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With flipbooks, every publication looks smarter and more professional! No matter whether you create e-books, trendy magazines, catalogs, business proposals, your company profile or online presentations (see different flipbook examples below), converting them to PDF Flipbook will take them to the next level. Readable on all devices, mobile friendly and always accessible online, they will attract your clients attention and increase your sales, just like the examples below! Have a look at the flipbooks created by our clients using Publuu and let yourself be inspired.

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  • Brochure Example

    Publish your digital brochure online. Embed it on your website to make your products and services reach a broader audience. Make your brochure unique - customize it with multiple branding features.

  • Catalog Example

    Show your customers a wide range of products and services you offer. Engage them using interactive photo galleries and add links to your product pages to sell straight from your online catalog.

  • Magazine Example

    Publish your magazine online using multiple sharing options and let your readers enjoy the best quality reading on any device. Attract your audience's attention with your flipbook's outstanding design and versatility!

  • Proposal Example

    Convince potential investors or customers to do business with you. Create a professional business proposal and send it as a trackable link to check when exactly it was opened and how it performs in real-time.

  • Presentation Example

    Combine a variety of multimedia files to create an engaging presentation. Add animated hotspots and diversify your presentation with interactive elements: videos, GIFs, and much more. Embed a photo gallery that displays your images as a slideshow.

  • Ebook Example

    Make your eBook a great lead generation tool. Add a lead form on any page of your publication to collect contact details of your future clients. Publish your ebook online and analyze how your readers interact with your content.

  • Photo Album Example

    Create a digital photo album with a realistic page flip effect. Share your favorite memories with family and friends online. Make them interactive with pop-up photos and animated slide shows.

  • Portfolio Example

    Showcase your portfolio online in the best possible way. Embed it on your website, share it via e-mail, or publish it on social media. Impress your clients!

  • Newsletter Example

    Stay in touch with your clients, employees, and business partners with a stunning and easy-to-share online newsletter. No more attachments! Simply click a link to open it!

  • Guide Example

    Provide your readers with information or advice using an online guide. Make it easy to navigate with an interactive table of contents extracted from your PDF file. Allow your readers to download it and read at their own pace.

  • Report Example

    Create an online report to present all key information about your company. Insert clickable links to provide additional data. Disable sharing option to make sure it will be distributed only on trusted channels only.

  • Lookbook Example

    Show off your latest clothing collection and share it online as a fashion lookbook that will impress your readers no matter the device they use. Personalize its design with multiple background templates and choose the one that matches your brand’s aesthetics.

  • Booklet Example

    Cut printing expenses and create a digital booklet. Allow your readers to add private notes and enrich your booklet with various effects, such as page shadows or thickness to resemble a real publication.

  • Real Estate Flyer Example

    Showcase your properties and increase your buyers' interest with high-quality images and videos embedded in your new interactive real estate flyer. Build your potential clients' base more efficiently using a lead generation form tool.

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Newsletter Example

Show your products in a new, professional way. Improve your clients' shopping experience by providing extra photos and videos within the catalog. Add direct links to your products page, so that your clients will be able to buy your products immediately. Click on the newsletter example on the right side to see how it works.

Online Magazines Example

Make sure your readers have an easy and quick access to your online magazines from any device. Publishing digital magazines has never been easier! Just send a link or embed it into your website to guarantee your readers the best reading experience ever! Check out our client’s magazine examples on the left-hand side.

Brochures Example

Preparing brochures, leaflets and other marketing materials in digital form that is engaging can be a tricky task! But fear not! Publuu will do it all for you. Upload your PDF, customize it and share or embed it into your website. Look at the brochure example on the left hand side to see what a great brochure may look like.

Business Proposal Example

Business proposals are vital when it comes to successful sales process. They must look great and be instantly available for your receipient. With Publuu, you can send a link to your new, stunning document within secounds. Get notifications when your client opens your Business Proposal and check how long they spent viewing it. With Publuu everything is so simple!

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