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5 Amazing Fashion Lookbook Examples

Visual storytelling is one of the best ways to grab people’s attention and keep them interested. In the world of fashion, lookbooks have become an important tool for designers, brands, and customers alike. A fashion lookbook is a portfolio that allows people to show off their creativity, style, and collections in a visually appealing way.

The digital age has brought a new wave of lookbooks that don’t need to be printed. Online brochures have emerged as a versatile tool, complementing lookbooks by offering detailed product insights and brand identity. Unlike the printed version, a digital lookbook is easy to share and browse on your mobile device. Creating a compelling lookbook with a brochure maker is the best way to stand out in the e-commerce world, whether you’re an established designer launching a new line or a new entrepreneur trying to make a name for yourself.

photoshoot for digital lookbook

But before you start creating, it’s important to know the basics of what makes a lookbook great. From choosing the right key elements style, colors, and lookbook design elements to figuring out the best layout and flow, every little thing affects how the lookbook looks as a whole. We’ll walk you through the process and give you lookbook ideas, tips, and advice from experts to help you create a standout online fashion brochure that will grab people’s attention and make them buy your products.

In this guide, we’ll talk about what a lookbook is and what you need to include if you want to create your own. We will also walk you through a collection of beautiful fashion lookbook examples that will spark your creativity, stimulate your imagination, and give you ideas for the next fashion lookbook.

What is a Lookbook?

Lookbooks serve as powerful tools within the fashion industry, allowing for the showcasing of specific brands, collections, and fashion trends. Designers, brands, and stores frequently rely on them to exhibit their new clothing lines, and accessories, and demonstrate how these items can be creatively combined. These fashion lookbook examples typically feature photographs of models wearing various pieces from the range, set against diverse backgrounds and settings.

photo session for online lookbook

While the term “lookbook” originated within the fashion industry, its influence has extended to the realms of photography and graphic design. For photographers, lookbooks provide an ideal platform to showcase their versatile skills or explore innovative techniques, enabling them to express their unique artistic vision. Artists or designers can use a lookbook template to efficiently showcase their work.

Moreover, lookbooks have expanded beyond their initial association with fashion, finding application in the promotion of food, cosmetics, household items, and various other products. The primary objective of a lookbook remains to present a collection or trend in a visually captivating manner, captivating the attention and engagement of potential buyers.

When it comes to format, they can take on various forms, such as physical books, digital PDFs, presentation slides, or dedicated websites. The choice of format should be based on your specific needs and target audience. In certain cases, employing a multi-format approach can prove to be the most effective strategy, allowing for wider reach and engagement.

Stunning Digital Lookbook Examples

Creating is always easier when you have something to build on.

Below, we listed 5 great digital lookbook examples in different styles created in Publuu. We hope that they will awaken your creativity and help you to find inspiration for your next design.

Natan Spring-Summer 2023 Lookbook

This minimalist lookbook focuses on high-quality images, allowing the clothes to speak for themselves. Rather than impressing with decoration, the lookbook captures the essence of your brand and products, showcasing versatility and craftsmanship.

With a clean and uncluttered design, it lets the garments take center stage, highlighting their creative tailoring, attention to detail, and passion for colors.

Le Mont St Michel Spring-Summer 2023 Lookbook

This lookbook captures the rich history of the LeMont St. Michel brand, showcasing its flexibility and versatility. Compelling images showcase the brand’s designer clothes, combining timeless elegance with contemporary style. With eye-catching models, viewers can imagine how they seamlessly integrate the pieces into their lives.

Through technology, it also transports viewers into the realm of minimalist urban aesthetics, creating an atmosphere that resonates with modern sensibilities. The combination of minimalism and urban sophistication inspires viewers to embrace the personal style provided by the LeMont St Michel brand.

Copper Coyote Desert Print Lookbook

This lookbook showcases the laid-back aesthetic of clothing brand Copper Coyote, featuring a warm, inviting tone and Tex-Mex rockabilly aesthetic. Pastel hues and vintage illustrations and graphics create a harmonious backdrop, allowing the brand’s products to shine as focal points.

The outdoor modeling captures the authenticity and organic beauty of the scenes, capturing the freedom and spirit of the great outdoors. The lookbook invites readers to experience Copper Coyote’s casual style and products, showcasing the brand’s commitment to freedom, laid-back and summer chill.

New Designers Fashion Show Lookbook

This short fashion show brochure goes beyond traditional lookbooks, integrating quotes, and interviews with beautiful mod illustrations. The brochure offers a deeper narrative, revealing insights from fashion designers, industry experts, and silhouettes of the creatives. The contrast between informative text and visual charm, allows viewers to deeply appreciate the idea and craftsmanship of each design.

Cyqlique Colección Nature Lookbook

Lookbook Collection Cyclique to celebrates the natural charm and showcases environmentally friendly fashion. The lookbook features models wearing garments made from natural materials, showcasing the harmony between ethical fashion and the environment. The images are accompanied by informative text describing the conscious choices and eco-friendly production techniques behind each garment, allowing users to make informed choices and align their values with their fashion preferences.

The collection is aimed at those who appreciate lightweight, comfortable clothing made from natural materials, offering a harmonious combination of style, comfort, and ethical values.


By creating an engaging fashion lookbook online, your products and services can attract an audience and leave a lasting impression. With the information, tips, and examples listed above, you can start creating a fashion lookbook that will stand out right away. Now it’s time to put your idea into action and watch how your online lookbook helps you gain more customers and builds a strong brand personality.

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