Flipbook Examples

With flipbooks, every publication looks smarter and more professional! No matter whether you create e-books, trendy magazines, catalogs, business proposal, company profile or online presentations (see different flipbook examples below), converting them to PDF Flipbook will take them to the next level. Readable on all devices, mobile friendly and always accessible online, they attract your clients attention and increase your sales, just like the examples below! Have a look at the flipbooks created by our clients using Publuu and let yourself be inspired.

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Show your products in a new, professional way. Improve your clients’ shopping experience by providing extra photos and videos within the catalog. Add direct links to your products page, so that your clients will be able to buy your products immediately. Click on the newsletter example on the right side to see how it works.

Online Magazines

Make sure your readers have an easy and quick access to your online magazines from any device. Publishing digital magazines has never been easier! Just send a link or embed it into your website to guarantee your readers the best reading experience ever! Check out our client’s magazine examples on the left-hand side.


Preparing brochures, leaflets and other marketing materials in digital form that is engaging can be a tricky task! But fear not! Publuu will do it all for you. Upload your PDF, customize it and share or embed it into your website. Look at the brochure example on the left hand side to see what a great brochure may look like.

Business Proposal

Business proposals are vital when it comes to successful sales process. They must look great and be instantly available for your receipient. With Publuu, you can send a link to your new, stunning document within secounds. Get notifications when your client opens your Business Proposal and check how long they spent viewing it. With Publuu everything is so simple!

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