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Creating your first flipbook




To create your first flipbook, get your PDF ready. For tips on how to do it correctly, please see our guide How to prepare PDFs to create the best quality flipbooks?




To upload your PDF, simply log into your Publuu account with the email address you used at registration,

1. Sign in or register to Publuu

or sign in through Google if that was your chosen registration method.

1a. Sign in or register to Publuu

If you haven’t created an account yet, you can register by providing your email address and a strong password.

1b. Sign in or register to Publuu 3

You will now see a screen where you can upload your PDF or use a sample provided by Publuu. To upload your PDF, click UPLOAD YOUR PDF, select the PDF file you want to use, and wait for your flipbook to be converted.

2. Upload PDF

It will just take a moment.

3. Upload process



Once your PDF is converted into an HTML5 flipbook, you will be taken to the editor where you can start customizing it. As you can see, there are multiple options available in the left-hand panel.

4. Customize menu

You can not only change your flipbook’s name and add the description, but also change its background, brand it with your logotype, choose security options, and much more. To get more information about them, visit the guides below:

Setting Your Flipbook’s Background
How To Add Real Book Effects?
How to Brand Your Online Publications?
How Can I Protect My Flipbook With a Password?

To view information about your flipbook and to manage it, click on FLIPBOOKS in the upper left corner.

5. Customize menu - flipbooks

Here you can see its cover, name, and number of pages it contains.

6. Demo flipbooks dashboard



If you have numerous flipbooks and want to find a particular one, go to the main menu and write the flipbook’s name in the SEARCH YOUR FLIPBOOK field.

7. Search your flipbooks



To change the name of your flipbook, click on its current name in the main menu.

8. Change flipbook name

Now insert the new name in the name’s field and click SAVE.

9. New name




To customize your flipbook, click on the CUSTOMIZE button you will find right under your flipbook’s number of views. As soon as you click the button, you will move to the customization editor mentioned above.

10. Customize your flipbook




Now it’s time to share your flipbook with the world!

Publuu offers multiple sharing options – you can share your publication with a direct link, via email, embed it on your website, or post it on social media.

If you wish to share your flipbook with a direct link, go to your flipbook’s dashboard and click the link on the right. It will be automatically saved to your clipboard.

11. Publish and share - link

Great! Now you can share the link with your clients or post it on social media to reach a larger audience! More about sharing via direct link can be found here: Sharing a flipbook with a link.

Your flipbook can be also emailed directly from the control panel by clicking the EMAIL button.

11a. Publish and share - email

For more information on how to share your flipbook via email go to this article: How to Share a Flipbook via Email?

You can also publish your flipbook on your website, online store, or blog using the EMBED button:

12. Embed

The detailed guide on how to do it properly can be found here: How Do I Embed a Flipbook Into My Website?

As you see, sharing your flipbooks with Publuu is fast and easy!

To learn more about all the sharing options, go to SHARING.




Now, as soon as your flipbook is published, you can check its performance – just click the SHOW STATISTICS and learn how to analyze it with this article: How to Analyze Your Flipbook’s Statistics?

13. Show statistics


You can also generate a tracking link and check your flipbook in real-time. If you wish to learn how to do it, please visit this article: How to Create Tracking Links?

14. Tracking link

Congratulations, you have just created your first flipbook and learned basic Publuu functions. But this is only the beginning! Publuu can offer much more than that! To explore other functions designed to make your flipbook as effective as possible, go to our HELP GUIDE and learn more!

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