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Sell more with an interactive digital catalog

Converting a PDF to an online catalog with Publuu takes seconds. After uploading your PDF, our platform will automatically transform it into digital html5 catalog. When conversion process has finished your can start customising it with a range of smart features.

Check the product catalog below, created with our catalog maker

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Here is how to create a catalog without any coding using Publuu – catalog maker.
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1. Upload your catalog as PDF file.

Once your upload is complete, Publuu will automatically convert it into a digital catalog. It will add navigation buttons, page flip effect and preserve all original PDF links. No further updates required!

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2. Customize your product catalogue to match your brand.

Select e-catalog’s background template or upload your own image that reflects your brand identity. Easily upload your logo and remove all Publuu branding from your catalog. Customise your catalog’s direct url with just a few clicks and boost your brand presence even further!

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3. Make your online catalog engaging and interactive.

Create interactive product catalog by adding custom animated hotspots with pop-up videos, photos, GIFs and audio files. Add automatically triggered photo slideshows to convey faster and more information about your products and services. Stand out from the crowd!

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4. Showcase product features and details.

Tag your products with shopping cards containing extra information, prices, discount deals linking to your product page. Let your clients add your products to the shopping list that can be send via e-mail.

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5. Publish and share you catalog.

Share your catalogues online with quick sharing options. Publish it on social media, send with a direct link or embed on your website for easy access by your target audience. The more people see it, the greater your chances of selling more products and services!

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Online Catalog Examples

Explore e-catalogs made by our clients, featuring products from various industries like home decor, fashion, real estate, and more. We’ve handpicked the best free catalogs examples that showcase exceptional items and unique gift ideas in user-friendly interfaces, guaranteeing an enjoyable shopping experience.

  • Example Cover
    Audi interactive catalog

    The Audi interactive catalog brings an immersive experience for all Audi clients. It is enriched with engaging videos, dynamic photo slideshows, and stunning GIF animations that showcase the cars' designs, features, and capabilities in clear detail.

  • Example Cover
    Furniture Catalog with slideshows

    A Furniture Catalog with photo slideshows and an interactive table of contents (TOC) makes it easy to flip through various furniture styles and quickly jump to sections you're interested in.

  • Example Cover
    Decathlon Product catalog with GIFs

    The Decathlon product catalog is a prime example of how GIF animations enhance engagement, offering an interactive viewing experience. This dynamic e-catalog definitely captures viewers' attention for longer than its simple PDF version!

  • Example Cover
    Food service catalog

    A food catalog created by one of Publuu's clients presents an extensive selection of meat products online, ranging from classic cuts to exotic delicacies.

  • Example Cover
    Workwear catalog

    This online catalog was made by Betadraft Workwear Company, which produces high-quality workwear items. With this online version, they aim to target a wider audience and ensure that their clients have an interactive and user-friendly experience while browsing through it.

  • Example Cover
    Craft products catalog

    Explore “Tonic Studios' vibrant and interactive product catalog made with Publuu, to discover the latest in crafting supplies and innovations.Thanks to pop-ups product tags, each item is presented professionally, capturing clients' attention with detailed and attractive visuals.

The key benefits of using our catalog maker

Professional digital catalog design icon

Professional design

Transform your static and outdated PDFs into professional-looking online catalogs with easy-to-navigate interface. Impress your clients with beautiful page-flip effect, animated background and an interactive table of contents.

Share your catalogue online icon

Sharing with a link

Share your catalog with a direct link. Simply copy your catalog’s URL and paste it into an e-mail, social media post or directly into a text message. You can share it using a QR code too!

Integrate an online catalog into your website icon

Website integration

Integrate your catalog into your website with our copy-and-paste embed code. Use the preview mode to check how the catalog will appear on your site before making it live.

Add shopping hotspots to your online catalogue icon

Shopping hotspots

Add ‘buy’ hotspots to every product in your catalog, allowing clients to shop directly from it. Delight your customers with a low-friction shopping experience!

