 1 GB – it depends on the pricing plan you choose for your company. Go to Prices and check the four different pricing plans Publuu offers.

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