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Teacher Portfolio – How to Prepare It ?

A teacher portfolios are becoming increasingly often a necessity in the modern education system. These portfolios might take a lot of time to create, but they are an excellent opportunity for the teachers to showcase their teaching philosophy and effective teaching methods – and for the administrators and principals to learn how the prospective worker approaches teaching and learning.

In the competitive world, even educators could use an online portfolio. Unlike a portfolio of an artist or a graphical designer, a teaching portfolio is a collection of information on your teaching skills and achievements. A teacher can include lesson plans, sample student work, perhaps even recordings of sample lessons. Improved grades of students and recommendations from previous headmasters and supervisors also have a place in the teaching portfolio.

A lot of teachers, especially one teaching in elementary grades, have teaching portfolios that are a collection of mementos or memorabilia. It’s hard to present it to a prospective employer – that’s why teaching portfolios are increasingly being converted to online ones. A loose collection of teaching and learning experiences is not something you can brag about in front of the education board. They are hardly your teaching philosophy statement, and provide no information about your teaching goals or personal job methods.

A teaching portfolio should be something else than just a collection of random achievements or a resume. In teaching, more than in any other profession, you need to present your development – because it illustrates how you work on the development of others in your classroom.

Developing your teaching portfolio

preparing teacher portfolio

Your teaching portfolio should contain all the evidence you gathered throughout your career that supports your teaching philosophy. Teaching portfolios are simply more advanced résumés that can display your capabilities and skills as a teacher, for instance in using teaching software. They are evidence of your capabilities and represent your skill. You should remake your teaching portfolio from the ground up – including your student work, proof, but keeping it as a streamlined website or a PDF document.

What should your teaching portfolios be made of?

Whether your portfolio is displayed as a website, a digital business card, or a slick Flipbook from Publuu, it must include the following five elements:

  • A statement of your teaching philosophy is necessary to describe yourself and your character. Your motivation for the profession and what you accomplished in it, is defined by how you view education as a mission and education. It does not have to be an essay, just a few words summarizing how you view education and how you treat students.
  • Your teaching portfolio must include a resume in which you talk about your education, skills, and career goals. Describe your experiences outside of education there, as they can be very valuable to school administrators. It is additionally a great idea to present your interests and skills outside of work.
  • In a teaching career, you constantly need to develop yourself. Every school principal or dean will be interested in what courses you have completed, so supplement your teaching portfolio with certificates and awards. Not just education-related ones – if you’re an activist, that’s worth showing off, too.
  • Additionally, it will be beneficial to include your current lesson plans and schedules there. Every teacher needs to prepare their work with 5 minutes of accuracy – and you want to show employers how you do that. Your teaching portfolio is a way to demonstrate your organizational skills and show off your know-how on the subject. You can add remarks how well did your plans do with your students, to show that you constantly improve your teaching style.
  • Finally, you absolutely must have recommendations from previous employers for your teaching portfolio. If you don’t have a lot of them, keep in mind that you can create teaching portfolios using testimonials from the dads and moms of previous students, internship supervisors – not just the education board or school principals. You need to reveal to the world what others think of your work! Include all sorts of feedback you received, whether from students or other teachers, to support your professional growth and development of your educational career.

Add a nice table of contents to your teaching portfolio, add a couple of inspirational graphics – perhaps leveraging your student work – and everything will work great as a statement of your teaching philosophy.

Create your teaching portfolio using Publuu

ebook creating

If you want to create a new high-quality teaching portfolio, you can’t afford to ignore the digital flipbook creator software. When it comes to presenting and showcasing your effective teaching skills, a lot depends on how you show your teaching portfolios. Teaching portfolios should represent teachers – and in the modern world, the ability to design, presenting your work, and analyzing your goals is very important. Creating a teaching portfolio online with Publuu shows this skill.

Good presentation is crucial, but a person teaching must also be able to update their portfolio rapidly. This industry is changing fast, reflecting new challenges students and teachers must face. When you regularly have to add fresh school materials, lesson plans, and certification to your portfolio website, this might become a chore. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Using Publuu, you can create and maintain a portfolio in minutes with nothing more than a PDF file and the appropriate software.

Using flipbooks is a great way to present documents like portfolios and educational materials. They are HTML 5 documents that imitate the feel of a real document – but they have much more advantages for teachers. It’s easy to create them from ordinary pdf, and they don’t need any special software to view them. And we all know it’s important in schools which might not have the necessary programs.

Publuu’s portfolio example

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Anyone can create a PDF document and convert them into flipbooks. Use scanners to make copies of your lesson plans, student work, university diplomas. You can easily create a document in a program like MS Word and put them in an e-book, one page at a time. Then, you just upload it to Publuu website. You don’t have to learn to program and creating an inspired document is easy.

Publuu also offers many useful functionalities – thanks to hyperlinks, you can create a high-quality table of contents which will make navigating your teaching portfolios very simple. You can include links to the course you took or to the teachers’ union to support your professional history.

Creating a PDF-format teaching portfolio also allows you to print it out. You can print out your Flipbook as an actual book, with a good quality cover, attractive pictures, and well-formatted pages that are easy to read. Because a physical copy lacks a clickable menu, a table of contents is required so that the school board readers may quickly navigate it. A physical copy of a portfolio offers an advantage if you’re going to an interview in a school classroom in person since you can use it to back up any facts you present.

What multimedia content can be found in teachers’ portfolio websites?

More objects than simply printed papers may be included in your teaching portfolios thanks to various technological advancements. Your portfolio might include video footage of yourself teaching in a classroom, an audio voiceover offering context and perspective on the portfolio, or instructive computer programs or designs that you have created, for example. Publuu allows you to embed links to mp3 or video content in your digital teaching portfolio, and these materials can showcase how well you understand your job.

You need to digitize your portfolio artifacts – at least the most important ones. These artifacts are these palpable memorabilia – student art, their goals. All of these are evidence that you can guide the development of your students. Scan the written materials and include photographs of the 3-D work. They are not just example of the growth your students made under your tutelage, but will be beautiful illustrations when you will be creating beautiful Publuu flipbook or a portfolio website online.

Teaching portfolios – useful functions

The teaching profession may benefit greatly from using portfolios. When a teacher is able to carefully evaluate their own methods and achievements presented in a portfolio, they are more likely to improve. Reflection upon your teaching methods is one of the crucial teacher’s needs. Portfolios can be an example of successful practices that may be studied and adapted for use in other schools and by your colleagues. Student evaluations, presented in the right context can show your best practices. And they can also make great data for the education board.

Developing teaching portfolios is also a way of commemorating teacher’s achievements. It’s often hard to record accomplishments in this job. Portfolios can be a way to present other teachers, students, and educators of all kinds with demonstration of effective teaching – which can also serve for professional reflection and can be useful for research and evaluations later.

Finally, keep in mind that the teacher’s goal is not just to prepare excellent portfolios, but rather to develop exceptional teaching and learning methods, and guiding students.

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