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The Most Efficient Real Estate Marketing Ideas That Work in 2022

Only one thing is certain in real estate marketing: everything is constantly changing. The real estate marketing ideas you used last year to promote your properties may not work this year. If you’ve been paying attention, you know that the entire real estate industry has changed a lot in the past few months.

But real estate marketing ideas should always focus on people, not houses. As the industry continues to become more competitive, real estate marketing strategies need to be rethought to stand out.

It is estimated that over 90% of buyers use the Internet to start the process of becoming a homeowner. This shows how important digital marketing efforts are for any real estate company. Real estate is a highly competitive business, so it’s important to maintain visibility so that everyone knows about your listings.

To help you improve your real estate marketing strategy, we’ve compiled a list of ideas to help you get more leads, close sales, attract more attention, and differentiate your brand. You can reach a huge number of people who are looking for a new home online if you use one of these digital marketing ideas and create a real estate flyer that can be shared anywhere on the web.

Digital brochures – a great marketing tool for real estate agents

Nowadays we can’t only rely on traditional brochures. Fortunately, Publuu offers the ability to convert PDF files into beautiful online brochures. They have a huge advantage because you can send a direct link to your brochure instead of a PDF file.

In addition, online brochures are mobile-ready, so your customers can open them on any computer, tablet, or phone and read them at any time.

Publuu’s real estate brochure example

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Thanks to Google’s indexing capabilities, customers from all over the world can discover your content. This will give you a better chance of finding new customers and getting people interested in what you have to say. Beautiful color brochures are a great way to find new leads.

With Publuu’s format, you can place your brochures directly on your website or social media profile, making it easy for people to view them.

What’s more, with Publuu digital brochures, you can take advantage of built-in analytics. You can easily see how potential customers use the document, what is it that interested them, how many pages they browse, how long they view each page, and how many links they click on. With link tracking, you’ll know who is opening your brochures and at what times.

Now, let’s take a deep dive and find out how to get real estate clients, how to create a good image and more.

Real estate marketing strategies examples


Use chatbots

Imagine if someone liked your site, but you left the office at 6 pm, so the potential clients can’t call and inquire about interesting properties. Working with a realtor can be a decision made on the spur of the moment. When you’re not in the office, a chatbot can help.

chatbot graphics

You can add such an app to your website (or Facebook page, as an auto-responder), so people can always chat with you live. Instead of leaving your site, they open a live chat and talk about their needs. The chatbot provides basic information, and you can continue the conversation at 8 AM once you’re back into office.

Live chat is a great real estate marketing idea. Not only it improves lead generation, but psychologically makes your prospective clients want to keep in touch. Companies that introduced an interactive chatbot in 2015 have reported a significant increase in sales.


Send a newsletter

Sending a newsletter is a great way to keep your real estate company in the minds of current, former, and potential clients. This real estate marketing strategy keeps your clients in touch – especially ones who are looking to move to your area. E-mail marketing campaigns tend to boost interest in your properties.

sending newsletter

The newsletter doesn’t have to talk exclusively about available properties, either. To keep readers interested, you can list summer activities in your area, describe ways to participate in the community, and distribute informative seasonal articles. As an example, Redfin Real Estate’s newsletter writes about education in the area in addition to real estate marketing texts and has a very well-designed template.


Embrace the new social media platforms

Of course, you try to have a social media presence if you’re dealing with online marketing. More than 30% of real estate agents said they close at least one deal a year because of what they do on their social media site of choice. For most agents that social media is more important than having a website. But real estate marketing is not just about classic media.


Madison Sutton or “Agent NYC” on TikTok had gained 10,000 followers in just three months. Within 18 months, she had more than 100,000 fans. Asked how video helps her as a real estate agent, she said: “Now almost all my sales come from TikTok.”

To get the most out of your social media strategy, you need to use a wide variety of sites, like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Don’t be afraid to expand your marketing efforts beyond your basic target audience!


9 Unique real estate marketing ideas in 2022

Apart from the Covid pandemic, there are many different trends in the real estate market. If you’re thinking of re-evaluating your real estate marketing plan, here are some ideas that might seem unusual, but they really work!


