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Presentations – A-Z Guide

When we imagine an effective businessperson, he or she is often giving a multimedia presentation while the investors and employees listen to her words and watch her plans on the big screen. Everyone wants to know how to work on their presentation design!

Business is all about contracts and negotiation between people, so it pays to master presentation skills to know how to showcase your ideas and make them stand out from the crowd. Our Knowledge Base contains many tips and tricks that will help you make effective presentations, prepare your presentation slides, and publish them online. In our articles, we’ll cover all aspects of presentations, from the basics of creating a message to more advanced techniques for engaging your audience and using technology.

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How Do I Do an Online Presentation?

By following our tips, you can create presentations that are informative, intriguing, and memorable to your listeners. Our articles thoroughly discuss ways to create an engaging presentation, and these are just a few of them:

Start by getting to know your audience: This is the most important step in a successful presentation. Take the time to understand their needs and interests. What do they already know about your topic? What do they want to learn? Consider what your target audience is – this will shape your vocabulary, sense, and the way to deliver the presentation.

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Even if you are speaking to a group of specialists, don’t overload your audience with information and specialist jargon. Get to the point quickly and clearly. Remember, inexperienced audiences may not understand your language, and experienced ones will be bored by what they already know – be as simple as possible.

Visual aids and presentation slides can help illustrate your point and make your presentation more engaging. However, don’t overdo it. Too many visuals can be distracting. Remember not to show exactly what you are talking about – your speech and slides must complement each other. Try to add your own images to make your own presentation, not rely on generic illustrations.

Top Tips To Prepare Virtual Presentation

With our tips, you will be able to prepare future presentations that are sure to draw your audience’s attention. Let’s take a look at a few ways to create an engaging presentation:

Start by preparing a plan for your presentation. What are the key points you want to make? What are the key points in your presentation? Rehearse your presentation beforehand so you can deliver it efficiently and confidently.

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Make sure your microphone and speakers are working properly and your video is clear and stable. Test your Internet connection and make sure you have a backup plan in case of technical problems. Check that all potential listeners are using the same platform, such as Zoom, Skype, or Google Talk. There should be nothing distracting in the background and the lighting should be bright enough for your audience to see you clearly. Use a headset or in-ear headphones with a microphone. This will help improve the sound quality of your presentation and make it easier for the audience to hear you.

It’s also worth remembering that even if the audience can’t see you from the waist down, it’s still important to dress professionally. This will help set the tone of your presentation and make you feel more confident.

There are many more top tips to prepare virtual presentation – you’ll find many more useful guidelines in our Knowledge Base. Read our blog and guides to learn more about how to deliver stunning presentations online and offline!

The Best Online Presentation Tools

If you create effective online presentations, you also need the right presentation software. There are many presentation apps available out there, but some of the best presentation software on the market are Publuu, PowToon, Canva, Prezi, and Google Slides. MS PowerPoint alternatives are available for everyone, often for low or no cost at all!

Publuu is a powerful tool that allows you to create and share engaging presentations thanks to fantastic visuals and an intuitive user interface. Our presentation software also provides insight into the engagement and popularity of your presentations. With our analytics, you can easily see who opened your file and even what page they reached.

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Canva is a versatile free online presentation maker that makes it easy to create polished presentations without the need for advanced design skills. The basic plan is a simple tool that runs in your browser – but sadly it lacks the capability to create interactive presentations.

Prezi is an interactive presentation tool that allows you to create zoomable and navigable presentations, viewable both on large screens and on a mobile device.

Google Slides is a cloud-based tool that is easy to use and compatible with all devices. It is worth remembering that many people have Android phones so they often already have the Google Slides application installed – but there are many similar online presentation maker tools available on the iOS mobile device family as well.

You can find a detailed description and comparison of these tools and many more in our Knowledge Base. We offer you the ranking of the best online presentation tools – and our free online presentation maker can help you display PDF documents made in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Creative Presentation Ideas

To increase the engagement of your presentations and make them eye-catching, there are many tips about creating interesting custom presentations. Here are some of them:

Use Publuu’s flipbook creator to transform your presentations into engaging and interactive experiences. With these, you’ll be able to combine your presentations with text and background music, enhance them with innovative themes such as comic book style or magazine layouts, and display them on a variety of platforms, from big screens to phones. Use Publuu’s hotspot feature to create an interactive table of contents to streamline navigation in your flipbook.

Connect with your audience on a personal level by weaving engaging narratives into your presentations. People love creative presentations that tell stories about people they can identify with. Add humor and credibility by seamlessly incorporating memes and pop culture references into your presentation. Use existing connections with your audience to stimulate teamwork and increase interaction during your presentation. Engage your audience by involving them in dynamic brainstorming sessions that promote collaboration and creativity.

