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How to create my own mobile app?

One of Publuu’s most impressive features is the flipbook app which converts your collection of Flipbook PDFs into a mobile app for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

Thanks to this functionality, you can effortlessly create a mobile app for your online catalogs, digital magazines, eBooks, or other documents, which can be published in Google Play. If you’re our Premium customer, we can create the app for you, while all you have to do is to customize it to match your brand design and offer specific issues you choose.

It’s important to note that once your app is released, you will gain access to another remarkable feature – push notifications. It allows you to send push messages to your audience, without any extra charges. Readers will receive your notifications as pop-up alerts on their devices, even if they have closed the app.

pop-up message on mobile screen

How to use App Kiosk?

Our flipbook app system is free to try out, even if you are using our free trial. You can access it easily, simply by clicking the flipbook app icon on the topmost upper blue bar when you have logged into Publuu.

Mobile app button


You will see a preview of your app; if you have uploaded any PDFs, they will be automatically presented in the preview window on the right-hand side.

Mobile app preview


You can customize the appearance of your app by using the bar on the left side or by clicking on the elements of the app you wish to adjust.

Mobile app customization options

Thanks to the color picker tool, you can set the colors and transparency of the top bar.

Mobile App top bar color

You can also add your own logo in JPG or PNG format by clicking on LOGOTYPE button.

add logotype to your mobile app


Click on TOP BAR ICONS to set the color of the icons in top bar

Mobile app customization options

By clicking on the cover of the uploaded PDF, you can swap the issues that are uploaded to your Publuu account. If you publish catalogs or digital magazines you can present the current edition and the last month’s one, for example. It’s easy to switch the issues if you want to update your app regularly.

app Covers


Likewise, clicking on the Background tab lets you choose the color of the background or upload the background image (or delete the sample one prepared by our crew).

Customize the background


Many of our users want to use the advertising banner – you can use it to redirect traffic from the app to your website or one of your advertising partners. You can upload your own graphics or set the target website to which your banner should redirect traffic.

ad baner in your mobile application

By clicking on the DESCRIPTION box in the center you can edit the name, description of your content and set the font color.

Mobile app description


If you choose the “preview” option you can generate an automated preview of your app, viewable on your mobile device’s screen. To install it, use the QR-code or a link provided in the window.

Live preview of your app

Preview your mobile app


When you’re satisfied with your work, click the Publish button.

Publish your mobile app

Your app requirements will be sent to our professional coding team which will create the app based on your specification.

In case of any questions, feel free to contact us here.
We provide a world-class level of customer support, so we’ll stay in touch!

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