1. Understand that society is changing

Pandemics, armed conflicts, climate change, and economic crises all cause change in the real estate market. For example, these days in the USA, more people than ever are buying homes with friends. Families in the country are getting together to buy large homesteads. Young professionals in the city are pooling their money to buy a home. People from cultures where large families are the norm are also buying houses.

This gives us some new estate marketing ideas. In 2022, there will be more homes with more than one family living in them and more cooperatives. Real estate professionals need to rethink their strategies and cultural assumptions to find prospective clients.


2. Market beyond your area

The world is becoming more globalized – you never know who might want to move to your city from across the world. Real estate marketing isn’t just for your neighborhood anymore; it’s for the whole world. Someone might want to look for a vacation home or a place to rent out. Prospective buyers might be interested in your property because of where it is, how the weather is, or how much it costs.


If your house is only available in the local area, you are missing out on all the possible buyers in the world. There’s more than what you can see around. Say you were trying to sell a book. Would it do better if you advertised it in your city or in every city? The same is true for real estate marketing.


3. Connect with job-seekers and recruiters

People buy or rent a new house when they move. And usually, they move if they found a new job. As part of your real estate marketing strategy, you should build relationships with corporate recruiters and recruiting companies and get leads from them. Your prospective clients might just have signed a new job contract!

Connect with recruiters and dole office workers so that they provide you leads on people who are moving to your area, and then send them your real estate agent flyer. People who don’t know the area well may find it helpful if your flyer has links to interesting places nearby to guide new arrivals.

4. Invest in your people

Take a long, hard look at your team. Your team includes not only the real estate professionals who work with you, but also your preferred title companies, lenders, real estate photographers, home inspectors, and any other professionals you rely on to help with your real estate transactions and closings.

real estate team

If someone on your team isn’t giving your clients (and you) the level of service you want, let them go. Find someone else to sell real estate. Before this happens, talk to the person at least once about their problems. Each case is different – but to be honest: if they’re not good salespeople, maybe they shouldn’t be real estate agents.

It’s hard to put this as one of main real estate marketing ideas, but team building can influence how your real estate agency works and motivated workers will generate leads more efficiently.


5. Consider live streaming

People are still reluctant to go out and meet people in person, so live streams can be the valuable time to meet people. During a live stream, you can talk to people who are watching you right away. A person who wants to buy a house may have questions about entering the market. A person who wants to sell their home may want to know if now is the right time to do so.


With streaming, you become an expert, build your brand and connect with other people. If you can be charismatic and likable, potential clients will tune in just to hear you talk about your work!

Nowadays there are many places where you can live stream. People often use Facebook, but there are also Twitch and Reddit.


6. Find a property in a good location

Real estate marketing ideas work not only online. A house with a “for sale” ad in a busy neighborhood is like a free billboard. A potential client may see it – and become interested in your agency. People who notice one of your “for sale” signs on these busy streets may call to inquire about the property. These are potential leads, too.


7. Get involved with an NGO, club, or organization

Building a network of trust is always a good idea. Join a local organization that will keep you in touch with new people – it could be a club for wealthy people or even a non-governmental organization. If you can, follow up and meet with each person to learn more about them and find out how you can help them.


It’s not just about getting leads. Just think about how you can help someone. People will remember your good deeds and do the same for others. Get involved: volunteer often, and get to know both the people who support the cause and the people who benefit from it. You cant work in real estate marketing without networking!


8. Publish something in prestigious magazines or the local press

Today, real estate buyers do their research and want to know if they can trust real estate agents around them. That’s why you need to start building your brand of credibility. Newspapers turn to you because you are an expert. And you are an expert because you are constantly in the media. Real estate marketing is not just about advertising – you need to position yourself as an authority!

Do the hard work – search for information about how the real estate market is changing in your area now and today, and share it with local magazines or newspapers. Then you can share these articles on social media or draw attention to them by sending regular emails to everyone in your database. Take some time each month to write an opinion piece for a local magazine or major publication.

