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Flipbook from PDF. Convert, share and track online.

Customize them, share them with your audience and track their performance in real-time.

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Why Publuu?

Because plain PDFs are simply not enough. Static PDF documents don’t engage your readers and don’t improve your sales results. It’s tricky to share them, you can’t track their performance and managing them is not an easy task. With Publuu you can do all that, plus much more!

Online flipbook features

Stunning look

Convert your PDFs into beautiful, online flipbooks that look great on every device. With Publuu, your HTML5 flipbooks will look like an interactive website, not a plain PDF!


Customize your online flipbooks to empower your brand. Add your logo, choose background color and select extra features. Make your online PDFs unique and memorable!

Easy Access and Sharing

Give your readers immediate access to your online flipbook on any device. Embed it on a website, send as a newsletter, post on social media or email a link.


Turn your PDFs into a powerful online sales tool. Use easy-to-distribute online flipbooks to present your products in a spectacular way and add links to your online store.


Measure your HTML5 flipbook’s performance in real-time, using Publuu’s online tracking system. Check how your audience reacted to your content to boost your online sales!


Keep your audience engaged. Make your online flipbook appealing by adding interactive elements such as videos, photos, links and audio files.


Decide how to embed your online flipbooks on your website. Make them immediately accessible or display them as smart buttons your visitors can click to view their content

Content protection

With Publuu, you decide who can view your online flipbook. Just set a password and your content will be read-only after entering it!


Update your online flipbook at any time, without having to resend it or change its link. Keep your audience up-to-date.

How it works?


Upload your PDF and Publuu will convert it into an online flipbook that can be instantly opened and shared, and will look and work amazingly on any device.
wgraj PDF


Customize your flipbook, setting its background, menu and adding your logo. Enrich it with interactive hotspots containing videos, photos and audio files.
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Share your online flipbook, no matter it’s size! Send it as a link, embed it to your website or post it on social media.
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Get an alert every time your clients open your digital flipbook. Check out which pages they liked and which they interacted with, to significantly improve your sales results.
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No matter what your PDFs look like at the moment, they will look much smarter when you convert them using Publuu. Have a look at some real-life flipbook examples:
For more examples of brochures, magazines, catalogues and other e-publications made with Publuu click below.

Extra features

Web Kiosk


Web Kiosk
Create and customize your own website with easy access to all your flipbooks. Sell them, using an integrated, safe payment system.
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Publish your magazines


Publish your magazines
Create and customize your own mobile app with offline access to all your flipbooks. Publish it on Google Play and App Store.
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Our customers opinion

What our clients say about us:

" In 2016 we decided to try out Publuu and it was a very good decision. We publish every HTML5 online flipbook inside our own mobile app, created on

We never had any issues with how it works. Service is continually updated, and all the functionalities always perform as they should"

Elizabeth Jeznach
Businesswoman & Life
Opinia Fratria
" We have been using Publuu since the beginning of 2015.

Since then, we have prepared many publications. We are very pleased with all features offered by Publuu. Our clients appreciate them as well.

From the very first day of our cooperation, communication with the Publuu team have always been at the highest level.

Thanks to Publuu, we have gathered all our flipbooks in one place. It’s great to have them always at hand. "

Maciej Wosko
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