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10 Best Sales Presentations To Inspire Your Sales Deck

Sales presentations: As a new salesperson, you might view them as an unpleasant chore – a necessary step before making your sales pitch. Very often, they involve showcasing products and services, only to be met with indifference from potential customers. Fortunately, this is not the only presentation model out there – especially if you supplement your sales pitch with our presentation maker!

Sales Presentations for Sales Deck

Our guide, will show you the best presentation methods and tools to attract attention, arouse emotions, and encourage potential customers to buy. We will describe the key presentation models, their role in your sales strategy, and the secrets to making them effective. Additionally, we will present inspiring examples of sales presentations that will spark your creativity!

What is a Sales Deck?

A sales presentation is a visual presentation, typically created using software like PowerPoint or Keynote, that complements a salesperson’s delivery. The general rule of presentation is “don’t say what you show” – as a result, your sales deck should illustrate your sales presentation outline, not replace it completely.

In short, a sales deck is a slideshow that supports a salesperson’s spoken presentation. It usually provides an overview of the product or service being sold, explains how it solves the potential customer’s problems (value proposition), and provides success stories from previous customers.

The goal of both the sales presentation and the accompanying sales pitch is to convince potential customers that your company’s solution is the best fit for their needs, potentially leading to a purchase. Remember, though, that even the most savvy sales professionals might not close a sale immediately.

Think of the sales presentation as a visual aid that reinforces the salesperson’s verbal description. Your job is to tell the prospects why your product is great, and the presentation visually supports this. Ideally, the sales pitch and sales presentation should act as two components of the entire sales process.

An effective sales deck should never replace a salesperson’s knowledge and experience. Instead, it is supposed to support their skills and sales strategy, to illustrate key points.

What to include in a sales presentation?

A sales presentation should have a certain structure to effectively guide the audience. When planning your next presentation, start with storytelling. Encourage the customer to envision themselves as the story hero who finds your product essential for their development. If listeners can identify with a successful user of your product or service, you’re halfway there!

Highlight the challenges typically faced by the potential customer – each product should meet specific needs. If you’re offering design software, consider its value proposition: is it easy to use, fast, or offers unusual functions? Use clear visuals to present these features, and customize your sales presentation based on your client’s specific needs.

Publuu’s sales presentation example

View more sales presentation examples


Don’t just present the problems and solutions; consider how they affect the potential customer’s work and business. Use relevant data (hours worked, resources wasted) to emphasize the urgency of addressing these issues. According to data from Ohio University, we spend only 2 hours each day actually working. Therefore, saving just five minutes per hour can in fact result in an 8% increase in productivity. Try to spin your product or service even if the customers don’t realize they need this solution.

In your sales pitch, you should provide a clear answer to the problems and a path to achieve your goals by demonstrating the capabilities of your product. Show specific solutions on how your product meets needs and enhances work efficiency. Don’t just say “We have an 8% increase in productivity” – describe how your software’s features, such as quick background removal, save time.

Remember to confirm the effectiveness of your product. Demonstrate it in action and show the results. Use social proof (testimonials, customer logos, data) whenever possible to build trust and demonstrate the value your product provides.

Great sales presentation templates and examples (and why they worked)

Let’s start with a successful sales presentation using Publuu, a presentation maker software. This sales document uses Publuu’s flip-page display to capture the audience’s attention, and incorporates multimedia features, including interactive videos, to promote and showcase the product. Publuu combines a traditional sales deck with an interactive PDF document, offering the best of both worlds: well-researched data, specific value propositions, and compelling storytelling.

Publuu Sales Presentation template


Canva makes designing sales presentations easy – and with this simple green design, you can easily match the slides to suit your sales pitch. If you want to focus on industries like medicine, this template is an excellent choice for your sales presentation!

New Business Pitch Deck template


This cartoon-like image is perfect for showcasing your product features in action. Improve this sales deck by adding illustrations and real images of the product in us!

2. Sales report template


This dark, pearlescent sales presentation example is great both for smaller tech companies and more sophisticated companies.

3. Pitch Deck template


This sales presentation template features a hexagonal motif that can be used by technologically-minded companies. Bright and bold colors can assist your sales pitch and help you stand out.

4. Sales Presentation template


This sales presentation template combines photos and cartoon designs, thanks to a vibrant blue and orange color scheme. It can help you emphasize key points in your delivery.

5. Sales Presentation template


The cartoonish, modern CGI-style renders in this sales presentation template can help create a friendly atmosphere that matches almost any product or service.

6. Sales Presentation template

Sales Presentation vs Pitch Deck

A sales presentation and an offer presentation are two very similar types of presentations, but they serve different purposes and target different audiences.

A sales presentation is designed to sell a product or service to potential customers. It usually includes detailed information about the product or service, its benefits, and how it can solve the customer’s problems. The goal is to convince the customer to buy your product, ultimately.

On the other hand, a pitch deck aims to secure financing or investment for a business idea. You might think of it as an “elevator pitch” – a quick explanation of what your company does. It includes a concise overview of the company, its business plan, and its vision for the future. The goal is to convince investors that the company is worth investing in and tell them what you do and why you’ll use the investment. They do not have to include a detailed product description, but you should inform the prospective investors about your money-making model!