Some agents have even been able to attract clients by writing a monthly column for a local newspaper. As long as the customer can remember your name, they will remember you when browsing the local listings.


9. Organize local events

Don’t just participate in local events, create them yourself! Organizing local events is a great way to get to know your partners and your target audience: people in your community. You can organize a big local event that people look forward to every year.

local event

It could be a holiday party or a summer picnic. You can invite people for free or sell tickets which can boost your budget anyway. For example, you may want to hold a free picnic followed by a paid concert. Other events could be seminars that teach people who want to buy or sell a house how to do it.


8 Real estate marketing ideas during Covid

During the recent pandemic, the industry changed a lot. People couldn’t leave the house and meet face to face, and many businesses shut down. The pandemic isn’t technically over yet – so here are some more real estate marketing ideas in case lockdowns come back!


1. Become a digital mayor

If you’re trying to grow your real estate business online in 2022, becoming a ‘digital mayor’ on social media can be very successful. To do this, you need to meet local businesses and build relationships, interview people in your community, and post content on social media. Sounds easy? In reality, it is. The only problem is that it can take years of hard work, and competition is fierce.

To be a digital mayor, you need to build relationships with small local businesses and local influencers to generate referrals. Your real estate website needs to become a hub of local information – the main news portal for the entire area. This is an interesting idea that not only drives new prospective buyers to your business but also serves the entire community.


2. Show houses online

44% of recent home buyers took the first step in the process by viewing home showings online. In a pandemic, they could not visit them in person. That’s why a good real estate marketing idea is to create videos with virtual tours of the house, which will make viewers feel like they’re actually walking through the property.

real estate online property

There are even apps that scan the inside of a house and allow visitors to explore them like in a computer game.


3. Use drones

Most people who want to buy a house want to see the whole neighborhood from the outside and try to imagine how would they live there before they visit the place.

Many things in a community affect how one lives there, such as infrastructure, access to schools, shopping, public transportation, medical care, and more. Due to the pandemic, touring a community in person has become difficult – you can’t take your prospective clients around in your car!

a view from a drone

For this reason, many real estate agencies have purchased aerial drones that take photos and videos of the community in real-time. The drone footage on social media not only shows the best parts of a neighborhood or city but can easily go viral and looks stunning on your social media accounts.


4. Assist your community

Local communities may have lost a lot as a result of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps restaurants or gyms in your area went bankrupt. In these difficult times, real estate professionals, who are mostly financially stable, can really help those less fortunate. You can use properties as shelters briefly or rent them.

There’s nothing wrong with advertising that your business serves the community – brag about it, spread the good word. Often real estate agencies are places where businessmen and NGO or government employees meet – it’s worth spreading knowledge and good practices here.


5. Replace flyers with online brochures

Flyers used to be a fantastic real estate marketing idea: not only gives you something to hold in your hands but also gives you a sense of being unique and standing out from the crowd. People interested in real estate like to look through brochures – but during a pandemic, more and more people have switched to online messages.

QR codes, which stand for “Quick Response,” can be printed on your real estate marketing materials. When people scan these codes, they can go to your real estate website, or social media profiles.

Because it’s easy to create QR codes online, they’re already often used in out-of-home advertising, such as on signs outside a property, where interested buyers can scan them to get real estate agent information, photo galleries, or virtual tours.

6. Give large discounts

It’s also worth using tried-and-true real estate marketing ideas to get buyers’ attention, such as giving big discounts. Many real estate agents made it easier for buyers to book homes during the pandemic by giving them cash discounts or refundable coupons, among other things.

large discounts

Their marketing offerings are typically aimed at first-time home buyers. After all, during the pandemic the young found it difficult to live in rented places. Many were looking for apartments after the lockdown. Large discounts attracted attention and continued to drive the local business, revitalizing the area!


7. Start a podcast about real estate

Another important way to market during covid is to start a real estate podcast where you can share news, tips, and insights. This way you will keep in touch with your customers. A real estate professional typically knows their area and can talk about it for hours, so why not use it to connect with the local community?

start a podcast

Hosting a podcast is not difficult and requires no technical knowledge or preparation. All you need are headphones with a microphone and an application like Audacity. Prospective clients can’t visit your office, but nada they can get to know you better – and you’re motivated to develop the knowledge and skills to publish a new episode. Most podcasts come out once a week, but some are published twice or even three times a week.


