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Video Integration Feature for Your Product Catalog

If you’re aiming to create a perfect online catalog, integrating videos with excellent copy is essential in 2024. Videos not only capture the reader’s attention but also bring your products and services to life in a way static images just can’t. They are a powerful tool to engage viewers and hook them on your brand.

In this text, you’ll learn how to create inspiring brand stories, present your products, and increase engagement using videos embedded in Publuu catalogs.

YouTube pop up video in online catalog

The power of video online catalogs

Video is a great tool for showcasing your products and services. By integrating video with your catalog, you can highlight key features, demonstrate your products in real life, and attract attention. Animated GIFs and YouTube videos are particularly effective in showcasing your products in action.

It’s well-known that people love videos! They are much more likely to interact with video content compared to text or images. As SEO experts state, 84% of customers bought a product or service after watching videos of it! This highlights the significant impact video can have on consumer decisions.

Videos help consumers to better understand your products. Watching your products being used builds trust and confidence, making them more likely to make a purchase. Studies show that 88% of people were convinced to buy after watching a product video. Additionally, video content is found to be 12 times more persuasive than written content!

Nowadays customers prefer a hassle-free shopping experience from the comfort of their homes. Videos allow them to explore your products at their own pace, discuss them with others, and make direct purchases – all in one place.


Adding video in your online catalogs

1. Preparing the video

To start embedding a video, first upload it to YouTube or Vimeo. Once your video is ready, log into your Publuu account and select the catalog you wish to add a video to. Choose the “CUSTOMIZE” option.

YouTube video in product catalog

2. Embedded video

To add a video click “ADD HOTSPOT” in the flipbook menu or directly choose “ADD HOTSPOT”. Select the page, then click “VIDEO”, paste the YouTube or Vimeo link into the field, and click “SAVE”.

To create a player directly onto a page in the catalog, choose “EMBED” for a visible player.

Integrating video as an embed player

3. Video hotspot

To add a video hotspot – an icon that opens a video as a pop-up player – choose “HOTSPOT”. You can position the hotspot anywhere you want, and customize the icon’s color or the clickable area.

Integrating video as a hotspot


💡Many of our customers design their catalog and place the video on a photo that looks the same as the miniature of a film, to preserve the consistent design.

💡For both options, you can set the video as muted or trigger the automatic play option when the viewer flips the page.

Benefits of video integration in online catalogs


Increased engagement

Have you had a paper catalog in your hands lately? You probably flipped through the pages until something caught your eye, right? In the case of online catalogs, the solution may be videos that instantly attract attention and draw viewers in.

You can use them to showcase a product, and provide testimonials – videos raise curiosity and encourage exploration.


Improved understanding of your products

Interactive videos are excellent for storytelling. Instead of using dry product descriptions, demonstrate your products in use and tell stories that make your users identify with the product. By showcasing your goods’ potential, you engage viewers emotionally, enhancing their connection to the products.

Publuu’s online catalog example

View more online catalog examples



Higher conversion rates

As you can see, conversion rates can increase significantly after watching the video. People become more interested in your products after seeing them in action. Many customers, including myself, research products through videos on platforms like YouTube. The truth is, even deciding to watch a video represents an emotional investment – and it grows with every ten seconds of the video.


Accessibility and reach

Publuu education partners say that videos are one of the most effective teaching tools – they can suit any student’s need whether they have visual or audio-type imagination. This also applies to marketing content: video is among the best ideas if you want to reach wide audiences. Using video makes your product catalog more shareable and easily accessible to potential customers.


SEO advantages and enhanced visibility

Videos also offer significant SEO benefits; search engines favor websites that contain multimedia elements. Integrating videos can improve your catalog’s ranking in organic searches, and visually appealing catalogs that contain video content are often shared more frequently. By, adding video content, you make your brand even more visible online.

Looking ahead

In the world of e-commerce and digital marketing, video is going to dominate in 2024. Major social networks like Facebook and X are already putting more emphasis on video content and you can more easily reach your audience through captivating visuals. AI-driven video content will also help – proofreading scripts or AI-read text-to-speech narrators will enable more people to create their video content.

Live streaming is another developing element that is becoming crucial for e-commerce. In 2024, e-commerce stores can leverage live streams for exclusive product launches, interactive sales events, and behind-the-scenes interviews, establishing direct engagement with customers.


Our expert research confirms that incorporating product demos, explainer animation, and customer testimonials can bring your product to life. This shift towards video content can affect search engine rankings and boost organic traffic to websites. This video experience helps customers understand the features, benefits, and uses of your goods – and this trend will continue in 2024.



Adding video to your online catalog creates an immersive experience that educates, engages, and ultimately converts viewers into loyal customers. Marketing isn’t just about telling people about your products; it’s about showing them!

Publuu allows you to integrate videos with online product catalogs, creating visuals that instantly grab your target audience’s attention. With our hotspots feature you can make your brand shine, enabling customers to discover and connect with your brand more effectively.

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