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How to Sell Your Products Online?


What do you do when you want to buy a bike? You go to Google and search for “bike”. What if you have bought a bicycle two years ago and still receive an online catalog from a bicycle shop? Then you open your inbox and read the last email you got from them. And if you are a member of a Facebook group where you can find a lot of information about bikes? Then you direct your first steps there.


Online marketing, or how to sell online

What do Google search results, newsletters, and Facebook have in common? We can classify them all as online marketing. In short, online marketing means actions aimed at potential customers who are to buy a product or use a service. If you have an online store, you can use online marketing to skyrocket your profits!

Statistics show that last year around 2 billion people purchased things online. That’s a lot, much more than a year before. The main reason for such an increase in online sales is the pandemic and the prolonged closures of stores. Because of the COVID-19 disease, customers prefer to buy products safely. But habits once entrenched tend to remain. In the coming years, Internet sales will only increase, leaving more opportunities for people who sell online.


Five simple steps to increase sales online

Wondering how to tackle online marketing and increase your online sales? Read on. We will tell you what to do to become more effective in a few simple steps!



Point 1

Analyze who your customers are

Knowing your customers is a must in any type of marketing. But it is even more important in online marketing! Get to know their age and the places they live. It will allow you to guess things they like and the social media channels they use. This in turn will tell you a lot about how they make decisions about their purchases.

The easiest way to get to know your clients’ preferences is to ask them about things you want to know. Ask questions, chase for feedback, and track how they interact with your content! If you send your clients an online brochure made with Publuu, you can track whether they opened it, and which links they clicked. Analyze this information. You will soon become a master of creating content that has a direct impact on your clients!


Point 2
Be active on social media

Social media is where people make money. Depending on who your clients are, invest in a good profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Or use all of those channels. But remember, your company must give a coherent message everywhere!

If you create flipbooks with Publuu, you can use a simple yet spectacular method of sharing your content on social media. Thanks to Publuu, instead of posting a plain link to a PDF, you can publish a clickable image that will take your clients to your content. This solution is not only aesthetically pleasing but also very modern.

Another way to increase sales online is to make sure your profile contains positive feedback. We often make purchasing decisions after learning what people think about products we want to buy. If your clients share their positive experience in dealings with you, other people will trust you more.

Point 3

Prepare a good mailing

Mailing is one of the most effective ways to attract new clients and keep the existing ones engaged. But newsletters often get deleted as soon as they reach our inbox. So how to attract the attention of people you care about, using mailing? First of all, make your newsletters interesting. Choose an engaging title, ask a direct question, make contact with the recipient. Make sure your content is interesting, informative, and error-free. Think about the visual aspect. If you want your newsletter to look great on every device, create it in HTML5 format, where you can transfer an existing PDF and add photos, audio, or video files.

Thanks to Publuu, you can prepare such a newsletter in a few moments. You can also track the reactions of customers after receiving it. Finally, make sure you include an attractive call to action. It will encourage your audience to click the link which will take them to your online catalog, business proposal, or blog. This will significantly increase the effectiveness of your online sales.

Point 4

Make sure your offer looks great on any device

This is very important, perhaps the most important of all. The catalog of your services or products must convince your customers to buy from you. By looking at it, they need to understand how professional you are and that it is worth paying you. Publuu is a great tool for creating breathtaking online catalogs. It allows you to transfer a static PDF to a flipbook, add it to your website, publish it on social media or send it as a newsletter. Flipbooks open quicker than PDFs and you don’t need to download them. And they look amazing on any device you use.


Point 5

Work on your special offers

We all like to pay less. Always. And if we see a product available at a lower price, we tend to make fast decision about buying it. Introduce temporary offers to influence your customers. Do them on your birthday, on your clients’ birthday or on the first day of spring. Every idea is good. Make sure your customers find out about your offers in newsletters or on social media. And that these offers don’t last very long. Then you can write the magic words “today only” that act as a magnet…

Get started and increase your sales today!

There are many great books about how to sell products online successfully. Marketing specialists are always happy to share their tricks too. But the basic rule is simple: make sure your offer looks professional. And that it reaches the right people at the right time. So little and yet so much.


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