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Attract more clients and increase your online sales by converting your static PDFs into interactive, online catalogs. Enhance them with videos, photos and links. Reach your clients wherever they are and generate more orders!

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Publuu - Easy to use online catalog maker

Use Publuu to create interactive digital catalogs which attract clients’ attention. Convert your PDFs to SEO-friendly digital catalogs. Brand them and add videos and photos. Sell more by presenting your clients with fantastic online product e-catalogs. Engage your audience and check their reactions in real time!

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All devices compatible

Digital catalogs created with Publuu are compatible with all devices. It doesn’t matter whether you view them on a tablet, smartphone or a laptop. Your catalogs will always look stunning everywhere.

Pdf flipbook - Publish flipbook on and device
Pdf flipbook - Publish flipbook on and device

More orders

Improve your clients’ online shopping experience by providing extra photos and videos within your digital catalogs. Add direct links to your online shop to make your clients buy your products easily and quickly.


With Publuu, you can easily share your online catalogs in many ways. Send them in an email, post on social media or embed on your website. Reach your clients online, no matter where they are!

Pdf flipbook - Publish flipbook on and device
Pdf flipbook - Publish flipbook on and device

Catalog's statistics

Check how many times your digital catalog was opened, which pages were most popular and which hotspots your clients interacted with. Use online tracking links to send your catalogs to individual leads. Get notified when they get opened or if they don’t by a certain date.

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The world of online catalogs

Publuu’s trackable flipbooks catalogs are being used by more and more clients around the world. So many stunning catalogs were created using our online catalog maker!

How to create an online catalog

With Publuu creating a stunning flipbook catalog is as easy as it gets! Follow our guide to see how to make it with few simple steps!

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Log into your Publuu's account or register for free. Upload your PDF and Publuu will convert into interactive catalog within seconds.

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Customize your digital catalog by naming it, selecting its background and colors. Add your logo to make your online catalog in line with your branding. Enhance it with interactive hotspots such as videos, photos and audio files to make your digital flipbook catalog engaging and encourage your clients to buy more.

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Share your online catalog with your clients online, no matter where they are: send it via email, publish it on your website, post on social media. No matter which option you go for, your digital flipbook catalog will always look amazing.

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Track your digital catalog’s performance in real time to know which pages and hotspots your clients like best. Switch on notifications and reminders to know when your online catalog gets opened and if it doesn’t get opened till a certain date.

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Go beyond static PDFs and create irresistible digital catalogs! Attract new clients today – register and make your first online catalog!

Online catalogs benefits

Creating an interactive digital catalog from a PDF will promote your products, get you more clients and increase your sales. Check out all the smart features gives you and make your first online flipbook catalog today!

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Create a professional
online catalog

With, you can convert a PDF to a stunning online catalog with page-flip effect. Make your digital catalog truly interactive and convince your clients to buy your products. Use catalog’s thumbnails in the menu to navigate within its content in an easy way.

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Make it unique
and engaging

Attract your clients by making your online catalog unique and engaging. Add interactive hotspots, make it clickable and fun. Enrich your digital catalog with direct links to product pages so that your clients can buy online in an instant!

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Make your brand

Digital catalogs will help you making your brand stronger. Add your logo and stunning pictures to create a professional online PDF catalog that reflects your company’s style and publicizes your offer!

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Reach your clients online, no matter where they are

With Publuu online catalogs, reaching your clients couldn’t be easier. Send your catalogs by email, embed them on your website or post on social media. Give your clients immediate access to your PDF catalogs on every digital channel they use.

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Let your clients read your catalog everywhere

Downloading and opening static PDFs has always been a nightmare. Not anymore! Convert your PDF catalog to flipbook and let your clients enjoy it on any device, without the need of downloading it. Flipbook-catalogs will always look great!

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Update your digital catalogs at any time

Keen to add new products to your catalog? Or maybe you want to include information on a seasonal offer? For a flipbook catalog it’s not a problem at all. Overwrite a new catalog on the existing one, without the need of uploading it once again!

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Turn your digital catalogs into a powerful sales tool

Use digital catalogs to show your products in a new, professional way. Improve your clients' online shopping experience by providing extra photos and videos. Enrich your catalogs with direct links to your products pages to simplify the online buying process. Easily edit each of your online catalogs’ headings to make your interactive PDF catalogs SEO-friendly!

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Get to know your clients’ preferences

Be notified every time your online catalog gets opened or receive a reminder if it doesn’t get opened by a certain date. Follow up your digital flipbook catalogs to make your online marketing strategy more successful!

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Track your online catalog’s performance in real time

Be notified every time your digital HTML5 flipbook gets opened or receive a reminder if it doesn’t get opened by a certain date. Follow up your PDF flipbooks to make your marketing strategy more successful!


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