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How to Make Real Estate Agent Flyer

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Real estate flyers are a great way to capture the attention of potential clients and communicate important information about your services in the real estate business. They allow you to show off your expertise, highlight the unique strengths of your real estate agency, and make a lasting impact on those viewing your materials.

A well-designed real estate agent flyer can show that you know your city very well and that you are qualified, reliable, and committed to making your clients happy. It also gives a quick overview of your skills and experience, so potential buyers can see what sets you apart from other agents in the market and what properties you can offer them.

You may wonder if old ways of advertising, such as flyers, are still useful in the digital age, but they are still a very effective and viable way to sell, especially in the real estate industry.
Digital real estate flyers allow you to boost your site’s SEO, link directly to your site, and have capabilities that physical flyer distribution does not.

real estate agent showing customers an estate for sale

Real estate agent flyers can help you make a good first impression, whether you’re going to a specific area, advertising an open house, or exploring a new market. Using interesting images, short but useful text, and a little creativity, you can convey your value proposition and get people interested in your services.

In this article, we’ll describe how to create flyers, whether using simple desktop software, or a real estate flyer template offer found online. We’ll talk about design tips, content strategies, and ways to disseminate information that will help you make the most of this powerful marketing tool.

How do I make a real estate agent flyer?

You can easily create a real estate agent flyer using software such as Canva and publish it on Publuu using a digital brochure maker. If you have access to some real estate flyer templates, you can use them to start creating your brand-new leaflet. It’s a simple process that allows you to unleash your creativity and customize the design to fit your brand and style.

To begin, choose a template for your real estate agent flyer. Graphics programs like Canva offer a variety of pre-designed templates specifically tailored for real estate agents flyers. Browse through the available options and choose a template that matches your preferences and goals.

real estate agent flyer template

Your graphics program must allow you to modify the colors, fonts, and general design elements of the real estate flyer template to match your brand. Make sure the layout of the flyer is clear, organized, and easy to read. Once you’ve prepared the design based on the free templates, add content: describe upcoming open days, recommended offers, or testimonials from satisfied customers. Try to keep the content concise and impactful, focusing on key details.

Once you’re satisfied with the final design, save the flyer in a suitable format such as PDF to ensure compatibility with different platforms and devices. You can then print the flyers or upload them as digital brochures.

You can create a flyer using a flyer template and then personalize it using Publuu. It can contain interactive links, animated GIFs, and videos, to further draw the attention of the reader, just like the example below:

Publuu’s online real estate flyer example

View more online flyer examples


Viewing your flyer on the cellphone or TV screen might stop them in their tracks – and if they can call you with a single click, they will be eager to contact you!

You can share your Publuu flipbooks on social media and showcase your new property using your real estate flyers using sites like Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram! Many real estate agents draw their audience straight from social media.

What do you put on a real estate flyer?

If you’re new to the real estate industry, you should read our guide to launching a new company, then start designing real estate agents’ flyers. Relying on real estate flyer templates is a great idea, to begin with. They allow you to customize your brochure, allowing you to promote your agency in the community in any way you want. The content of your flyer is as important as your design skills.

To build trust and establish a personal connection with potential clients, include a photo of yourself on your flyer. Place it in a prominent location, such as at the top of the real estate flyer. Make sure the photo is professional and reflects your approachability and professionalism as a real estate agent.

real estate agent with toy house

Reinforce your brand identity by including your company logo and name on the flyer. This will help potential clients recognize your brand and associate it with your services. Add contact information, such as a phone number or email address, and place it prominently at the bottom of your real estate flyer. However, avoid overwhelming the flyer with multiple contact channels.

To stand out from other real estate agents and attract the attention of potential clients, include a catchy slogan or concise statement that highlights what makes your services stand out. Explain to potential clients why they should choose you. Experiment with different copy, text styles, and layouts until you find the perfect combination.

How do you grab attention on a flyer?

Apart from using high-quality images and good writing, there are a couple of ways of using a real estate flyer to instantly grab the attention of a potential buyer. If you’re looking for more ways to attract customers, check out our guide to attracting clients in the Real Estate business!

One idea is a good headline or title. Large, contrasting letters can showcase your design skills, but also they need to say something important. Consider using power words like “limited time offer” or “How to solve a problem”.

Contrasting graphics can also be crucial for a real estate flyer. An image of a great property can be a focal point and draw the reader in – use real photos of the properties you have access to, and illustrate them with something the reader can identify with. Don’t just use unfurnished interiors!

Another great way to attract attention is the opinion of real people. Testimonials, opinions, reviews, and ratings from buyers and sellers can make your real estate flyer look great, especially in the eyes of ordinary users.

five star review

One simple trick that works very well if you use software like MS Word to create your real estate flyer, is simply to use colored paper. If you design your flyer on your own and print it using the office printer, a different color can make your real estate flyers stand out from the crowd!


Flyers for real estate agents serve as a powerful tool to showcase your offerings, highlight your agency’s strengths, and leave a lasting impression on potential clients.

Using digital platforms such as Canva and Publuu flipbooks, it’s easy to create eye-catching templates tailored to your preferences and goals. Aligning colors, fonts and design elements with your brand identity is crucial, as is including a prominent photo to inspire trust and establish rapport.

Using high-quality photos, compelling text, contrasting graphics, and recommendations from real people will further increase the impact of your real estate flyer. With these elements, a real estate agent’s flyer will effectively attract potential customers and take the company to new heights.

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