8. Embrace the remote work model

With the rise of flexible work models, companies have had to invest more in cloud technology and data security to make it easier for employees to collaborate across locations. Remote work has saved time and money for the real estate agencies and freed agents from pressure, allowing them to develop freely. Only those companies that embraced remote work will maintain their competitive edge.


6 Real estate marketing ideas for social media platforms

These real estate marketing ideas rely heavily on social media posts. To obtain new clients, a real estate marketer must turn to Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok!


1. Work on your copy text

The words you use to promote your listings are important. Simple, direct language usually works best, but adding words that paint a picture can help your potential customers become convinced of the property.

create good text

For example, you can label a room as ‘large’ or as ‘extremely spacious’ – the latter is more descriptive and more memorable. If you’re writing copy yourself, read more, and buy a thesaurus. This works in social media posts and in email marketing campaigns!


2. Think up a good slogan

Catchphrases and slogans advertising your real estate company are an important part of your marketing. A good catchphrase is undoubtedly memorable to people. Come up with a catchphrase, and use it in all the marketing materials you use to market your real estate business and in my email signature.

A slogan helps people remember you and makes you stand out from the crowd. Most agents don’t use them, which is another good reason to include a good tagline in your estate marketing ideas. The slogan is an important part of your business and helps you build your brand.


3. Cooperate with social media influencers

A person who buys and sells real estate doesn’t have to be famous and recognizable… However, many influencers have spent a lot of time building a brand, and you can get them to advertise your properties!

influencer creating content

Who is a real influencer? They certainly have a lot of followers on social media. But being popular is not enough for someone to be a good influencer. The best social media influencers are those who know their network of followers well, know what they care about, and know how to encourage them. Models, for example, can advertise your agency, in exchange for fees or favors – such as the opportunity to do a photoshoot in one of your homes.

You can work with them and join forces with them. Look for people who would be interested in working with you and whom you can also help. You can start by looking around in your own area.


4. Keep your social media post engaging

Remember that media posts must be interesting. Use polls, animated gifs, or stickers to engage people. Ask lots of questions, use memes, hold contests and quizzes, and make it easy for users to interact with your content. The more people interact with you, the more they will remember you. What’s more, if you become viral, social media algorithms will find it worthwhile to show your content to others. This way you will gain more organic reach. “Write good content” is a great marketing idea regardless of the industry.


5. Become an online city guide

Who knows their city better than a real estate agent? One great way to create engaging content in the city is virtual tours. Simply walk or drive through your neighborhood with a camera mounted on your person, bike, or car.

Stop in front of interesting landmarks, as if you were telling a friend about them. You can add the commentary in post-production, when you’re editing the video. This will help drive interest in your area, and you will establish yourself as a person who knows their city in and out!


6. Consider paid ads

In most cases, people recommend relying on natural traffic to your website. But the real estate business is specific – people are buying houses once or twice per lifetime. The odds of getting a repeat customer are very slim. That’s why it’s a good idea to rely on paid advertising on social media and in search engine optimization.

paid ads

People start browsing the Internet from Google, so add Google ads to your marketing campaign. Appear on Facebook Messenger ads, and Instagram ads – as long as your target audience wants to purchase a house, you should generate leads using your online presence.


In conclusion

When things don’t go your way, it’s hard to come up with new ideas for marketing real estate. It happens – many people prefer to sell houses rather than advertise them. However, the main goal of agents should be to attract the attention of homeowners and potential buyers.

We hope that our list will help you get some ideas for promoting your business and you’ll include them in your real estate marketing plan. To gain popularity, you need to figure out what works best for you and what will work in your city.

Remember to start small and take a few ideas at a time. You don’t have to try everything on this list – try out marketing ideas that sound interesting to you.

Also, this is not a complete list, but we hope it inspires you. Don’t be afraid to expand your influence and add new great concepts to your strategy!


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