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Complete Guide to Interactive Content

In 2024, it is difficult to imagine publishing any content without interactivity. Interactive content encourages user engagement with content on their own rather than passively consuming it. In the age of smartphones and a short attention span, interactive content marketing has become increasingly important. If you create flipbook galleries, creating interactive content that keeps your flipbook in the minds of your target audience – they are engrossed and will go on reading your online flipbooks.

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It is becoming increasingly apparent that creating interactive content has become popular among companies and organizations that want to provide a more engaging experience for their target audience while collecting valuable data and generating conversions.

Thanks to this guide, you’ll learn what interactive content is, how to create and publish it online and find tips for advertising it. Let’s discover the secrets of interactive content together!

What is interactive content?

Interactive content refers to all types of digital media that require active participation from the user. You can click on an area for a reaction, move elements around, or even play games. Unlike traditional forms of static content, which tend to be a one-way message from the author to the reader, interactive content allows users to interact with the material in a variety of ways, such as by answering questions, providing information, or navigating different paths.

Examples of interactive content include games, quizzes, animations, and infographics. You can create interactive content to increase users’ knowledge, develop their skills, or simply entertain them. Interactive content is more fun and engaging than traditional forms of static content and allows companies to gather information on audience preferences and behavior, providing valuable insights into their preferences and goals.

If you’re more interested in interactive content marketing, read more in our Knowledge Base. We explain what is content marketing, provide interactive content examples, and help you build your content plans.

Types of interactive content

Interactive PDF/HTML5 publications

Do you know what a PDF is? They’re electronic versions of printed materials, such as brochures or catalogs, that allow users to navigate through pages, enlarge images, and click links. However, a static PDF doesn’t have to be interactive. But anyone can create interactive content-enabled PDF with interactive ebooks from Publuu.

Publuu allows you to publish interactive PDFs, create links to internal pages and external content, add animated gifs and videos, infographics, and interactive galleries – and much more! Interactive PDFs in HTML format are accessible on any device, easily integrate with other types of interactive content, and help you discover the promoted products and services. You can find more useful interactive content marketing tools on our website.

Interactive PDF html5 publication

Interactive infographics

Infographics are visual representations of information or data. They can be used to present complex information in a simple and accessible way. Interactive infographics take this concept to the next level by allowing users to interact with the graphic for additional information or details. Thanks to HTML-5 and other interactive technologies, users can click on different elements of the graphic to get more information on specific trends or events. They can also even customize the display of the graphic to show only the information that interests them.

Interactive infographics have many advantages over static content. This interactive format is more engaging than static infographics because they require the user to participate actively. They can also be more informative because they allow users to obtain additional information or details. Since they’re very easily shared they’re often an important part of social media marketing – adding interactive content like that can draw more attention to your social media profile.

Interactive videos

Each video is interactive to some degree. We can pause it, and adjust the volume or the playback speed. However interactive video content might allow viewers to control the narrative by selecting different options at key decision points.

For example, an interactive video may present the viewer with two choices:

“Go down into the cave” or “Stay on the surface.”

The viewer chooses one of them, and the video continues according to his or her choice.

Interactive videos are increasingly popular because they allow viewers to engage with content more engagingly. They can be used for education, entertainment, or marketing. and you can use flipbooks from Publuu to create content using this video format. Using a flipbook format can make navigation and planning easier.

Surveys, polls, quizzes

With interactive content, users can actively participate in the entire process of marketing. For example, they can submit feedback, answer questions, or complete tasks. Surveys or polls are a popular way to collect user feedback. You can create content that’s easily available to your recipients and can be used to measure customer satisfaction, identify audience needs, or get ideas for new products or services.

Interactive quizzes are also a great way to engage users and enjoyably impart knowledge. They can be used to test users’ knowledge, teach new concepts, or simply provide entertainment. Interactive content can be used to gather valuable feedback from users. This information can be used to improve products, services, or other aspects of the business.

Interactive maps, virtual tours

Interactive maps and virtual tours are popular tools that are a crucial part of content marketing strategy in various industries, such as real estate and tourism. They allow users to virtually explore different locations, giving them a sense of place. Interactive maps can include features such as 360-degree views, active points, and pop-up information boxes. With these interactive tools, users can take a close look at a location and get additional information.

Publuu makes it easy to add interactive elements to property brochures. You can add interactive videos, links to virtual tours, or other interactive content, to make your digital properties shine through!


Interactive email content

Today you can include a lot of interactive content in your emails, making users look forward to your newsletters which can work wonders for your lead generation. Instead of spammy content, users can discover interactive calculators, videos, quizzes, and games waiting for them in their inbox. You can showcase your email newsletter with flipbooks from Publuu, transforming your content into a realistic, beautiful book with interactive galleries.

Benefits of interactive content

Enhanced user engagement

Interactive content requires users to actively participate, which means it tends to capture their attention longer and engage them for a longer period. The more time a user spends on your site, the better for you.

Valuable data collection

Interactive content allows you to collect data about user behavior and preferences, which can help with future marketing strategies and developing a marketing plan. This gives you valuable information that can help you better understand your audience and tailor your content to their needs.

Higher conversion rates

Because marketing elements involving interactive content perform much better than static content, it can lead to higher conversion rates compared to passive forms of content. This means that users are more likely to take an action, such as buying a product or signing up for a newsletter.

Lead generation

Interactive content can be used as a tool to generate leads by asking users to provide contact information in exchange for access to premium content or other incentives. This is an effective way to connect with potential customers and convince them to contact you. You can easily generate leads thanks to sharing an interactive ebook from Publuu on social media platforms.

If you are still interested and want to learn more about what is lead generation, you can learn more from articles in our Knowledge Base. This blog post explains everything you need to know about drawing leads and including lead generation in your content strategy.


Best tips for interactive content creation

  • Define your goal and audience. What do you want to achieve with your interactive content? Who is your audience? Consider what types of interactive content appeal to them. For example, people interested in buying a house may appreciate visual content such as photos and videos, but won’t be interested in interactive quizzes.

  • Choose the right format. Different interactive content formats are appropriate for different purposes and audiences. Consider factors such as the complexity of the topic, the amount of time users are willing to spend interacting with the content, and the devices they will be using. For example, infographics can be a great way to present complex information in an accessible way, but they are not suitable for mobile devices. Not every kind of interactive content suits all user groups.

  • Include interactive elements that will engage users. For example, you can encourage users to interact with the content by answering questions, selecting options, or solving puzzles. Publuu is a great interactive tool that can combine various types of interactive content.

  • Ensure high quality. Regardless of the format, the content must be well-designed, visually appealing easy to use, and error-free. Poorly crafted interactive content can be frustrating to the users.

  • Optimize and analyze content. Once the content is published, don’t forget to monitor it and make changes as needed. Use analytics tools to track metrics such as engagement, completion, and rejection rates. This information will help you understand how users are using your content and how to improve it.


Interactive content is more effective than traditional content because it engages users, provides valuable information, increases conversions, generates leads, and increases brand awareness.

We hope you’ve learned how to define clear goals and target audiences, combine different elements into one cohesive format, and ensure the quality of your content. By following our tips, you can use interactive content to increase sales and stand out from the competition!

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