Make your online catalog mobile friendly icon

Mobile friendly

Your digital catalog will be automatically optimised to work and look great on any screen size, whether on tablets or phones. Give your clients the best possible reading experience on whichever device they use.

Replace your digital catalog icon


Update your catalog as often as you need without changing its URL. Keep your offer always up-to-date with just one click.

Select an online catalog template icon

Catalog Templates

Select a background for your catalog from a variety of stunning templates created by professional designers. Go for an animated option to instantly stand out from the crowd!

Secure your online catalogue icon

Highly Secure catalogs

Secure your catalogue from unwanted access with multiple security features. Make sure that your content is always safe.

Check performance of your online catalog icon

Performance and Analitycs

Check how popular your products are with our user-friendly statistics panel. Connect Google Analytics in just a few simple steps and get even more detailed analysis.

Product wishlist

Thanks to the wish list feature your customers will be able to save their favourite products they wish to buy and the quantity to the integrated shopping list. Once the list is complete, they can email it to you so you can follow up with product avaibality, latest prices and close the deal eventually. With the wishlist enabled you can easily boost your sales by faster conversion readers into buyers. It will let you cut down on customer service expenses too!

An example of using a wishlist inside an online catalog
Create rich and engaging interactive catalogs

With Publuu you can make an interactive catalog in minutes without any coding skills

Add videos to your online catalogues icon


Enrich your online catalogs with our video integration feature, allowing you to embed product videos directly into your catalogs pages. This will help your clients to understand your products better and increase engagement that will lead to a higher conversion rates.

Add images to your on line catalogues icon


Bring your online catalogs to life with animated photo hotspots. Use them to reveal higher quality images in a pop-up or as part of an automated slideshow. This simple feature lets you show off your products better and makes shopping experience much more enjoyable.

Add GIFS to your digital catalogs icon


Add GIFs to your product catalog to grab your clients’ attention and present your items in a more interesting way. This feature can help you illustrate your product features better, demonstrate their use and keep customers engaged, potentially leading to more sales.

Add video to your online catalogs icon


Embed audio files into you catalog with just a few clicks. Use voiceovers for detailed products descriptions or play background music to enhance the atmosphere. Studies show that the right background music can boost sales by 40%!

User profile

Publuu has positively impacted our daily tasks by allowing us to share content digitally with anyone, anywhere, especially large files like our catalog.

Jackie Hankard
Digital Content and Social Media Specialist at Somfy

User profile

It is very easy to use and navigate through each menu. The features are very comprehensive, it will provide you with quality output that will impress your audience.

Marlon Sunga
Learning & Development at LG Electronics

User profile

Publuu is a great tool for marketing. It has made our presentations and access to our booklet so much easier. It looks sharp, clean and sophisticated. So far I am happy!

Jean Bouvier
Professor of Digital Marketing at SKEMA Business School

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Here’s what makes Publuu
the best catalog maker
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Intuitive and User-Friendly

The Publuu interface is designed so intuitively that anyone from 10 to 90 years old can use it with ease. We’ve even been recognized on the G2 platform as the ‘Easiest to Use’ !

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Affordable Prices

Publuu offers affordable pricing plans that fit any budget. Everyone from individuals to big businesses, can afford to make their own digital catalog online. It’s a cost- effective solution for all!

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Multiple Customization Features

Publuu offers endless customization options for your catalog, providing the flexibility to create unique and engaging user experiences. But we don’t stop there! We regularly update our features to ensure they meet every client’s needs.

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Sharing Made Simple

The catalog sharing proces of Publuu is designed to streamline the distribution of your digital catalogs. By making it effortless, Publuu ensures that your digital catalogs can be enjoyed by a wider audience, increasing your content’s visibility anywhere, at any time.

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Mobile App For Your Catalogs

Only with Publuu you can create an android mobile application for your catalogs, giving clients instant and offline access to your products on Google Play. This means uninterrupted access to your content, regardless of internet connectivity.

