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How to Create a Winning Social Media Manager Portfolio?

If you are an experienced social media maven you probably want to show off. Social media marketing is a competitive field and you need to showcase your achievements to anyone willing to cooperate with you.

However, to demonstrate your skills and achievements in social marketing, a simple resume is not enough. You need to create a professional social media portfolio. But what should such a portfolio include? You can certainly use Publuu to publish your professional online portfolio, but how do you create one from scratch?

Social media

This article explains what a social media portfolio is, and how to create and publish it so that your social media services will shine through! Read on to learn about the creation of a personal brand portfolio and discover more social media portfolio examples.

What is Social Media Portfolio

A social media portfolio showcases your most impactful projects in social media to highlight your skills and abilities. It serves as a tool to advertise your competencies, knowledge, and achievements in managing social media accounts to potential employers or clients. Think of it as a collection of your greatest hits – a reflection of your success stories and expertise in social media marketing.

The primary purpose of a social media portfolio is to demonstrate your proficiency in engaging with audiences and managing social media. It should feature the best examples of your social media management work, making you more visible to potential employers, new clients, or when promoting yourself within the local business community.

social media manager portfolio

Why should I make it?

There are many reasons why professional social media managers might want to publish their portfolios. Publishing it online can work out great for you!

Standing out from the crowd

Having a social media portfolio is a great way to stand out from the crowd of potential candidates for a social media manager position. A portfolio allows you to showcase your skills in a practical context, offering more than what’s possible through a resume or LinkedIn profile. By presenting your work, a social media portfolio provides a comprehensive view of your capabilities.

Sharing your attitude

Social media portfolios allow you to share your unique style and perspective and also serve as a powerful tool for building your personal brand as a social media marketer. Publuu’s interactive portfolio enables you to present your talent and personality, by showcasing your proficiency in using graphics, creating witty captions, and collaborating with influencers.

Gain new skills and experience

Working on different projects and social media campaigns provides valuable insights and knowledge, advancing your career. A portfolio benefits not just potential clients but also you. It helps in identifying your strengths and career goals, enhancing self-understanding as you develop your social media portfolio.

social media media manager portfolio website

How do I create a social media manager portfolio?

Now, you understand the importance of creating a social media portfolio: to present yourself, showcase your skills, and advertise. However, achieving this requires rethinking your social media profile. You might wonder about the essential elements to include in a social media manager’s portfolio. Here are some crucial components for creating your portfolio.

Who I am

Start by introducing yourself. Your professional portfolio should inform your target audience about who you are, your experience, and your accomplishments. While it’s not necessary to list all your achievements or provide your resume at this stage, potential clients need to get an idea of whom they’re considering. Offer them a brief overview of your services, skills, and the tools you prefer to use. Your presentation can be either formal or informal, but it should always maintain a professional tone.

Examples of work

Presenting your best work is essential for a social media portfolio because potential clients are interested in understanding the type of social media professional you are. Show case studies here, successful social media posts, and describe the challenges you faced and how you overcame them. List the tactics you used, discuss the results, and explain the reasons behind your success. Metrics play a significant role in social media marketing – – be prepared to support your results with specific numbers and statistics.

social media portoflio example

Interesting visuals

The strength of a portfolio on a Publuu site lies in its visual orientation. In your PDF portfolio, you can include screenshots, statistical analysis reports, and links to live sites to show how the success of your managed campaigns. The Publuu portfolio site, in particular, allows you to appealingly present your social media portfolio. For more social media portfolio examples, see our article: Best Free Portfolio Websites ( – this illustrates how the Publuu portfolio website can be used to promote yourself.

Testimonials from customers

Client testimonials can enhance your credibility. Include customer testimonials in your portfolio to highlight your proficiency in managing profiles. Request relevant testimonials from your previous clients and ask them to share their feedback with you. If you’re a freelance social media manager, ask social media professionals you’ve worked with to post samples and share their opinions in your social media portfolio.

client testimonials


Make it easy for customers to reach you. Include your email addresses, phone numbers, websites, LinkedIn profile, and social profile names. Having an active social media presence can help you seem more credible as a social media marketer. Add links to relevant social media profiles if necessary. Publuu portfolio site lets you add links and redirects to your social media marketing portfolio so that they can contact you with a single click.


When preparing a social media portfolio, conclude with a detailed resume that includes a list of qualifications, seminars, workshops, conferences, and academic degrees. Also, add your soft and hard competencies, such as proficiency in relevant computer programs, content creation, graphic design, and copywriting skills that make you an ideal candidate to manage their social media channels.


Choose the right format for your portfolio

Once you have created your social media portfolio, now it’s time to show it to the world! There are many ways to display the portfolio online. Here are some of the most popular formats available to social media experts.

