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Your payment couldn’t be processed. What to do then?

All the payments at Publuu are processed by two online payment platforms: Stripe and PayPal. Our team does its best to make the process of buying a subscription work properly, but sometimes it is inevitable to meet some difficulties with payment processing.

In this guide, we explain the most common issues with payment processing and we provide their solution to make your payment for Publuu’s subscription successful.


If your payment fails, the second attempt to collect your funds will occur within 5 days, and then if it’s unsuccessful again, we will be forced to block your Publuu account until the payment is completed. But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean we immediately remove your content from Publuu servers – your flipbooks will be stored for 180 days. After this time, if we don’t record payment, the whole account will be deleted.

Let’s focus on the most common payment processing problems now to avoid such situations.


Credit card issues


1. Not sufficient funds

It may happen that the funds in your bank account are not sufficient to cover the transaction. Check your bank account balance or try a different payment option to complete the purchase.

2. Your card has expired

Check your credit card expiration date. If it happens that your credit card has expired, repeat the payment using another card and remember to update your card details at Publuu. If you need help, please visit this article: How to update your credit card details?


3. Invalid card data

The card number, expiry date, or CVC code you entered in the Publuu checkout form is not correct. Check the entered card data again, correct it if needed, and then retry your payment.


4. Card limits

You may have set a few card limits such as the maximum number of transactions per day or the sum spent in a day or one transaction. Contact your bank to change the limits and come back to Publuu to try the payment again.


5. Certain areas limitations

Due to the security of your payments, some transactions performed outside certain countries may be rejected by your card issuer. And again, you need to contact your card issuer to change the countries that are assigned to be blocked.


Stripe payment issues

Stripe might not process your payment for two most common reasons: its toolset has detected that your card might have been lost or stolen or the transaction that is about to be made may be illegitimate. In such rare situations, contact the Stripe support team to solve this issue.


Other issues

In case of other issues not included in this guide, feel free to contact our support team via live chat or email (

Remember we are always willing to help!


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