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Ebooks Examples

E-book is short for electronic book, which means a book made available in digital form. In a computer file, you will find text, images, and other graphic elements like tables that can be read on a phone’s flat computer screen. These days, however, people are opting for e-paper readers, a device in which the pixels are not created by backlit LEDs but by black and white devices. Some of the most popular ebook examples are ones offered in the Kindle store or by competing companies like Google Books or B&N Nook.

Using a book maker tool, individuals and companies can design and produce their unique e-books tailored to their needs. E-books can be read by dedicated readers, but also on any computer device with a controllable screen, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The popular ebook format is EPUB, a simplified version of HTML that allows adding elements like embedded fonts and interactive content.

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Many companies create ebooks to share knowledge with readers and promote their brands. Free ebooks can generate leads, draw more readers to your company, and establish you as a market leader. This makes them a great content marketing tool!

There are also many more advantages ebook examples have over typical books. E-books can be read on a variety of devices, so you can take them with you wherever you go. Creating ebooks is also often cheaper than preparing printed books. They are also easily searchable, so you can quickly find the information you need. E-books do not require paper or ink, so they are more environmentally friendly than printed books. All of this makes them invaluable in digital marketing.

What does a good ebook look like?

A good ebook example must attract attention and drive it from the first page to the end. It should be easy to read and navigate and have a professional look. A good ebook design means that the content of the ebook should be well-organized and easy to follow – you can use ebook templates to get the general e-book and inspiration for your ebooks.

Chapters of your e-book should be divided into smaller sections, and the text should be clear and concise. When you’re thinking of preparing an ebook example for your content marketing needs, it is necessary to edit it at length to prepare quality copy that will stay informative and to the point.

ebook example

You’re also adding visual elements – you need to ensure that your ebook is readable, and the text does not overwhelm the reader. Good illustrations can also help break up the text and make the ebook more engaging. The typeface, font size, and margins should make your ebook examples easy to read, and the colors should be pleasing to the eye. It is best to choose two typefaces – one for body text and another for headings – many experts claim that it’s a good ebook design idea is to use serif and sans-serif typefaces.

A good ebook example should end with a call to action, such as a link to a website or a contact form. Publuu lets you integrate interactive features to leave contact data for access to your interactive ebook content. You can also promise to create sequels – especially if your book becomes popular!

What are the examples of ebooks?

There are as many ebook examples as there are genres of traditional books. You can turn any ebook idea into an interactive book that can be viewed on your phone or an ebook reader. You can prepare any ebook, convert a blog post into a book, or share it on a publishing platform like Publuu. Here are some ebook examples to get your imagination started!

Children’s book

A good children’s book stimulates the imagination of young readers, contains age-appropriate content, and offers valuable life lessons. On Publuu, you can find an ebook example gallery that contains great children’s books that will keep young readers engaged.

When you create an ebook for kids, keep in mind that the age of the target audience has a substantial impact on the content and style of a children’s book. Different age groups have various levels of cognitive development and interest. For example, first-time readers enjoy simple picture books that show colors, shapes, textures, and basic concepts. Older children begin to understand stories and can engage with real-world topics such as firefighters, nurses, and animals. When you design a free ebook for kids, keep in mind what they expect – and that the children prefer small, mobile devices over large ones or black and white screens. This is one reason why you might use ebook creators like Publuu which are very intuitive to browse.

children ebook

A successful children’s book should also have unique features that set it apart from others. Your e-book should include eye-catching illustrations, tactile elements, well-researched content, and an engaging narrative. It is important to appeal to both the child reader and the adults in their lives who may be reading or discussing the book with them.

Every children’s book, except for picture books and non-fiction, should have a three-part narrative structure: beginning, middle, and end. The beginning introduces the protagonist, the world, and the tone. An event causes a change in the character’s life, leading to the climax. The resolution closes the plot and shows how the protagonist or his world has changed.

If you’re still wondering how to write a children’s book , we have more tips and tricks on how to write and design books for kids. See our Knowledge Base for more ebook examples, ebook template gallery, and other examples that can help you create a great book!

Comic book

Creating a good comic book requires a careful combination of visual and textual elements, an engaging story, and effective character development. A comic book can combine visuals with an interesting narrative – which makes it not just a work of art, but a great tool for content marketing.

Before you start writing the script, first think up a unique and eye-catching concept that will set your comic book apart from others. Fresh and innovative ideas can attract readers, such as unconventional approaches to traditional superhero themes or unexpected character backgrounds.

comic book sample

Build conflict that engages readers intellectually and emotionally. Include such ones that explore complex ideas, not just good versus evil like in typical superhero stories. Create characters with different viewpoints and motivations, which can lead to thought-provoking interactions. Your writing style must be natural – even if you write a comic book only as a content marketing tool, your style must speak to the reader.

Once you have an idea, outline the structure of the story, including a beginning, middle, and end. Plan the dialogue, narrative, and action. Then draw storyboards: rough sketches of each page, outlining the placement of characters, objects, and backgrounds. Storyboards help visualize the overall layout and composition before finalizing the illustration.

If you want to learn more about how to make a comic book , read this article in our Knowledge Base. We show how to create a free eBook with adventure themes and how to use our interactive ebook elements like galleries or animated images to make a great comic book that will rival Avengers or Justice League!