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Lead Generation

Publuu ’s catalog creator lets you quickly add a lead form to any page of your publication.With this feature your can turn your readers into leads instantly. By capturing leads at the moment when interest in your products is high, there’s a greater chance of converting those leads into customers!

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No Ads

Your online catalogs will be free of ads, ensuring your content stands out without distractions.

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Unlimited Pages

You can include as much content as you need without worrying about exceeding page limits. This is ideal for detailed product catalogs!

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Complete support

Publuu’s dedicated support team ensures that all users receive guidance and assistance at every step of creating online catalogs.

Our customers also ask:

  • What is an online catalog?

    An online catalog is an electronic version of traditional print catalogs, presented over the internet. They may contain interactive elements such as videos, photo slideshows, GIFs, or even audio files. Digital catalogs can be easily shared online thanks to their multi-sharing features. They are cost-effective and a very practical marketing solution for all kinds of businesses.

  • What is the purpose of using catalog?

    Catalogs are used by various businesses as a form of advertising material, typically highlighting their products or services with detailed descriptions and images. They often include promotions and discounts for customers. The primary purpose of creating and distributing catalogs is to increase product sales.

  • How to make an interactive online catalog ? is a ready-to-use solution for those who want to create a digital catalog easily without coding skills. Our catalog creator automatically transform any type of PDF documents into digital catalog online. No programming skills are needed.

  • How big can my catalog be ?

    The maximum size of a catalog you can create with Publuu is determined by the maximum size of the PDF file you can upload, which varies by plan:

    • The basic plan allows for a maximum PDF size of 150 MB.
    • The optimum plan permits a maximum PDF size of 250 MB.
    • The advanced plan increases this limit to 500 MB.
    • The most comprehensive plan allows for PDF files of up to 1 GB.

    It's also important to note that the number of pages in your PDF is unlimited for each plan, so you are not restricted by the length of your document, only by the file size.

  • How many digital catalogs can I create with Publuu?

    With Publuu, you can you can convert and then replace as many flipbooks as you want but your account's storage capacity is limited, depending on the plan you choose. The specific limits are as follows: The basic plan allows for 10 catalogs stored at the same time.
    Higher-tier plans allow for 50, 200, and up to 500 catalogs stored simultaneously, depending on the plan level you select. For more detailed information, please refer to the pricing page.

  • Do you have a free plan or trial ?

    Yes, Publuu offers a 14-day free trial for all users, where you can test all of Publuu's features for free.

  • What is a catalog maker, and how can it help my business?

    A catalog maker is a software tool or online platform that allows you to create digital catalogs for your business. These digital catalogs can display your products or services in a visually appealing form, often with interactive elements such as videos, links, and slideshows.

  • Do I need any design skills to create a catalog with Publuu?

    Our catalog maker platform is designed to be user-friendly and do not require advanced design skills. Publuu is very easy to use, with ready-to-go templates that help you quickly make great-looking catalogs to get your offer across.

Online Product Catalogs Design Tips

Online Catalog Design Tips

Catalog templates

Use online graphic resources to find your perfect product catalog template. Many free catalog templates use boxes where you can place your product photos. Don’t be afraid to present as many images in your product catalogs as possible. Your customers want to evaluate your work before they pay for it.


Cover and the back page

The front page of your online catalog should feature the most attractive image, a descriptive, succinct title, and a brief description of the contents. The back cover should also contain contact information – you can also include some interesting offers that you want your reader to remember from your online catalog. It takes a lot of time and effort to make an effective cover design, but what if you could also use a catalog template to do just that ? Using a free catalog template will enable you to create a professional and personal catalog cover in just a few minutes. Think about this …


Call to actions

Use call to actions and hyperlinks. You can use Publuu’s unique hotspot feature to easily place them in your online catalogs to present extra product information to your clients. You can improve your customers’ online experience, by providing online photos, videos online or even audio files.


Compatibility of your product catalog

When you create and publish your product catalog manually online, you are responsible for its compatibility with a variety of devices, operating systems, and web browsers. Make sure that your online catalog is accessible to everybody. Publuu can be a great help here.