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A 2024 Guide to Engaging Educational Content

In recent years, there has been a noticeable rise in the creation of online educational content – and it’s not just schools and educational institutions. While many might still associate educational content with traditional, less engaging formats – the modern approach is much more interesting. Today’s educational development involves short guides, instructional videos, podcasts, and inspirational presentations made using a presentation creator.

elearning educational content online webinar

Why aren’t education companies the only ones creating this type of content? Your company can do more than just inform your target audience; it can also build a strong relationship with them. In addition, establishing your brand as a leading authority in your field can lead to improved sales and financial outcomes.

Our guide will show you how to write educational content that aligns with your brand’s goals, enhance its visibility online, and design it to draw crowds!

What is educational content?

Your company might already be producing educational content without realizing it.

Consider this: your company could be publishing content that educates or informs your audience about something new. Even if you don’t describe them as “educational,” they might already be serving that purpose!

Educational content creation is not just for schools, educational institutions, or courses for new employees. It includes all materials aimed at sharing knowledge. Whether it’s about a specific topic, skill development, or a niche area, as long as there’s something to learn from it, it qualifies as educational material.

Among others, educational content includes:

1. Webinars and online courses

These typically represent what we consider “educational” content. However, they’re just one way to educate others online and provide practical skills.

Mastering how to sell online courses can increase the reach and impact of educational content, turning knowledge into an accessible and profitable business.

2. Blog articles

A blog serves as a platform to share knowledge and expert opinion in an accessible format. Most companies want their blog to feature interesting content, which often has an educational component.

3. Infographics

Infographics offer a visual presentation of information, making complex topics easier to understand. Like memes, they are frequently shared and can be very interesting, especially for those outside your industry.

4. Educational videos

They can highlight interesting topics or serve as how-to guides. With Publuu, you can embed video content into workbooks, to integrate PDF ebooks with interactive elements to enhance engagement.

elearing education content online video

For example, if a cosmetic company uses its blog to offer skincare tips and its YouTube channel to demonstrate how to apply its cream, it is already creating educational content. It’s a great way to build trust, impart knowledge, and reinforce your position as an expert in your field.

Why educational content is crucial for your brand?

Educational content is not just a valuable addition to business development but is increasingly becoming an essential part of a marketing strategy.

Investing in educational content builds trust and credibility: If you provide valuable knowledge, your company can position itself as an industry expert. This perception encourages users to view your company as a reliable source of information and advice, leading to increased traffic and customer loyalty. In this way, you build a strong reputation and network and also demonstrate your mastery of the field.

Moreover, educational content increases your brand’s perceived value. Users are more likely to engage with a brand that offers them valuable content. For example, you must choose between two cosmetics companies: both offer quality products, but one also guides you on choosing cosmetics based on skin tone. The latter is likely to receive more online shares and discussions thanks to its valuable content, thereby enhancing customer retention and the likelihood of recommendations.

In today’s world when people are overwhelmed with all sorts of content, educational content becomes even more important. Customers tend to choose the brands that align with their priorities. Understanding what matters to your prospects and creating educational content that mirrors these interests is crucial.

8 strategic tips for creating impactful educational content

If you’re looking for tips to boost the development of your educational content, we have some great advice. Our course on creating digital workbooks and using Publuu in design can also help you – as can the other tips found in our Knowledge Base.

Identify audience needs

Educational materials should respond to the specific needs of your audience. Understanding the problems they face while learning allows you to address your materials accordingly. For example, if your software uses unusual keyboard shortcuts, creating an infographic to illustrate these can be highly effective.

Age and other demographic factors also influence your audience’s needs. For example, people over 60 increasingly use digital tools but still don’t necessarily use podcasts or TikTok. Also, consider digital platforms where your audience spends their time. Retirees often use social media which doesn’t pose much of a burden, while those aged 40-60 may prefer longer blog posts.

Educational content elearning online

Retirees often frequent social media platforms that are easily navigable, whereas the 40-60 age group may show a preference for more in-depth content, such as longer blog posts.

