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Can I pay by wire transfer?

On Publuu we provide you with seamless and convenient payment options for your transactions. While our primary payment methods include credit card and PayPal we understand that there might be instances where you prefer or need to use a wire transfer.

Let’s explore when and how you can use wire transfer as an exception on our platform.

When can I pay by wire transfer?

In some countries, credit card payments might be unavailable or less common due to a variety of factors. Availability and PayPal services can vary from country as well.

Using wire transfer on Publuu


Wire transfers are possible ONLY for the Optimum, Professional, and Premium annual plans.

If you prefer or need to use wire transfer, and you are interested in subscribing to one of these three plans, please contact our Support Team at: and send all your Company Information (Name, Address, and TAX ID if you’re representing a company).

Proforma invoice

Once you contact us via email we will send you a proforma invoice with payment details necessary to make a transfer to our bank account. You can easily process your payment based on the pre-invoice document that has been sent to you.


Double-check the recipient’s details before confirming the transfer.


Please note that all the transfer fees are paid by the customer.

Most international wire transfers are done via the SWIFT network, which offers three different expense regulation methods called OUR, SHA, and BEN. While making a wire transfer make sure in COST you choose OUR method.

When do I get the final invoice?

We cannot generate a final invoice until the payment is received. This is why we sent a proforma invoice. Once the payment is received, a final invoice will be issued.

In addition

It’s important to be aware that wire transfers might involve processing fees and longer processing times compared to credit card and PayPal payments.

Remember, whatever your payment preference, Publuu is here to make your transactions as smooth and efficient as possible.

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