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11 Beautiful Medical Brochure Templates & Examples

Professional brochures may be found online and, in this article, you will find recommendations for excellent medical and healthcare brochure designs. Template library from sites like Canva or will help you create and customize any medical brochure you need! Many of the digital brochure templates below are available as a free download so that you can design your health marketing materials straight away!

medical brochure template example

Why use a medical brochure template?

You can use a medical brochure to spread the word about a new facility, your services, and new opportunities for treatments, but also to keep your staff and patients informed about the latest developments. A good medical brochure template means that you don’t need any design skills to customize such pamphlets – each design is professionally made and can be used in programs like Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word.

Once you find a brochure template you like, you can start to customize it with your own text, images, information, and branding style. Many sites like Canva offer their own templates targeted at medical companies – so you can develop your own promotional marketing leaflets at your leisure.


11 Best Medical Brochure Templates and Examples


Interactive Medical Brochure

Publuu allows you to create and publish your medical brochures that resemble realistic publications to showcase your business and medical capabilities! After upload, your PDF files will be transformed into a stunning HTML5 brochure. With a slick design, smooth page-turning effect, simple navigation, and other interactive elements, your medical brochure designs will definitely attract attention.

Publuu’s medical brochure example

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Sharing your medical brochure online will allow you to reach a wider audience. It doesn’t matter what browser or device your potential customers use to view your digital brochures; Publuu allows you to reach any potential clients who use the Internet. Unlike many PDF publishers, Publuu allows Google to scan your document – so it’s easy to find your brochure in Google Search.

You can create these brochures using the free brochure templates, export them as PDFs and convert them to an interactive brochure on Publuu. Only in Publuu can you add videos, links, galleries, and audio to your online brochure. Use the content you have created to professionally integrate your marketing efforts!

You can also use the digital brochure as a lead generation tool, thanks to the built-in form that will allow you to collect the email addresses of readers. Thanks to the analytics you will learn how users respond to your online brochures by accessing the number of views, visits, clicks, and more.


Medical Brochure Template Free

free download medical brochure

medical brochure free download

This elegant free medical brochure relies on teal, unobtrusive colors. Tri-fold brochure template lets you add your own content and photographs. There’s plenty of space to describe your own brand and health-related corporate projects.


Simple Medical Brochure

medical brochure in english

medical health care brochure

This simple brochure template comes with clear divisions and the ease of placing your own logos and images. On the front fold of your brochure, you can place a crucial image that summarizes your medical business well!


Heart Design Brochure Template

medical brochure canva

medical brochure canva free

This brochure template uses a clear heart design which makes it perfect for cardiologists, but othemedicalne professionals will also make use of this design. This tri-fold brochure template captures attention thanks to its contrasting colors.


Modern Medical Brochure

modern medical brochure template

modern medical brochure example

What we like about this medical brochure is that it makes extensive use of large photos. This tri-fold brochure template is easy to customize using your own business photos and those of your team of medical professionals.


Trifold Medical Brochure

trifold medical brochure

This trifold medical brochure comes in beautiful, contrasting colors – blue and gold – that create a friendly, medical atmosphere. The font size makes it very legible and easy to use.


Scientific Medical Bifold Brochure

scientific medical brochure

This template comes in booklet form and is more flexible than many tri-fold brochure templates. Beautiful textures and triangular design make it one of the most attractive examples on our list.


Microsoft Word Medical Brochure Template

word medical brochure template

word medical brochure example
This simple brochure template lets you create a great medical pamphlet using only MS Office software – this one works in PowerPoint. Customize your own colors, or just use the default red theme.


Medical Brochures Collection

collection of medical brochure templates

This collection of templates lets you create booklets in software like Libre Writer, Illustrator, Publisher, and many others on your computer. You can craft both a tri-fold brochure or ones in booklet form. Browse the collection on this site to find more inspiration.


Hospital Medical Brochure

hospital brochure free template

hospital brochure

This soothing green brochure template is directed toward a hospital or medical company where surgeries are being done, but the user can customize it using their design software. You can replace the photo as you edit the free template in software like InDesign.


Blue Medical Brochure Template

blue medical brochure template

health care brochure example

This blue brochure template is clear and easy to digest, thanks to the photo galleries effect and use of sans serif fonts. It can serve as an introduction to a hospital or establish goals of larger health organizations.


How to diversify medical brochure content?

What if you want to create your own medical brochures but don’t know how? To grab the attention of potential brochure readers, you can use photos of your employees and facilities. You should also use stock photos to convey your message.

A good template is flexible and should allow you to use photos, vector graphics, and good visuals in your medical brochure design. Publuu allows you to take your pamphlets online and publish them as awesome flipbooks.


A summary

Where would we be without medical brochures? Probably at home, sick. Everyone knows that successful medical advertising benefits patients, doctors, and prevention alike. With beautiful pamphlets giving patients a peek into your practice, you can show off what you have to offer, your skills, and your modern equipment. That’s why you need medical brochure templates to promote your hospital or private medical practice.


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