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Subscription cancelation

In the following guide, we explain how to cancel your subscription and what happens to your flipbooks when you do so. Carry on reading!

The first thing is – you can manually cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription at Publuu anytime.

How to do this? Just log in to your account and go to the settings button in the top right corner.

settings icon


Then head over to the SUBSCRIPTIONS tab and click it to open.


Next, press the CANCEL YOUR RENEWAL button, and you’re done!

cancel your renewal button

As you cancel your renewal, you won’t be charged for your subscription in the future.

You can use your license until the paid period ends. For example, if you bought a monthly Optimum plan subscription on 1st January, and canceled it on 10th January, you can use it until the 31st of January.

When this time passes, you won’t be able to use your flipbooks. However, don’t worry, they will be stored on our servers for the next 90 days from the end of the paid period.

So, you may reactivate your account within 90 days by logging in and purchasing another subscription. If you do so, all your flipbooks will be restored.

To help you understand the case, we will illustrate it with an example:

On 1st January John bought a monthly Optimum subscription. On 10th January, he decided to cancel his subscription. He paid for one month, so he can use his account and his flipbooks till the end of this period (31st January). When the paid period finishes, his flipbooks won’t be active anymore but stored in his Publuu account for the next 90 days. If, within this time John wishes to reactivate them, he needs to log in to his account and purchase the subscription.

But, if John won’t reactivate his account within 90 days, all his flipbooks will automatically be deleted.


Please notice that canceling your subscription will only prevent you from future subscription charges, and it does not mean you get a refund. To learn more about our refund policy, visit this page: Publuu’s Refund Policy.

As you can see, canceling your subscription does not mean deleting all your content immediately. In case you wish to remove your account with all its content, you need to log in to your account, go to settings, and click the DELETE ACCOUNT button.

delete tab

Then you’ll see the pop-up window asking for your confirmation. Click the YES, DELETE ACCOUNT to remove your Publuu account.

delete account

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