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21 Professional White Paper Template Examples

White papers are used to present the expert information that your organization has access to, usually concerning the market and your business. Because of its versatility, it is a very useful tool in many marketing strategies. White papers can be created with our proposal builder which provides a lot of useful functions, such as statistics or lead generation forms.

What to include in your white paper?

In general, a white paper is a report or guide that provides technical information to the readers about some complex issue. Its purpose is to help the reader understand that problem, determine how to solve it, and formulate a decision after understanding the key takeaways.

creating white paper

Creating a white paper requires a significant amount of research and access to data. Therefore, the white paper template should be clear and understandable and if you base it on a straightforward document design you are sure to create a good white paper format.

When creating a white paper, consider the following aspects:

Target audience

It is always a good idea to keep in mind who will be reading your professional content. Before choosing a white paper outline template, you should already understand your target audience. It is possible that your target audience will be long-term clients who are already familiar with your business, or prospects who want to read information from professionals. You need to identify the basic questions the reader will ask. Do thorough research and evaluate what topics are most popular.


Your skills

Make sure the white paper templates can highlight your expertise. This is an opportunity to present the reader with a comprehensive study that includes both internal knowledge and external research. You must have professional expertise at your disposal – including when choosing the right white paper template.


Relevant to a specific example

In most cases, white paper formats are a special way to create documents that must first identify and then offer a solution to a specific problem. The paper can include different takes on the problem, such as new trends, common challenges, comparisons within the industry, and evolving methodologies. The exact presentation depends on your content strategy, industry, and knowledge of the topic.


The gallery of professional white papers

Below you’ll find white paper templates you can use to design the perfect solutions for your business. These free white paper templates are compatible with most of the available graphic design software on the market.


Government white paper templates

White papers can be created by governments or for governmental entities to showcase important issues for entire communities.

yellow design white paper

This set of white paper templates presents important content and is compatible with both Adobe InDesign and MS Word.

social media white paper

This versatile template is perfect for small companies to create social media case studies.

green nature white paper template

You can use this green-themed template to present the results of environmental research.

media trend white paper

This elegant template will help you present data on digital media and add your own images.


Technical white paper templates

business white paper template

Vivid colors and contrasting design let you create your document detailing major trends.

google analytics white paper template

You can present analytics and case studies using this uncomplicated document template.

android white paper template

This white paper template has been designed to facilitate writing about the Android operating system.

annual report white paper

This elegant template works for annual reports, but also with any formal project.


Simple white paper templates

white paper template

This minimalistic white paper template is perfect for tech companies since it displays simple icons and contrasts.

research white paper free template

You can use this paper template to effectively communicate your marketing ideas to your audience.

black and white whitepaper template

This beautiful black-and-white template helps your readers focus on the crucial data.

methodology white paper template

Thanks to the simple style and graphic elements of this template, businesses can present their valuable content.


Crypto white paper templates

red white paper template

The simple white paper template design makes it perfect for companies trading in cryptocurrencies.

vivid colors white paper

The vivid colors of this template help the viewers key in on technological solutions.

crypto white paper template

This template can be used to deliver a presentation on crypto but you can also customize it to present resources on bitcoin in white paper format.

modern white paper template

The modern and aesthetic view of this template helps you present blockchain-related brand resources.


White paper free templates

service white paper template

This simple white paper template is the perfect way to describe the designs and present the results of the studies.

travel white paper template

You can use this document template to create travel-related content.

canva white paper report

Canva offers many free templates which can be successfully used to create white paper content.


White paper templates – Word

white paper word free tempate

This prepared white paper template will help you with simple white papers using just MS Word.

red white paper

A simple and efficient white paper template is compatible with InDesign, Word, and also Affinity suite.


A summary

When you write white papers, you show your audience that you are reliable and knowledgeable in a specific difficult area. When potential consumers are looking for information to help them understand a problem, and you provide them with a helpful white paper outlining a solution, they will know that your business is something they can rely on.

Publuu allows you to publish content online so that the excellent content you write also has an excellent presentation. Use one of the templates above and start researching today!


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