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How to embed my flipbook on the Wix website?

As you know, Publuu allows you to embed your flipbooks into your website or blog to present your content to a larger audience.

Today we will show you how to embed your flipbook into the Wix website – follow the steps below to do it successfully.

First, you need to copy the embed code to your flipbook. To do so, go to your flipbook’s control panel, click EMBED to enter the editor,


and copy the embed code on the right. It will be stored in your clipboard.

embed code copying

For more detailed information on how to embed your flipbooks into any other website visit this article: How do I embed a flipbook into my website?

Then, go to Wix and log into your account. As soon as you do so, skip to your website editor.

Now, click the ADD ELEMENTS button on the left-hand panel.

add elements button

Then head over to the EMBED CODE – click it,

embed code

and then select the EMBED HTML button.

embed html button

After doing so, you’ll see a window on the screen. Make sure the selected option is CODE.

code option

All you have to do now is to paste the embed code of your flipbook in the text field, and press UPDATE.

paste an embed code

Well done! You have just embedded an online flipbook into your Wix website.


If you have the embed protection function enabled, the process of embedding your flipbook on your Wix website slightly differs.

Carry on reading to learn how to embed your flipbook with the Embed Protection function on.

Once again, open the Wix website editor. Select ADD ELEMENTS,

add elements button


embed code

and choose EMBED A SITE.

embed a site button

Next, paste a direct link to your flipbook (not the EMBED CODE!) in the field, and remember to add ?embed at the very end of the URL, just like below:

a link to your flipbook

As you do so, press the UPDATE button below and that’s all!

Since you used the Embed Protection feature to embed your flipbook, you may also be interested in selling your flipbooks – here we discuss how to sell your flipbooks on Wix and Squarespace: How do I sell my flipbooks?

If you have issues regarding the fullscreen view of your embedded flipbook on the Wix site, please follow the steps below.
In the page editor, go to the “Dev Mode” tab and enable “Developer Mode”.
to view your flipbook on fullscreen, go to the dev mode tab and enable developer mode in wix site
Next, in the page code, select and click the “masterpage.js” file.

select and click the “masterpage.js” file to fix the fullscreen issue


Now you need to copy the following code:
$w.onReady(function () {
and paste it in the “masterPage.js” file.
paste the code in the "masterPage.js" file to fix the view in fullscreen issue occuring on wix
Once you are done, make sure to click the “Preview” or “Save” button in the upper right corner to save changes.
save or preview changes on your wix site


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