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Ebooks – Complete Guide

E-books have changed the publishing world, enabling self-publishing and providing readers with a wide range of titles to explore. They offer convenience, instant access, portability, and features such as note-taking, bookmarking, and even online connectivity to external resources.

This article is a guide to eBooks, eBook design, and how to create an ebook using book maker online and graphic design software. You’ll find more details in our Knowledge Base.

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What Is an Ebook?

Ebook stands for an electronic book – it’s a computer file that can be read on electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, and dedicated e-book readers. You can use an ebook on a variety of devices with e-reader software without needing a dedicated e-book reader. Many people call devices like the Amazon Kindle e-books, but the correct name is e-book reader.

An e-reader is a simple reading machine that can open your digital books on an e-ink screen – one where pixels can turn from white to black and aren’t diodes. This means that e-readers don’t emit light in your eyes and have a lot more battery life. There are many e-readers on the market, but one of the most popular and considered the first e-book reader is Amazon Kindle. Many people prefer to buy a more open e-reader, that allows more e-book formats.

An e-book is essentially a read-only file that retains the content and format of the book. Although you can adjust the font size and make notes on the screen, the format is designed to make editing impossible. Mostly MOBI and EPUB files are HTML-based so they can adapt to the screens of different devices, just as a web page adjusts to different browser window sizes.

ebook reader

You can buy all kinds of e-books, from novels to technical manuals – and carry hundreds of e-books on your device. You can buy eBooks in the Kindle Store or Google Play Books, or you can find millions of free eBooks from public domain sources like Project Gutenberg or even borrow library books using your eReader.

Some e-books, such as graphic novels or books that contain a lot of graphics, are more visually dynamic and can provide a better reading experience compared to typical e-book formats. Tablets or devices using flipbooks from Publuu are great for viewing such files. Publuu flipbooks can be a great replacement for e-readers since they display graphic-heavy content like comic books perfectly, with a page-flipping effect of the real print books.

You can explore our Knowledge Base if you want more information about what is an ebook and how to create one. From our articles, you can learn about designing eBooks and other digital content and how to publish them using Publuu.

Where Can I Design an Ebook?

Designing an e-book requires careful consideration of various elements and tools to create an attractive and engaging reading experience for your customers and readers. Tools such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Creative Cloud, or online applications like Canva offer many e-book templates to make designing easier. Even beginners can easily create their e-book and publish it to their collection thanks to the Publuu cloud.

Start with an eye-catching e-book cover that will grab the attention of potential readers. Use illustrations, colors, and a clear title that represents the content. Also, choose illustrations that capture the essence of the ebook’s content and intrigue the reader. For example, if it’s a cookbook, present pictures of food, whether ingredients or ready dishes. Surprise and engage readers with graphics that capture the essence of your content.

ebook tablet

When designing an ebook, choose readable fonts for your ebook. A readable font is crucial for both the title and content. Consider matching fonts using a sans serif font for informal content and a serif font for more formal sections.

Depending on your target audience and content, you can choose between different e-book formats such as PDF, and EPUB, or innovative formats as flipbooks. Publuu offers tools to enhance the design and presentation of e-books. You can convert PDF files into interactive flipbooks with seamless page-turning and customization. Publuu also allows you to collect leads and analytics to track reader engagement.

If you want to learn more about ebook design, you can find more articles on software and methods of designing digital books in our Knowledge Base.

How Do I Create an Ebook?

With the rise of digital publishing in the past few years, creating and selling your e-book online has become more accessible than ever before. The process of publishing a book can be done in seconds now using an e-book creator and publish on Publuu is very easy. Creating a book online opens the door to reaching a wider audience, making e-book creation an attractive option for people in different industries.

It is difficult to describe how to create the content itself – there is no other way to do it than to sit down and start writing! When you have the digital content ready, be sure to give it to a professional editor. Make sure that the look of your e-book matches your vision. Choose the right template and illustrations.

Export your eBook to an open standard format like EPUB or PDF – Kindle readers are about to switch to EPUB files as well. Try to reduce the number of illustrations if you’re aiming for hand-held readers, and if your file is graphic-heavy consider switching to Publuu flipbooks.

Decide whether you want to sell your e-book (securing it with digital rights management software) or make it available for free using an online e-book creator. Consider how much you will benefit from the sale, taking into account production costs and profit margins. For free e-books, consider using the contact form feature to gather information about your readers.

If you’re still wondering how to make an online book, you can learn more from our Knowledge Base articles. Our guides will help you with writing all kinds of books and converting them into fantastic flipbooks.

How to Publish My Ebook?

With the potential to reach a wide audience, especially in languages such as English, Spanish, and Chinese, your content can reach billions of readers, who don’t have to be using e-reader technology. For example, publishing an ebook filled with business tips and linking it to a blog or website can effectively promote your platform.

Whether it’s for self-realization, promoting your business, or increasing sales, self-publishing an ebook can be a rewarding adventure that opens the door to readers around the world.

You can use an existing publisher – who, however, very rarely choose inexperienced writers. Many choose self-publishing using Amazon KDP or Lulu, or platforms like Publuu. The elegant flipbook format offered by Publuu will allow you to self-publish your ebook. This format adds a touch of sophistication to the publication!

If you want to find out more on how to publish an eBook with Publuu, we have prepared another guide to creating your e-book compatible with all HTML-5-enabled devices.

What Are Most Popular Ebooks?

Although the publishing market is constantly changing, certain genres and types of e-books remain popular. Many people rely on public domain books, but more and more readers buy new stuff for their Kindle readers.

Novels, short stories, and literary fiction remain popular in e-book format. Best-selling authors and classic literature continue to attract readers’ attention. True crime novels and romance are very popular, but fans of speculative fiction can also find something for themselves.

E-books focusing on self-improvement, motivation, productivity, and personal development are also highly sought after by readers looking for practical advice. This is a great tool for companies writing E-books to share their wisdom with readers.

digital ebook

In particular, e-books on entrepreneurship, business strategies, finance, and career development are for professionals and those looking to improve their skills. Books on health, fitness, nutrition, mental well-being, and lifestyle changes also attract readers interested in leading a healthier life.

E-books covering educational topics, textbooks, and educational resources are used by students, educators, and lifelong learners. With the rise of food bloggers and cooking enthusiasts, digital cookbooks and recipe collections have also grown in popularity.

Ebook Examples

E-books have revolutionized the way information is disseminated, offering many advantages over traditional printed books. The economy of creating eBooks compared to printing physical copies makes them an invaluable tool, especially in the area of digital marketing. In the Publuu gallery, you will find many examples of ebooks, catalogs, magazines, and other publications that you can use to promote your own business, ideas or share ideas with others.

The world of e-books is as diverse as the content they contain. Examples of ebooks in our base include children’s e-books full of captivating illustrations and well-constructed stories, comics, and graphic novels focusing on narrative and visual elements. You can also find cookbooks, product catalogs, and other interesting examples of creativity in the Publuu ebook examples gallery!

From business insights to creative storytelling, e-books are a dynamic medium for informing, engaging, and entertaining readers around the world. You’ll find more exciting ebook examples in our Knowledge Base.


Developments in publishing technology from e-books to flipbooks have provided authors with the tools they need to write engaging stories, give useful advice, and share captivating visual experiences with people around the world. By creating new e-books, anyone can bring readers into a world of imagination and knowledge.

The wide range of e-book examples in Publuu’s gallery shows how much this medium can do, allowing for a unique combination of creativity and technology. Check out our Knowledge Base where you can discover more ideas and tips for your e-book journey.

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