Optimize content formatting

Many people just browse through the text with a glance before reading it in detail, which is why it’s so important to format the content properly. Well-formatted content is easier to receive and understand.

Start by using headings, to organize the text and make it easier to read. Also use bullets and numbered lists, as this structure helps readers scan the text and locate key information more efficiently. Publuu’s innovative flipbook feature makes it easier to create online learning materials from PDF files.

Incorporating photos, infographics, and videos enhances the content’s appeal. Publuu allows you to embed videos in PDF files and add interactive galleries. With hotspots, you can integrate quizzes, surveys, and other interactive elements to engage your audience and encourage them to interact with your content.

Publuu quizz example

However, the text must be well-written above all. Numerous spelling and grammatical errors may discourage the audience from reading further.

Add interactivities

Any experienced teacher will tell you that the best learning outcomes often occur naturally, almost by accident. Having dealt with teaching ourselves, we understand the importance of including engaging elements in educational content to turn learning into a fun activity. You can learn more about eLearning authoring software and tools here. These tools can include quizzes, surveys, educational games, or interactive videos, all of which can help in the educational process.

It’s also important to remember that interactive content can help visualize and understand complex concepts. For example, Publuu’s pop-up galleries integrated with infographics allow you to add detail to your presentation.

And let’s face it: interactive content is simply more attractive and engaging than static text. This is especially important for younger audiences who are used to the digital world and expect an interactive experience.

Incorporate valuable links

Today, we live in the Internet – the World Wide Web is based on hyperlinks. Currently, students often think in terms of linking ideas together constantly connecting ideas, and exploring information across the web. This thinking style can’t be ignored by modern educators!

If you link to visuals, films, infographics, or presentations outside your site, you may improve the overall quality of your educational material. Integrating external content with your messages allows students to explore materials on their own!

Video options in Publuu

Linking to social media or other relevant sites lets students discuss complex ideas and ask questions – and active participation is crucial in the modern school!

Building trust is key, so remember to link to reliable sources: respected websites, scientific articles, and well-documented research. This not only demonstrates the legitimacy and depth of your content, proving it’s grounded in solid information but also placing valuable links can improve the SEO of your content, making it easier to find.

And of course, the more links the better. They allow readers to dive deeper into the subject and research the topic on their own, which only increases interactivity. Links can supplement the text and engage learners!

Embrace Storytelling

Storytelling is a fantastic tool that can completely transform educational content, making it far more engaging than traditional textbooks. We all enjoy a good story, and many people often learn best through storytelling. We often remember facts better if we put them in context – for example, we learn how to use a device better if we imagine ourselves using it daily.

Storytelling offers more than just entertainment. It drives student engagement by allowing students to identify with the characters and the situations they experience, which strengthens their motivation to learn. Stories simplify complex concepts and abstract ideas in an accessible and understandable way: you just need to break them down into relatable anecdotes. They allow you to show cause-and-effect relationships and present different perspectives.

Storytelling creating content

Publuu lets you showcase educational materials as an interactive book, so everyone can discover your content at their own pace and reach their educational goals. Including video content and interactive quizzes lets them immerse in storytelling and identify with the course content.

Use real-world examples

Rely on relatable, easily understood knowledge that focuses on concrete facts. Even in abstract subjects, seek out examples that resonate with your audience: using specific examples helps both to put information in context and make it more general. For example, in a driving course, instead of using abstract top-down scenes, show photos from the driver’s perspective. This will help your learners understand the scene.

Real-life examples are more relatable and engaging, helping readers visualize themselves after completing the course, which can boost engagement and motivation. They also make your educational content much more credible. Learning about the actual application of your tools excites users about what they will eventually accomplish with them!

Use analytics

Creating educational content is just the first step; it’s crucial to constantly improve it and work on it. That’s why you should rely on analytical tools, like those offered by Publuu.

