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How to Elevate Your Brand with an Interactive Digital Lookbook?

You want to boost sales of your products – to do so you need great photos. A digital brochure created with Publuu can help you – but there’s something you have to know about modern brochure design!

Until recently, people presenting companies have focused on simply presenting products, just showing their clothes on a model on a runway or a tool sitting on a shelf – but this way has its drawbacks. Yes, you can present your products but the audience also needs context.

Publuu’s digital lookbook example

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This is where lifestyle photography came onto the scene. Drawing inspiration from the world of fashion magazines, the designers realized the enormous storytelling potential of photography. Every shot should inspire and answer readers’ questions. This is how digital lookbooks emerged, especially for online fashion brands.

A digital lookbook allows customers to imagine how products will fit into their lifestyle. A fashion lookbook shows how your clothes look like and how to style them. You can present not just a look, but an identity. A digital lookbook can serve as a tool for brands to express a distinct view of style, stick to current trends, and evoke emotions that motivate customers to buy.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the simple steps of creating a digital lookbook that helps you elevate your brand!


What is a digital lookbook?

A digital lookbook is a collection of images and multimedia content presented in an online format, often resembling a magazine or a dedicated website. Flipbooks from Publuu allow you to create an online lookbook that can be easily viewed on any device, from smartphones to smart TVs – and look and feel like a digital booklet!

Interior design lookbook sample

A digital lookbook serves a variety of purposes, primarily as a portfolio for artists and fashion designers or as a strategic tool for consumer brands, especially those offering lifestyle or fashion products. An interior design lookbook can present how people live in the spaces a designer created and how you can integrate these ideas with your daily life. These digital lookbooks typically contain lifestyle-related images showing products in real-life applications and may include videos or GIFs.

Role of online lookbooks

Lookbooks play a key role in e-commerce and brand marketing. Creating a digital lookbook can help you drive increased engagement and conversions for several reasons:

  • An online lookbook can showcase products on models in real-world settings, making it easier for shoppers to imagine how these products will fit into their lives. This visualization often means higher purchase rates, since a stunning digital lookbook drives more sales.

  • By bundling products in lookbooks, brands can effectively sell complementary items – for example, a fashion lookbook can also display accessories like hats or handbags. This can lead to larger orders and increased revenue per customer.

  • Online lookbooks deepen the connection between products and consumers through interactive features such as animations and product images which engage shoppers and increase time spent in your online store, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

    Publuu product tag and wishlist

  • Well-crafted lookbooks provide context to the promoted products, inspiring customers to buy. If you choose the right lookbook template, they can reflect the values you’re promoting with your brand. They provide customers with a seamless shopping experience, encouraging them to get the designer’s latest collection or other products you’re offering.

Photobook lookbook design template

Use lookbooks to enhance your business

Lookbooks are a powerful marketing tool for businesses in all industries, but they are especially effective in fashion, lifestyle, and design. Your business can only benefit from using a lookbook online! Online stores, fashion designers, or a photography business can all gain… but high-quality photos can promote almost every product!

Set your brand apart from the competition

A well-designed and unique lookbook can give your brand a distinctive visual identity that will catch the attention of potential customers. Great lookbook photos can make a lookbook stand out from the crowd.

SEO optimization

Publuu flipbooks not only look like traditional lookbooks but also display in search engines, giving you a more diversified website!

Present your products in a visually appealing and consistent way

Lookbooks allow you to showcase your products in a way that highlights their features and benefits. In the fashion industry, you can also use lookbooks to display entire collections, seasonal launches, or recommended products together.

Fashion lookbook layout template

Tell a story

Lookbooks are more than just product catalogs. They can be used to tell a story about your brand or products, and storytelling is one of the best ways to make the readers identify with your products and services. This can help you to connect with your target audience on a deeper level.

Inspire customers

Lookbook design can be a source of inspiration for customers. By creating a fashion lookbook, for example, you can stylishly present your collection and advertise your brand to people outside of your target audience.

Highlight new products and promotions

Lookbooks are a great way to highlight new products, seasonal collections, or limited-time offers. A well-timed lookbook online can create excitement and anticipation among customers, especially if they’re engaged with your brands.

Lookbook layout template showcases products promotions

Tools for creating a digital lookbook

To create a digital lookbook, you will need specialized design and publishing tools. You can use professional software like Adobe InDesign or the free Scribus, but many can create professional lookbooks using MS Word or Google Docs. These programs also offer robust design and PDF export capabilities.

Canva is a user-friendly online design platform that offers templates for creating digital lookbooks. It provides a wide range of customization options, making it accessible to individuals and small businesses. This online lookbook creator has many lookbook templates to help you create that perfect booklet even if you aren’t a professional photographer!

Canva website lookbook template

Publuu is a dedicated platform for creating digital flipbooks and catalogs. Our online lookbook maker lets you create a digital lookbook by creating a PDF in Canva and uploading it with a single click to our flipbook creator. This way you can create an interactive lookbook without saving a file on your hard drive!

Our digital lookbook maker offers a user-friendly interface and the ability to add interactive elements such as videos and links. Publuu’s analytics help you learn what your readers appreciate the most in your lookbook design, whether it’s stunning photography or a great presentation.

publuu brochure maker


How to make a lookbook online?

Creating an online lookbook involves several steps, from planning and designing content to choosing the right platform for publication. If you want to create a lookbook online, here are some tips you should follow!

  1. Prepare high-quality images and multimedia content related to your products or brand. Make sure the visual elements are in line with the lookbook’s theme and message. Then, you can use an online platform or tool like Canva to create your digital lookbook.

  2. Consider the features and templates available on the platform to make sure they suit your needs. Pick a lookbook template or create your own design to match your brand’s visual identity.

  3. Now when you have a couple of favorite lookbook templates, choose one of them, and decide on the layout and structure of your lookbook. Determine how many pages it will have and the order of content.

  4. If you want to prepare a lookbook in Publuu format, before making a PDF lookbook consider where to place links, videos, animations, hyperlinks, or shopping links. Interactivity can increase engagement and boost conversions.

  5. Once your lookbook is ready, publish it on the platform of your choice. Canva can allow you to embed the lookbook on your website or share it through a link. Just click on the appropriate button to upload the lookbook to Publuu. Once it’s uploaded, you can choose to embed it in the body of an email or share it on social media.

Lookbook designs

Publuu lookbook example

Large, clear images communicate the message of this fashion lookbook, combined with simple, minimalistic captions. The entire focus of this flipbook is on the crucial design elements.

Digital lookbook design example

This fashion lookbook presents the designs of Copper Coyote in a great way, presenting not just static photos of models, but how they’re being used. Professional models show lifestyle shots associated with chill, tex-mex inspired designs for the brand.

This fashion lookbook online contains not just product photo galleries – it contains useful information, like interviews with designers and creators. All the details you have to serve to present fashion and designs from the show.

Check out our Knowledge Base to find more fashion lookbook examples!


Now that you know what a digital lookbook is and how to create one, you can design your lookbook! The design allows you to incorporate different elements, layouts, and interactive features to create a lookbook that is both informative and engaging. Publuu allows you to share your finished fashion lookbook with the world so everyone can appreciate your hard work and creativity.

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