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What Is a Sales Pitch and How to Craft One That Converts?

Marketing is just the beginning. Sales is the key to success! Even the best ideas and the most interesting content won’t profit without effective sales. That’s why it’s so important to be able to present your offer engagingly and compellingly. And yet, it is known that only 20% of the sales reps bring in 80% of closed sales. The answer is simple – you need a great sales pitch to improve your game!

In this article, we’ve prepared methods to turn your multimedia presentation into a flipbook so that you can get your customers interested, get your presentation off the ground, and increase your sales. In this article, you will learn what sales pitch is, how to use it in your business, and why Publuu is your best choice to use in a successful sales pitch.

Presenting sales pitch

Understanding the structure of a successful sales pitch

The sales pitch is a key part of the sales process. During the presentation of the offer, the salesperson has a chance to convince the potential customer to buy the product or service. So what makes an effective sales pitch?

1. It must solve the customer’s problems

Start by accurately identifying the customer’s needs and challenges. Show how your product or service can solve these problems by offering specific benefits and proving their value. Focus on what the customer can gain, not just the product’s features.

2. It should attract attention

The first impression is crucial here! Start your presentation with a strong punch to capture the customer’s interest and get them to continue listening. Use storytelling, engaging questions, multimedia, and other techniques to keep the audience’s attention. The customer must think not of the product features – but imagine himself using it!

flipbook sales pitch example

3. Differentiate yourself from the competition

Explain what sets your product or service apart from the competition. Tell the listeners what are your unique features and benefits that others don’t offer. Show why your product is the best solution for a particular customer. Mention the added value proposition and describe why it should be your products that fill this niche!

4. Be specific

The sales pitch presentation must be specific: don’t rely on generalities. Have a specific purchase proposal on hand, including price, payment terms, product availability, and other relevant information.

Make it easy for the customer to decide by presenting a clear and lucid offer from page one! Our partners know the value of having a good idea – and you can see sales pitch examples in catalogs and presentations on our site.

5. Rely on dialogue

A good sales pitch is not a monologue, but a dialogue. Be open to the customer’s questions and concerns. You also need to tailor your pitch to their individual needs and preferences and don’t be afraid to change it on the go.

Mastering the storytelling in sales

For centuries, humans have been using stories to educate, build relationships, and inspire. Every piece of information we convey constitutes a story. This makes storytelling an extremely powerful tool in sales pitch. Sales giants like Microsoft use storytelling to utilize the best sales pitch ideas and increase their returns five times!

Storytelling in a sales pitch must move hearts and minds so that the customer can make the connection between positive emotions and their product. By telling stories, your sales team can illustrate abstract concepts and product features in a clear and accessible way.

By presenting stories of real people who have managed to successfully implement your product, you build credibility and prove your real value. In the end, the prospective customer should imagine how their lives can change thanks to your product, inspiring a desire to own it.


Instead of simply telling them that the new software cuts work time by 25%, the perfect sales pitch could tell the story of a company that was able to cut its project time in half by using it. Simply show how this translated into faster company growth, increased profits, and increased employee satisfaction.

The key to understanding your audience

What is the key to a good sales pitch? Targeting a specific audience. During your sales pitch, listen carefully to your customer to capture his needs and expectations. Direct questions that will help you better understand the specifics of his business and the challenges he faces. And this is where Publuu can help you.

1. Define your target audience

Carefully define who you are targeting with your sales pitch, taking into account the specifics of your industry, your position, and the needs of your audience. Tailor your language, message, and examples to the realities and challenges of your group. Use ready-made flipbooks tailored to different industries and targets – Publuu can help you create various sales pitches for various groups and access them from anywhere.

2. Understand customer needs

Once you’ve made initial contact, it’s helpful to know what the customer’s focus is. If you have courses and training available address those needed by the client’s company right away. Flipbooks from Publuu can help you with this – enhance your presentation with hyperlinks to additional materials, videos, and photo galleries.

3. Interactivity

How do you guess what the customer’s needs are? Make them show and choose them themselves. For example, you can, instead of presenting your courses, engage the customer by using interactive elements from Publuu, such as quizzes to test knowledge or surveys to explore needs.

interactivities in sales pitch exmple

4. Appropriate background selection

Do you offer courses and training for different companies? Publuu lets you choose a gentle, elegant background for B2B industries or a more fanciful one for creative industries. Choose music that reinforces the message and creates the right atmosphere.

Crafting your sales pitch with Publuu

You can easily present your sales pitch to companies using an interactive presentation created with Publuu. For example, if you want to make a sales pitch for a set of courses, prepare interactive presentations for your education company.

The presentations should include videos of sample training courses, and infographics outlining the benefits of training. Another great way to keep the listeners involved is a quiz where they have to focus and think about the answers. Also, add hyperlinks that will help you direct the customers to landing pages.

Prepare well for the presentation. Remember to focus on telling the story and explaining key information in your own words, rather than simply reading the slides.

Publuu’s strength lies in its ability to create interactive presentations. encourage customer interaction and answer questions to better understand their needs. The tool integrates text and graphics to help you summarize and come up with a concrete proposal.

Finally, don’t forget to add a call to action. Publuu’s interactive presentations enable you to link a web page for customers to make purchases straight away!