Creating a winning sales presentation slide deck

To create the perfect deck for your presentation, consider more than just the sales presentations and sample sales deck templates described above. There are many factors to keep in mind, both when designing and delivering your presentation.

Before you start creating your presentation, do research and gather feedback from existing clients to understand their pain points and what resonates with them. For example, you may discover that the software designed to ensure a comfortable workflow also significantly speeds up the production cycle. It’s crucial to know your product features thoroughly.

When creating a sales presentation, focus on the benefits of your product or service, not just the features. Storytelling is key: create a narrative that presents your solution as an answer to problems and a path to a better future. However, remember not to overwhelm your audience with too much information.

Personalization and customization of your content are also very important. Your presentation should be adjusted to each potential customer. Before planning, research the company, check if your product competes with existing solutions, and incorporate these elements into your presentation. This will show that you care about the potential cooperation and practical application of your product.

When preparing your slides, focus on the visual presentation. Use high-quality visuals, photos, and graphics to enhance your message. Remember, the presentation should complement your sales representative’s explanations and be visually appealing. Also, showcase your product in action, whether through interactive videos from Publuu or photos or demonstrations.

Showcasing video in the example of sales presentation

Best practices for a knockout sales pitch

Once you have prepared your presentation, you need to take care to deliver it correctly. When presenting your deck, don’t just recite a script or rely solely on your slides. Instead, use them as conversation starters and actively engage your audience. Find out what they are looking for, and try to show what the best parts are.

Be concise and respect your audience’s time. People in large companies are often busy, so make your points quickly and clearly. Consider their time constraints and focus your presentation to conclude quickly. Clarity is also key here. In short, avoid complicated jargon and technical terms. Even if you are presenting specialized software, remember that decision-makers may not be familiar with industry-specific language.

Consider potential questions from your audience and prepare answers in advance. Remember that objections are often a sign of interest, not disregard. Use the slides as a conversation starter, actively listen, and adjust your presentation based on the reactions you receive. If you draw them into the conversation, you’re closer to a sale!

Studies show that persistence is key; many deals are closed after many attempts. As the research shows, 48% of sales never get closed because of lack of persistence: That’s why you shouldn’t give up – if you fail to close the sale, it’s worth making contact. You’ll get back to people in a few weeks and show the news.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 4 types of sales presentations?

Here are four common sales presentation types you may encounter and create:

  • Needs and satisfaction presentation: Focuses on identifying a potential customer’s specific needs and showing how your product or service directly meets them.

  • Problem-solving presentation: This approach begins by presenting the customer’s challenges and then positions your product as an effective solution.

  • Consultative presentation: This presentation involves a joint discussion with the customer, understanding their goals and weaknesses, and developing a solution tailored to their specific situation.

  • Product demonstration presentation: Presents the functionality and benefits of the product in the form of a live demonstration or interactive elements.

4 types steps of presentations

What are the five steps of presentation?

This depends on your method of presentation, but in general, if your sales presentation relies on storytelling this is a good starting point.

1. Hook

Grab your audience’s attention with a compelling introduction that highlights an important problem or challenge. If you are telling a story, start with an unusual event.

2. Stimulate the problem

Explain the problem and its impact on the customer’s business or life. Try to make customers identify with the victim of the problem.

3. Presenting the solution

Present your product or service as the answer, demonstrating its features and benefits.

4. Social proof and credibility

Build trust by presenting testimonials, case studies, or data that reinforce the value proposition.

5. Call to action

Clearly describe the next steps the customer expects, whether it’s a purchase, follow-up meeting, or trial period.

How long should my presentation be?

Frankly speaking, it should be as short as possible. People simply don’t have time! Strive for concise and impactful presentations. The ideal length depends on the context, but for sales presentations, a common goal is 10-20 minutes – even if someone has booked an hour to meet with you, part of that time will be spent on discussions and preparation. Always assume the shortest possible time!

What visual aids should I use?

Use slides with clear visual elements, high-quality images, and concise text can enhance your presentation. When appropriate, consider incorporating multimedia elements such as videos or interactive features like the ones offered by Publuu.

How to overcome nervousness during a presentation?

Practice your presentation beforehand, prepare for potential questions, and focus on engaging your audience. You’ll find plenty of tips for improving your sales pitch and delivery in our Knowledge Base.

What are the typical presentation mistakes?

We can point out some very common mistakes:

  • Rushing through the content: immediately moving to the next slide without explanation

  • Overloading the slides with text: The presentation is supposed to illustrate your sales pitch, not the other way around

  • Poor visuals: The purpose of an audiovisual presentation is to demonstrate your product, you need to show it at its best:

  • Lack of practice: Practice your presentation with your colleagues before you begin, and prepare some natural segues.


Now you know how to create the best sales presentation. You need to make it simultaneously informative, containing a compelling story, and engaging to your audience.

Publuu can help you create such a presentation, highlighting the customer’s needs and the added value of your product. Using the tips and techniques discussed in this guide, you can transform your presentations into powerful tools that drive sales and growth for your business.

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