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Why creating an online portfolio with Publuu

You've just prepared your digital portfolio and saved it as a PDF file. What's next? It's simple. Convert it into a professional and interactive online portfolio. Its pages will rustle when your clients flip through them and will have characteristic shadows and reflections. Add interactive elements, share it via direct link and track its performance in real time. All these things (and many others) can be done using Publuu - an online portfolio maker. Create a portfolio now!


How to make a digital portfolio online ?

Working with Publuu is very easy.
Follow our short guide and learn how to prepare and share your first portfolio with just a few clicks. Get started now!

  1. Convert your pdf into online portfolio


    Save your portfolio as a PDF file and upload it to Publuu. It will be quickly converted into an digital portfolio-flipbook with realistic page flip effect.

  2. Customize your digital portfolio


    Set the background by choosing one of our free portfolio templates. Add extra graphics, photos or videos as animated hotspots to make it more engaging for your audience.

  3. Share your online portfolio


    Share your portfolio online. Embed it on your website or post it on social media. You can also send a direct link via email or text message.

  4. Track your potfolio performance


    Use our statistics panel and check how your audience reacted to your online portfolio. Find out what interested them most.

Features of portfolio maker

Share it everywhere

With Publuu you can share your digital portfolio in many ways with just one click. Send it as a direct link via e-mail or text message. Embed it on the website or post it on social media. Thanks to smart sharing options your viewers can share your portfolio, too!

Mobile Friendly portfolio
Build and Customize your portfolio

Customize your portfolio

No matter whether you are a graphic designer, a model, a photographer or a tattoo artist – you can customize your online portfolio, making it look exactly as you wish!

Mobile ready

Have your portfolio at your fingertips anytime and let your friends and clients enjoy the same easiness of accessing it. It will look amazing and work great on any device.

Portfolio maker sharing view
Print and Download

Add interactive elements

Make you online portfolio stand out from the crowd. Engage your potential clients by adding animated hotspots with extra photos and videos, convincing them to give your portfolio the attention it deserves.

Get inspired with these examples of online portfolios

Publuu-Online Portfolio Maker is being used by more and more artists around the world. Join them and see how stylish, easy to make and business-focused those digital portfolios are.

Even more online portfolio benefits


User experience

User experience

Publuu digital portfolio viewer has a clear and easy to understand design. It offers a fuss-free user experience and focused on your work.



Present your photos or designs the way they’re meant to be seen. Make sure your clients give them their full attention.



Protect your online portfolio with a password. Keep it private and secure, with access for selected users only.

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Digital Portfolio Tips

Digital Portfolio Tips

Portfolio Website

A portfolio website should be easy to navigate, but it should also look professional and polished. This is not always easy to achieve with a static portfolio website, so it’s best to use Publuu’s flipbook that can help you add interactive value to your portfolio site. Additionally, thanks to Publuu’s download feature your visitors will be able to save your digital portfolio on their devices and access it when offline.


Photography portfolio

It is important for photographers to have a web design that suits their needs and reflects their different style. It should also serve as an introduction to your new work and presentation of your work examples the best possible way. Don’t forget about a good selection of images and clients you’ve worked with.


Our customers also ask:

  • What is the main difference between a digital portfolio and a regular portfolio?

    Both digital portfolios and regular portfolios are used to showcase your skills and experience. The main difference between them is that the digital one created with Publuu can be shared anywhere on the web at no cost, while the regular one cannot. You can use both types of portfolios, however, a digital one offers you much more functions that can make it stands out from the crowd, such as animated hotspots, links to your website, and many others. Moreover, you can check how your digital portfolio performs in real-time using Publuu’s advanced statistics, while it is impossible to do with a regular one.

  • How do I create an online portfolio with Publuu?

    Creating your online portfolio with Publuu-portfolio maker is easy – you just need to create a free account, upload a PDF file with your content and we will do the rest! Publuu Portfolio Maker will automatically transform your static PDF into an interactive portfolio with an amazing page-flipping effect. Then it’s up to you how you customize it: you can change the background color, add animated hotspots or multimedia - all with easy to navigate, intuitive interface.

  • What is the first step in creating a digital portfolio?

    The first step in creating a digital portfolio is to decide what you want to showcase. You should include all the relevant information about yourself and other information that you think will help potential employers find you. Then you need to save your content as a PDF file and upload it to Publuu-Portfolio Maker which will convert it into a digital portfolio that can be enhanced with multiple interactive elements and shared online.

  • What are some examples of digital portfolios?

    If you want to browse various portfolios created with Publuu-Portfolio Maker and get inspired, go to the Examples tab at the top of this page.

  • Can I add a link to my website in my digital portfolio?

    Yes! Thanks to Publuu’s hotspot function you can create an animated hotspot with a link transferring your viewers to a specific place on the web – it can be your blog, resume, or business website.

  • How can I protect my portfolio?

    Use the Password Protection available at Publuu’s Optimum Plan. This function allows you to set a password to your portfolio in order to protect your sensitive content. While using this function you can be sure your portfolio will open only after typing the correct password.

  • How can I share my portfolio?

    You can share your portfolio online with ease using multiple sharing options available at Publuu. You can share your portfolio as a direct link via email, embed it into your website, or publish it on your social media accounts. If you want to learn more about sharing options at Publuu go to this short guide: How To Share My Flipbooks.

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