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How to disable sharing and Google indexing?

As a Publuu user, you can create multiple flipbooks with various content. It is understandable that sometimes you want to protect some personal data or sensitive content you’ve created.

You can protect your content using multiple ways available at Publuu, but this time we focus on disabling sharing and Google indexing your online flipbooks.



If you want to prevent sharing your flipbook anywhere on the web since its content is private, you need to turn off the sharing option.

To do so, first, log in to your account and click the CUSTOMIZE button to enter the editor.

customize button

Then open the MENU tab available in the customization panel on the left.

menu tab

Now head over to SHARE and shift the switch to disable it (it will become grey).

sharing disabled

The icon of sharing will be removed from the top bar, and sharing your flipbook will not be possible anymore.

share icon

no sharing icon

Remember to press the SAVE button when you finish editing your flipbook to save all the changes.



Any flipbook you create with Publuu is indexed by Google by default, meaning it is shown in Google search results. In general, Google indexing helps to gain more exposure on Google, which will lead to more visitors and customers. However, sometimes you create sensitive content that you don’t want to be indexed by search engines. Publuu then allows you to disable the Google indexing function for any flipbook.

google index off

If you wish to hide your content from Google search results, read the detailed instruction available in this article: How to hide my publication from Google search results?

To learn more about other ways of protecting your content, go to these articles:

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