1. Prepare your presentation and upload it to Publuu

Create a presentation in your favorite program, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, LibreOffice Impress, or Google Slides. Save the presentation in PDF format and register in Publuu. Select the “Upload PDF” button and choose your presentation and click “Open”.

Upload PDF presentation

2. Customize your presentation

Publuu will automatically convert your PDF file into an interactive flipbook. You can edit the content, and add images, videos, and animations. Enrich your presentation with hotspots that display additional information when clicked, such as images, videos, or web pages.

Customize your sales pitch

3. Share your sales pitch

When you have finished editing, click the “Share” button. You can send a link to the presentation to your clients, embed it in an email or website, or create a QR code!

share your sales pitch

Engaging and interactive sales pitches

For a Sales Pitch to be effective, it must not only be informative, but also interesting and engaging.

Invite the audience to play together

Start the presentation with a question that will get the audience thinking and engaged. Use games and activities to make the presentation more interesting and the information easier to remember. Interactive elements can help you do this.

Use Publuu’s interactive features

Instead of static slides, create an interactive presentation with videos, animations, and quizzes. Add hotspots that display additional information when clicked. Allow customers to discover information on their own and interact with the presentation.

Utilize other Publuu features

Tell a story that makes your audience curious and emotional. Surprise listeners with a sudden twist or an unusual solution. Use multimedia, such as music or sounds, to create a unique atmosphere.

Leveraging data and social proof in your pitch

In today’s world, consumers are bombarded with advertisements from all sides. This means that credibility is becoming a key factor influencing purchasing decisions. A survey conducted by Dimension Research found that as many as 90% of respondents said that reading positive online reviews influenced their purchasing decisions.

If you are creating a sales pitch, support your claims with concrete data, statistics, and research. Present solid information that the customer can verify.

Testimonials and case studies are the best testimonials. Present testimonials from satisfied customers who attest to the effectiveness of your product or service. Ask them to tell you how your project has benefited specific companies. Presentations from Publuu allow you to add photos, videos, and links to detailed analyses.


Visualizations are another important tool. Use charts, infographics, and diagrams to present data in a clear and accessible way. Galleries from Publuu allow you to post new charts and animate them!

Encourage potential customers to take actions

The call to action (CTA) is a key element of any sales presentation. It is what encourages the customer to take a specific step, such as buying a product, contacting the company, or downloading educational materials.

Clearly define what the customer is supposed to do. Instead of general phrases, formulate a specific action, such as “Order now” or “Get a free sample.”

It’s also a good idea to prepare a bonus offer or other benefits for immediate action. A 15% discount on an immediate purchase might convince someone! Create a sense of urgency, such as “Limited-time offer” or “Available only while supplies last.”

Show the customer that you understand their needs and expectations: You need to tailor the offer to their specific situation. Use the information gathered during the presentation to create a personalized CTA.

Strategies for further engagement

While the Call to Action (CTA) is a key element of the Sales Pitch, don’t forget to nurture contact with potential customers. Every viewer of your presentation is a future customer, so make sure you make it easy for them to contact you and buy.

You need to include clear and visible contact information in your presentation, such as a link to your website, email address, phone number, or a link to your social media profile. Make sure your contact information is up-to-date and easy to remember.

Add links to your online store or order form page so that customers can buy the product right away when they open the presentation. Offer a discount or bonus for those who purchase within a certain time frame.

However, a very important part of any presentation can be to add a newsletter sign-up form. Send out regular newsletters with valuable content, such as articles, tutorials, and special offers. This will allow you to build relationships with your customers and promote your products.

Customized presentations for different platforms and contexts

Publuu is a versatile tool for any Sales Pitch presentation.

Publuu presentations can be viewed in a web browser on any device, without having to download an app or ppt file. This is a great convenience for potential customers, who can view the presentation anytime and anywhere.

It allows you to create interactive presentations with videos, animations, quizzes, and hyperlinks. This form of presentation is more engaging for the audience and promotes memorization of information. Such capabilities are not available in traditional PDFs.

Publuu’s online presentations example

View more online presentations examples


Publuu lets you include a lot of content in your presentation, not just text and slides. You can add videos, photos, infographics, animations, and even contact forms to your flipbook. This allows you to create a comprehensive Sales Pitch, containing all the necessary information and materials for potential customers.

Brief: Learn how to modify your sales pitch for various contexts using Publuu’s versatile platform. Ensure your message remains consistent and impactful, whether it’s delivered via email, during a webinar, or in a face-to-face meeting.

Refining your sales pitch over time with Publuu

Publuu Analytics is a powerful tool that goes beyond simply collecting feedback. It offers a range of analytics features to help you measure audience engagement and optimize your Sales Pitch.

Track the number of views, time spent on each page, and even the hours your flipbook is opened. You can also easily see where audiences are coming to your presentation from (e.g., social media, website, email, etc.). All of this is quite relevant for creating presentations.

You can easily use this analytical data to optimize your promotional campaigns and increase your Sales Pitch reach.


Incorporating Publuu into your sales strategy not only modernizes your approach but also provides you with a set of powerful tools to make your pitches more persuasive and engaging. By following this guide, you can harness the full potential of multimedia presentations to elevate your sales results.

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