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10 Creative Comic Strip Ideas

When Stan Lee was asked where does he get his ideas from, he said “I sneak up to other author’s offices and rifle their desks”. Truth be told, ideas are all around you, and if you want to create your comic strip or a webcomic, you need to learn to find them on your own.

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comic lines

You can also find new and interesting ideas for your comic strip if you pay close attention to the people, events, and actions you encounter every day. Everyday activities such as commuting to work, grocery shopping, and going to the park can be great ways to get ideas. Try to imagine “what would happen if zombies attacked my bus” or “what a day is like for a robot living among humans.” Neil Gaiman said that the first question when writing is “What if.” Comic strips are all about anything different from ordinary life.

If you’re still considering how to make a comic book, you can check out our list of recommendations. Draw motivation from your own life, including events, emotions, and connections. Think of funny or interesting things that have happened to you and how they can be used in a comic strip. Adding a bit of your personality to a comic strip can make it more interesting and understandable – especially if you make things more interesting.

How do you make a cool comic strip?

To create a cool comic strip, you need to be good at art, know how to tell a story, and pay attention to details.

Think through the idea well – developing a clear idea will help you make artistic choices and make the strip look the same all the time.

Plan the story or plot of your comic strip. Think about how your story will begin, continue and end. Many webcomics don’t have a well-thought-out plot – they can go on for years and still be popular. Make your characters interesting by giving them goals, challenges, and reasons why they do what they do.

colorful comic bubbles

Think about who the characters should be. If your idea of a comic is “conflict between rich and poor,” you know that your characters can’t be “in the middle,” and each should reflect one side of the conflict. Their appearance should reflect their character, and help readers identify with them!

Make sure your comic’s graphic style, character styles, and panel layouts are the same. This helps build the graphic characters and makes the reader more familiar with the book. Cartoon characters should not exist in the same world as realistic superheroes!

And finally, consider publishing your comic book. Comic strips can be collected in a booklet and promoted as a Publuu’s flipbook. Check out our guide on self-publishing to learn more!

What are some good ideas for a comic strip?

To create a great comic strip you must practice, experiment, and be open to learning. A successful animated strip requires a balance of storyline and funny, relevant, and style-appropriate characters. Try new things and mix styles to create something unique. If you’re still struggling to create your comic strip, here’s a list of ideas we’ve prepared just for you!

“Alien Faux Pas”

aliens coming to earth

A group of aliens come to Earth and try to blend in with human society, but struggle with understanding human customs and social norms.

This idea for a comic book story can be used as a drama and telling stories about differences and outsiders, but it also has great comedic potential. You can use seemingly funny comic strip ideas to tell serious stories in your graphic novels.

“Secret Hero”

secret hero

A superhero who gains their powers from a magical object, but must keep their true identity hidden from their loved ones to protect them from their enemies.

Superhero comic books are a staple of the genre for American comic strip creation. To create awesome comic strips you need to play with the conventions and include your spin on comic ideas that have been done to end and back!

“Urban Zoo”

wild animals on the street

A group of animals living in a city, each with their unique personality and quirks, getting into all sorts of adventures and mishaps.

This has the potential for a long graphic novel or a short comic strip with a gag a day. Animals can showcase human flaws and your comic book can make use of interesting characters that can be seen as an allegory or something on his own.

“Time Warp Chronicles”

girl walking through time

A time-traveling duo who go on adventures through history, but often get caught up in sticky situations and have to find their way out.

Visual storytelling works great if you contrast your characters with various settings and comic book tropes and time travel is perfect for that. It’s an opportunity to develop a comic strip based on history – and make it educational and funny.

“Noir Detectives”

noir detective

A detective and their sidekick solve mysteries and crimes in a noir-inspired city, dealing with corrupt officials and dangerous criminals.

Graphic novels often feature serious themes, and creating comic strips can be easier thanks to creative writing and changing comic strip ideas into user stories. Be sure to add your spin to your comic book, so that the story about your detective is different

“Super Family”

superhero comic family

A family of superheroes who must balance their crime-fighting duties with their everyday lives, including school, work, and family drama.

This is one of the simplest comic strip ideas, but very effective. Comic book stories are often about very relatable characters and Marvel comics creator, Stan Lee, often stressed the importance of your main character – if the reader can’t identify with your hero, they will put your comic book down!

“Coffee Crew”

coffee crew

A group of friends who work at a coffee shop, navigating their relationships and personal lives while dealing with the eccentric customers who frequent the shop.

This is a good premise for a regular webcomic – in this example, the setting becomes one of the characters. If you create a comic based on a location, you can easily come up with comic strip stories that could reflect any event that could take place in a café.

“Mythical Mingle”

dragon in the night

A group of mythical creatures, such as unicorns, dragons, and centaurs, living in a modern world and trying to fit in while also preserving their unique heritage and culture.

A lot of comic book ideas can be based on various myths from all over the world. Comic creators can often create comics based on their mythology and native culture – if you can subvert the reader’s initial assumptions, the comic can surprise them!

“Prankster Siblings”

prankster siblings

A pair of mischievous siblings who are constantly pulling pranks on each other and their friends, but always manage to make up in the end.

In a list of comic strip ideas, we need to include one that’s based on contrasting characters. You can create comics basing your characters, using different styles of cartoon drawings or comic panel designs.

“Odd Couple Mysteries”

dog and cat as partners

An unlikely duo, such as a cat and a dog, team up to solve mysteries and save the day, despite their natural animosity towards each other.

One of the best aspects of this comic book idea is that it can work with various stories. Consider basing the characters on your friends – one of the basic rules is “writing what you know”.


You can set out to create interesting comic strips, taking ideas from everyday events and adding your own life experiences. A great comic strip has a well-thought-out story and interesting personalities that people can relate to. Find a good mix of story and fun, and make sure each panel has a charm that fits the story and style. Don’t be afraid to try new ideas and mix styles to create a truly unique comic, and don’t steal ideas from DC comics or old comic strip templates.

Remember that these comic strip ideas can also come from different places and myths, they can tell stories about strange events or tell jokes. Let your imagination run wild and let your ideas come up with amazing stories that will amaze and entertain your readers. Have fun creating comics!

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