Online analytics provide valuable insights into your audience’s demographics (age, gender, education), interests, online behavior, and more. This knowledge allows you to tailor your content to match your audience’s language, knowledge level, and preferences. You need to understand the level at which your readers are, to ensure the knowledge provided doesn’t overwhelm them.

Publuu lets you measure engagement: you can see how many people complete courses, watch videos, or engage with quizzes. If learners stop browsing your flipbook after page 12, analyze what engaged them initially and what caused them to lose interest. This helps you refine your content for better flow and understanding.


Analytics can help your marketing efforts by revealing how people discover your content (e.g., Reddit, Facebook) and identifying which channels generate the most traffic. With these insights, you can focus on high-performance channels or boost the less popular ones.

Work with experts

Hiring a consultant ensures your educational materials are well-conceived and accurate. Your educational resources should be reliable and reflect current scientific knowledge, as trustworthy information is the cornerstone of effective education.

Great educators can explain complicated ideas in a clear, efficient, and easily understood manner. Even if you’re an expert in your industry (and I don’t doubt that!), consider seeking assistance from a professional educator to enhance your course content. Hiring experts helps you establish your credibility in the subject matter.

The benefits of leveraging educational content

Enhanced brand image

When you create well-prepared multimedia resources, you’re not just showcasing your products, you’re establishing yourself as a source of valuable knowledge. Potential customers will come to your website not just to browse, but to actively learn from your expertise.

Our partners report that after introducing educational content in Publuu flipbooks, they saw a surge in website traffic and, more importantly, people confidently approaching them with questions. The more people recognize you as an expert, the stronger your brand is, and it’s easier to connect with potential customers.

Increase brand awareness

Apart from establishing yourself as an expert, you also get your name out, building brand recognition in addition to brand awareness.

Brand awareness business marketing

For example, if your infographics go viral, people outside your industry will see your logo and link to your website. Over time, they’ll start to recognize your style and product offering. Publuu enables you to display infographics using our amazing interactive flipbooks.

Educational content is a great way to widen your audience and enhance market awareness. Your knowledge can be discovered in the most unexpected places, and it’s likely that many there have not yet heard about you.

Drive traffic and generate leads

What do you most often type into search engines? Chances are, it’s a question you need answered, not a specific product to buy. Search trends in 2023 confirm this – most queries are questions, not brands! If you create educational content, you’re the answer, not just another ad.

Most customers are actively seeking knowledge, which is why they can become interested in your product and service. If you have enough educational content, they can become engaged and start trusting your brand. It’s a crucial element in a customer’s journey!

Publuu allows you to create educational materials that stand out and remain memorable, providing answers to the questions your potential customers are asking.

Lead Generation Form

Community building

The education industry thrives on connection, whether through physical or online learning. To learn, you have to exchange experiences and understand. Platforms like Duolingo, with their active forums, exemplify this by connecting learners worldwide.

This means that you have a chance to create a community sharing their experiences and recommendations, and can rely on word-of-mouth content marketing, which can also be great for your branding!

Examples of engaging educational content

Our partners at Arthur Loj Jak School of Business created this interactive flipbook. It helps them effectively promote their school and distribute educational materials to students. With the technologies provided by Publuu, you can enhance the learning experience for everyone!

Publuu educational content example


One of the most often visited places online is wikiHow. This user-generated database provides answers to various questions, whether asked by the youth or older net users. Thanks to the combination of user-driven engagement, community building, and active moderation, it can play a crucial role in the lives of millions!

Educational content example


Khan Academy is a non-profit website that shares a lot of its educational content completely for free for a wide audience. You can examine what they use for teaching and learning: exercises, interactive films, and programming tutorials, and base your educational content on their ideas.

Educational content real-world example


Educational content is a powerful tool that you can use not only for educating and informing your audience. It allows you to build trust, establish your expertise, and forge strong relationships with potential customers.

Thanks to Publuu-powered educational materials, you can improve your brand image and brand awareness, generate more leads, and build community. Use our ideas and inspiration to create content that resonates with your target audience and helps their overall learning experience!

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