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Pick a simple, versatile presentation template. Replace text-heavy slides with attractive illustrations, charts, photos, and graphics to visually express information. Experiment with a wide range of colors and fonts to artistically convey your message and capture attention. By adjusting any template to your needs, you can create a custom presentation that reflects your attitude.

We describe much more creative presentation ideas in our guidebook. If you want to create presentations that draw the attention of your audience, visit our website and learn how to design stunning presentations that break the mold!

Best Presentation Templates

Presentation design is easy if you have a ready-made template. You can use them to create a great presentation and convert it to Publuu format. Here are some free resources where you can find great presentation templates for your own presentation:

  • Canva: This is a versatile platform with a wide selection of templates. You can customize color schemes and design elements to match your brand. It includes both paid and free presentation templates.

  • Freepik: simple but effective templates for presentations – often saved for professional graphic designers, however, so it can be problematic for beginners.

presentation template

  • TheGoodDocs: a website with a wide range of templates, including captivating presentations.

  • Microsoft 365: a treasure trove of high-quality presentation templates designed for both MS Word and PowerPoint. You can use them with compatible presentation maker apps as well.

What Is a Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck or a slide deck is a presentation that entrepreneurs use to convince potential investors to finance their business. Pitch decks should be concise and visually appealing, and highlight the company’s products, services, goals, and plans. Investors are busy people, so they don’t have time to read a long presentation – so the presentation should take no longer than 15 minutes.

Pitch decks usually consist of:

  • Introduction: Introduce your company and the problem you are solving.

  • Opportunity: Highlight the market opportunity and the importance of your product.

  • Value proposition: Communicate what differentiates your product or service.

  • Business Plan: Describe your business model, market research, and competitive analysis.

  • Team: Present the capabilities of your core team.

  • Financial projections: Offer insight into your projected growth and financial expectations.

  • Funding: Identify your financial needs and how you will leverage your investment.

pitch deck presentation

To create a great slide deck, it’s a good idea to tailor your presentation to your target investors: take care with the language, and add visuals, graphics, and even animations. Avoid jargon and technical terms that your audience may not understand. Interactive elements will undoubtedly keep your audience engaged.

If you want to learn what is a pitch deck in more detail, read up our articles in our Knowledge Base – you’ll find tips on how to deliver a quick presentation and design an informative slideshow that will draw the attention.

What Is a Mood Board?

A mood board is a visual tool that helps you communicate your creative vision to others. It can be used to capture and communicate your ideas and concepts so that you can share your vision with others.

How to create a mood board? Start by defining your project’s theme, style, and color palette. Then you can gather images, text, and other visual elements that reflect your vision. Once you’ve collected the materials, you can organize them on a whiteboard or in a digital presentation.

There are many advantages to using mood boards. They can help clarify your ideas, communicate your vision to others, allow you to get feedback on your ideas, stay on track with your project, and inspire yourself and others. Creating a mood board keeps you focused on the project. If you’re looking for a way to communicate your creative vision, a mood board is a great option. They are versatile, accessible, and can be used to achieve a variety of goals.

mood board sample

There are two main types of mood boards: physical and digital. Physical mood boards are created by cutting out images from magazines or printing visuals and laying them out on a board. Digital mood boards are created using software such as Publuu – with our presentation tools, you can easily share and collaborate on them, and they can be enhanced with multimedia elements such as videos and interactive links.

If you still wonder what is a mood board and how to use it in your presentation apps, read our guide! Our Knowledge Base offers tips on how to create and fully customize such boards, and you can easily adjust them to the needs of your company.

What Is a White Paper?

White papers are informational documents created by organizations to inform readers about the features and benefits of a product or service. They can be used to generate interest in a product or service, educate potential customers, or position a company as an expert in its field.

To be effective, a white paper should be well-written, informative, and compelling. It should also be relevant to the target audience and provide valuable insights. As a rule, it’s a meticulous, specialized report curated for experts, and it should provide valuable information to help the reader make a decision. For example, you can create a white paper analyzing available solutions for project management, to help the managers pick the most efficient one.

white paper sample

White papers can be used in many ways, including as part of a content marketing strategy to attract and engage potential customers. They can be used to generate leads because they contain useful, expert information. White papers can also be used to position a company as an expert in its field by providing insights and analysis on a specific topic.

If you still wonder what is a white paper, you can learn more from our Knowledge Base article. We offer many opportunities to publish professional documents online!


Creating an engaging and effective presentation takes time and effort, but is well worth it if you want to create the best presentation possible. By following the tips in this guide and our Knowledge Base, you can create future presentations that capture your audience’s attention and make your message come across.

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