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How to customize hotspots?

Engaging clients can be difficult, especially on a static page. Flipbooks on the other hand can be very attractive and generate lots of leads if you include valuable content and take care of the reading experience. With Publuu’s hotspot feature, you can add photo libraries, animated GIFs, and display videos, or sounds. You can customize them in many ways and we would like to show you some tips and tricks. If you would want to fully make the most use of hotspots read along with this guide.
We have presented the ways to customize your hotspots below.
We can only have as much engagement in our presentations. But in this guide, you’ll find out what it takes to get those numbers up! So in that manner, we have an additional section that might interest you. Give these a try and level up your layout skills.

Basic customization

First, you need to pick the page you’d like to use a hotspot of your choice on. Then pick hotspot options from the top menu.
choose hotspot

Link as a hotspot

When you insert a LINK HOTSPOT, it will appear by default like this:


Then the customization menu will pop up on the right side.
hotspot menu
From here, you can change the hotspot color, or icon color itself.
link hotspot preferences
To do so, open a color palette by clicking on the hotspot or icon option.
hotspot color palette

If you would like to hide a hotspot entirely, you need to shift the SHOW HOTSPOT switch in the LINK’S OPTIONS panel.

show hotspot option

You can do the same thing with a VIDEO HOTSPOT, by either embedding it or making it a hotspot.

A hotspot with an active area

To have a hotspot with an active area that highlights when you hover the mouse over it,
hotspot with active area
Go to the menu bar on the right and turn on both SHOW HOTSPOT and ACTIVE AREA options.
hotspot with an active area setting
You can also resize the active area on the hotspot by dragging it on one of its corners.
resize active area

A pulsating active area

A pulsating active area gets highlighted when your reader hovers his mouse over it.
To have an active area without the hotspot visible on it,
pulsating active area
make sure the ACTIVE AREA switch is on, while the SHOW HOTSPOT option is switched off.
pulsating active area setting
Again, you can place your active area anywhere and change its size by dragging one of its corners.

An invisible area

To have your link presented in a form of an invisible area,
invisible area hotspot
you need to turn off both options:
invisible area hotspot setting

Other ways to customize hotspots

Now you know everything about customizing hotspots. So now it is time to get even more creative with them.
Let’s say that you would want to have something pop-up for your readers. Something like an arrow, or perhaps something that your readers can engage, for example a button to sign up for an online newsletter. Wouldn’t that be great? To do that you can use the original PDF to drop any image. If you have one in the flipbook already, simply drag an invisible active area or pulsating active area over it and have the right link to it.
Now, every image you would want can be your hotspot! Check the example below
graphic as a hotspot
How about you take things to a more dynamic reading experience? No problem with that, you can either upload your GIF or use our free GIF library to place it on a page. Moving next, just drag over the active area of your choice. The link hotspot will be over the GIF animation by default. Have a look at the example below:
GIF as hotspot
And there you go, you and your readers can enjoy animated, clickable content waiting to be interacted with!
Note that if our gallery of GIFs does not suit your needs, you can upload your own GIF at any time.
If you’d want to you can also make it a pulsating active area if you’d want to make a phrase or anything else clickable.
You could also place a video hotspot over a photo so that when the hotspot is clicked, it will play in the pop-up window. To do that, simply enter a link to the video, and change the PREFERENCES to HOTSPOT.
Once you finish working on your flipbook, click the preview button in the top right corner to see changes.
preview flipbook
If you accept the changes, click the SAVE button to apply changes to your flipbook.
save flipbook
If you have any questions about hotspot customization, please feel free to contact our support team.
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