A chapbook is a small booklet that usually contains a short collection of literary works, usually poetry. These booklets are characterized by their small size, often 20 to 50 pages, and can serve as platforms for writers to showcase their work. While notebooks have historically been associated with simple bindings and were often distributed by the poets themselves, modern technology has made it possible to create digital versions that can be easily shared online. There’s no minimal or maximal ebook length, so Publuu works great for both long-form content and smaller ebook examples.

digital chapbook

Chapbooks contain mostly poetry, although they can also include short stories, flash fiction, fairy tales, or religious texts. There is no set format for this ebook example, as poems can vary in length and might require specific design. They can include one poem per page, interspersed with illustrations, or even one long. Traditional chapbooks are often stapled and have a soft cardboard cover. Digital versions, however, can be shared electronically without physical binding – see the ebook example in our gallery. Chapbooks serve as platforms for writers to present their works, share them at literary events, distribute them to readers, or send them to publishers.

Traditional chapbooks are written by hand, but you can use ebook design software like Canva or Adobe InDesign today to create a chapbook layout. Format the pages, add illustrations, and adjust fonts to improve readability. See the ebook template gallery on how to create a free ebook that will not be just a content marketing tool, but a work of art.

Your chapbook can showcase your poetry, fan ideas, or fragments of your creativity. By using Publuu you can publish your zines, chapbooks, and other publications on a virtual ebook stand.

Recipe book examples

Creating a great cookbook requires careful planning, engaging content, an attractive design, and effective marketing. If you run a restaurant or catering business you can use your ebook design skills to show your capabilities. But anyone needs to eat – even a software company can create a cookbook to draw the attention of potential readers!

Before you start writing recipes, determine who your target audience is. Do you cater to beginners, health-conscious individuals, gourmet enthusiasts, or specific cultural cuisine? Understanding your audience will help you tailor your content marketing to their preferences.

recipe ebook example

Then gather a wide range of recipes that fit the theme of your cookbook. If you plan to publish it, choose a selection of the best recipes rather than including everything you know. Also prepare a format for each recipe, including ingredients, instructions, and any useful tips.

Once you’ve made your selection, cook each dish yourself to ensure accuracy and taste. Hire a professional photographer to capture high-quality images of your prepared dishes. Improve the visual appeal of your cookbook by adding decorative elements. The ebook cover, page number decorations, and illustrations related to the theme can make the book visually appealing and unique.

If you wonder how to make a recipe book that will draw the attention of readers, read more on ebook’s design in our Knowledge Base. Our guidelines will help you in creating any recipe book you might design.

Online yearbooks

Online yearbook design offers a modern and cost-effective way to capture and share memories. Any content marketing institute can also attest that these are also a great way to promote a private or public school – both as a paper book or using ebook format.

Start by preparing content – student selections and profiles, class photos, extracurricular activities, and more. Gather content from a variety of sources, including student uploads, event photos, and class portraits. Make sure you have the necessary permissions to use the content you include in your ebook example.

online yearbook

Prepare a compelling ebook cover that will intrigue viewers and reflect the theme of your yearbook, and remind students of their years at school. Include images, logos, and colors that resonate with your school’s identity. Include elements that showcase unique aspects of your school community, such as mascots, slogans, and memorable events.

Take advantage of the multimedia capabilities and interactive elements offered by online platforms such as Publuu. Add videos, audio clips, and image galleries to make your online yearbook more interactive. This multimedia content can bring your yearbook to life and provide a richer storytelling experience.

There are many more ebook ideas you can use to create online yearbooks in our Knowledge Base. You can learn how to use white space and cover design to create unforgettable yearbooks which will be a great example of personalized design.

Graphic novel

A graphic novel is a story told visually, similar to a comic book. Before you start creating your story, familiarize yourself with graphic novels by reading a variety of titles from different genres.

This will help you understand how the combination of text and visual elements works to effectively tell a story. If you’re just starting to create, consider taking advice from mentors, attending workshops, or working with experienced artists and writers. Learning from experts can accelerate your growth as a graphic novel creator.

You must have a strong story idea that can be conveyed through visual storytelling, giving readers what they want! Create compelling characters, outline the plot, and identify key moments. Your story should have a clear beginning, middle, and end, with well-defined conflicts and solutions.

graphic novel ebook

Write a script, including detailed descriptions of panels, dialogue, and narration. You can use screenwriting software or create your format. Work closely with your artist if you are not illustrating the novel yourself.

Together with your illustrator create rough thumbnail sketches of each page to visualize the composition and flow of the story. Thumbnails help you make early decisions about panel placement and pacing. Finally, illustrate the final artwork based on the thumbnails and script. Pay attention to strong visuals, facial expressions, body language, and visual cues that enhance the emotional impact of the story.

If you need more information on how to make a graphic novel , read our guide in our Knowledge Base. We explain there what’s the difference between a graphic novel and a comic book, and give you some quick tips on creating novels and publishing them online using Publuu.


Ebooks have revolutionized reading and content marketing. They’re digital versions of books that offer convenience, accessibility, and eco-friendliness. They serve as powerful tools for sharing knowledge, promoting brands, and engaging readers. Examples range from children’s books to graphic novels, catering to diverse audiences. As technology advances, ebooks remain pivotal in shaping modern content consumption and marketing strategies.

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