Publuu flipbooks (recommended)

One of the best ways to publish your social media portfolio is through Publuu flipbooks. Publuu lets you collect your achievements in a PDF format, and then convert it to an outstanding social media portfolio – thanks to the amazing effect of page-flipping, which turns your marketing portfolio into an interactive document.

Publuu’s portfolio example

View more portfolio examples


With Publuu your potential clients can easily navigate through your social media portfolio. Thanks to backlinks, intuitive polls, and hotspots, your online PDF portfolios become user-friendly and easy to browse online. You can integrate your PDF with social media platforms and profiles, enabling readers to easily contact you and view your results.

Publuu allows you even embed videos in your social media portfolio, further integrating your social media efforts into your personal promotion.

PDF sharing

You can publish your portfolio online in various ways. Using a file-sharing site like Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive allows you to distribute your PDF document. Ensure you share your social media portfolios as PDF files since Word or ODT files might lose resolution and formatting when published online. You can catach your PDF social media portfolio in an e-mail and share it with potential clients.

Portfolio website

Another way to distribute your social media portfolio out is by using a dedicated portfolio website. Most site builders such as WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, or Strikingly, offer portfolio templates, which you can use to create an engaging social media portfolio. Typically, you can upload your achievements, examples of successful projects, graphic design samples, and testimonials. However, ensure that your portfolio website is responsive and accessible on mobile devices.

portfolio website format


Social media profile

Your social media marketing portfolio should be present on your profile. You can upload it to LinkedIn or link to it from your social media agency’s Facebook page. Once you’re found by prospects, you can showcase what you have achieved in your natural environment as a social media expert!

5 tips for the best social media portfolio

When you start gathering materials for your portfolio, it’s also crucial to know how to make your ideas stand out. In our Knowledge Base, you’ll find many tips on how to create a professional portfolio with Publuu. With these tips and the advice provided below, you’re sure to create a great portfolio in minutes!

Show, don’t tell

Your social media portfolio should demonstrate, not just describe, your achievements. Provide specific examples of successful campaigns or projects you’ve led. Given that potential clients favor visuals, include screenshots, photos, or videos of your work in your portfolio as social proof. Publuu allows social media marketers to use visuals such as work samples, images, videos, and infographics to illustrate their skills and achievements.

Keep it up-to-date and simple

Regularly update your social media portfolio to showcase your latest work and demonstrate that your social media marketing skills are constantly evolving. Use simple language and concise descriptions, avoiding jargon. Remember, the audience for your portfolio may not be specialists in social media, so while it’s important to show results, explaining their significance is equally vital.

Focus on results

When creating a social media portfolio, highlight measurable outcomes rather than abstract ideas. Show the impact you’ve made on social media with metrics such as engagement rates, conversion rates, ROI, or sales figures. If you can, provide specific numbers and your achievements on your social media platforms. Awards and recognitions for outstanding work, client testimonials, and photos of your accomplishments are also powerful ways to highlight your success.

Social media profile

Check your NDA agreements

Digital marketing relies on social proof as much as on content creation. Before including confidential details about past clients cl partnerships, make sure you have their permission. Review any non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) carefully, even when requesting client testimonials. You might also consider disguising some key elements of your social media posts with nicknames, stickers, or blurred images/logos.

Don’t forget to mention your social media profiles

Beyond promoting your professional work, also share your personal social media profiles, using your real name. Directly link to your social media platforms from your digital marketing portfolio. This will show potential employers or colleagues your understanding of the importance of a strong online presence, both personally and professionally. It will also allow them to connect with you via LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Great social media portfolio examples

Below we have prepared a list of some of the best social media portfolio examples. These can serve as inspiration for you to build your own portfolio and start your creative process.

Nisreen Galloway: Digital Content Manager & Social Media Specialist

social media portfolio example

This social media management portfolio shows Nisreen’s experience, presents their practical experience, and explains what did they do at their social media agency.

Julia Babicheva: Social Media Marketing Professional

social media pdf format example

This Social media portfolio saved as PDF shows Julia’s experience in a pleasant, easy-to-read manner. her achievements had how to contact her.

Vikki Gois: Creative Director & Social Media Strategist

social media manager portfolio website example

Vikki’s social media portfolio is very evocative and draws the attention of the readers thanks to bold color schemes.


A well-prepared social media portfolio is an invaluable asset for social media managers, enabling them to showcase their skills and achievements effectively. It should visually represent your work, including case studies, successful social media posts, and client testimonials.

Publuu allows you to create an interactive and visually appealing PDF portfolio, distinguishing you from the competition.

By following the tips in this article, we hope you’ll craft a portfolio that impresses potential clients and aids in securing your dream job.

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