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How to add links to your online flipbook?

Publuu allows you to add unlimited hotspots with links in your digital publication. They can be either external (once clicked, they transfer your readers to your website or online store) or internal (they transfer your readers to a specific page of your online flipbook).

Moreover, your links can be shown on any of your flipbook’s pages in multiple ways: as a hotspot, as a hotspot with an active area, as an active pulsating area, or as an invisible area.

If you’d like to find out how to add links to your flipbooks and then how to customize them, keep reading this guide!


Adding links – first steps

To add a link, first, you need to log in to your Publuu account, then find your online publication and use the three dots in the right-hand corner of the panel to move directly to the function ADD HOTSPOTS.

add hotspot

Alternatively, you can select the CUSTOMIZE button,

customize button

and when you enter the editor, press the ADD HOTSPOTS option at the bottom of the customization menu.

add hotspot

Then use our navigation panel on the left to choose a page on which you want your link to be placed.

select a page

As soon as you click the desired page, it will appear in the middle of the screen. Next, press the LINK icon in the top panel.

link button screenshot

When you do so, a hotspot will appear on a chosen page. You can drag it with your mouse button and place it anywhere on the page.

a hotspot

You have already created a hotspot, so now it’s time to add a link to it! Publuu allows you to add either internal or external links in your publication and edit them anytime. Follow this guide to learn more about it!

How to add a link to a website

An external link, or a link to a website, can transfer your readers from your flipbook to any place on the web – it can be your own blog, a landing page or an online store. To add an external link, click the hotspot, and then go to the LINK’S OPTIONS panel on the right,

links options panel


check the radio button WEBSITE, and paste the target website URL in the white input.


Then click the SAVE button in the top right corner to save the changes.

save button


How to add a link to a specific page

If you would like your link to transfer your readers to a specific page of your flipbook, use the internal link option. To add a link to a specific page, select PAGE in the LINK’S OPTIONS panel on the right and type the required page number. For example, if you set page number 5, your reader, after clicking the hotspot, will be taken to page 5 of your publication.

link to a specific page

When you finish, click the SAVE button in the top right corner to confirm.

save button

How to add call / e-mail hotspot

Wondering how can your readers reach you through your online flipbook?

After clicking the hotspot with your number, they will be transfered to their phone app with your number already put in the dial.

To do that- simply add your phone number as a hotspot. All you have to do is add LINK HOTSPOT and in LINK’S OPTIONS, select WEBSITE field and type “tel:yournumber”, for example tel:+010101010 like shown below:

phone as a hotspot

And that’s it! Now your readers can reach you faster by calling you with one click, directly from your online flipbook.
Note that it will be easier for users that are going through your flipbooks on their phone. If they are on a computer, they need an app that supports calling from the PC (for example Skype or WhatsApp).
Maybe you don’t want to have your phone ringing at all times and that’s okay, you can do the same trick with your email address.
After the viewer of your flipbook clicks the hotspot with your mail in it, they will have a window from their mailbox opened with your mail already in the recipient field, wheter on the phone or a computer.
To do that, let’s go first to the LINK’S OPTIONS mark the WEBSITE option and type “” like shown below:
email hotspot
TIP: You can make any image that was originally in your PDF as a clickable hotspot, whether for a phone call or an email.
If you’d like that, first create a HOTSPOT as shown above, and then switch off both SHOW HOTSPOT and ACTIVE AREA options
turn off both options
And now you have the invisible area that is clikable, like an example below:
call button

Link’s options

Any of your links can be presented in your publication in four different ways:

  • as a hotspot,
  • as a hotspot with an active area,
  • as a pulsating active area,
  • as an invisible area.

Let’s discuss all of the options.


A hotspot

A hotspot appears by default when you click the LINK button in the top panel:


You can customize the color of the hotspot and the icon inside.

hotspot preferences

To do so, open a color palette by clicking on the hotspot or icon option.

hotspot color

If you want to hide a hotspot, you need to shift the SHOW HOTSPOT switch in the LINK’S OPTIONS panel.

show hotspot option

A hotspot with an active area

To have a hotspot with a clickable active area,

hotspot with an active area

go to the LINK’S OPTIONS panel on the right and turn on both – the SHOW HOTSPOT and the ACTIVE AREA switch. They turn blue when active.

both options on

You can move or resize the active area by dragging any of its corners.

drag the corner


A pulsating active area

A pulsating active area gets highlighted when your reader hovers his mouse over it.

To have an active area without the hotspot visible on it,

pulsating area

make sure the ACTIVE AREA switch is on, while the SHOW HOTSPOT option is disabled.

active area

And again, you can place your active area anywhere and change its size by dragging one of its corners.


An invisible area

To have your link presented in a form of an invisible area,

invisible active area

you’ll have to turn off both options:

turn off both options

TIP: You can place the invisible link area over any graphics in your PDF document, such as an arrow or play icon to make your readers more willing to click it.

Once you finish working on your hotspots, click the PREVIEW button in the right-hand corner to see how it will look in your flipbook.



If you accept all the changes, press SAVE to apply them to your flipbook.

save button


How to remove a hotspot?

If you would like to remove a hotspot with a link, select the one you want to delete and click the REMOVE button at the bottom of the LINK’S OPTIONS panel on the right.

remove button


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