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Creating an Android App for Your Digital Catalogs

Customers these days are increasingly turning to online books, magazines, and catalogs, expecting convenient access to information on their mobile device screens. They often want immediate insights into products. A well-designed catalog can make customers feel as though they are physically holding your products or services in their hands.

publuu android app example

In this article, we’ll guide you through transforming your static PDFs into interactive catalogs available as Android apps, enhancing accessibility, and bringing your products directly to customers’ fingertips.

How to create an Android mobile app for your catalog?

Thanks to Publuu, converting your flipbook into a mobile app is straightforward. You can start with an online PDF catalog.

1. Upload your PDF catalogs

First, log into Publuu and upload the catalogs you want to convert into an online app.

Upload to Publuu flipbook

2. Access mobile app creator

Once you’ve uploaded your catalog, click on the “Flipbook App” icon located at the top part of the blue navigation bar.

android mobile app creator

You can then customize its appearance using the toolbar on the left side or by clicking on the elements within the app that you wish to adjust. Choose elements to edit their name, description, and the app’s color scheme.

3. Preview the changes

Click on the “Preview” option to generate an automated preview of your app.

Preview the changes


4. Publish your mobile app

Finally, click the “Publish” button. Your app requirements will be sent to Publuu’s professional coding team, which will then create the app based on your specifications.


The need for mobile catalog applications

Customers are increasingly turning to online applications. These applications can be easily integrated with promotions and online stores. A well-designed product catalog app is crucial for creating a positive and engaging shopping experience for your customers; it encourages exploration, and interaction, and ultimately drives sales.

Digital catalogs can greatly improve the browsing experience, making it easier and more intuitive for customers to find what they need and complete their purchases. In addition, adding high-quality content to your catalog allows customers to explore your products in detail and gain a deeper understanding of what you offer.

Key features of a successful catalog app

When creating an online catalog, you probably want it to be as popular as possible, and appealing to many users. That’s why you should add useful features.

User-friendly interface

A user-friendly interface is crucial for any purchase experience. The app should provide customers with intuitive navigation and a search function to help them make purchases easily. This can encourage customers to explore the app further. For example, Publuu transforms an intuitive PDF catalog into an app that’s browseable on any screen.

App Kiosk - Publish your app on mobile

Push notifications

Push notifications can keep customers engaged and informed. They can update customers about new ideas, exciting offers, and major updates, drawing attention and increasing purchases.

Social sharing

Integrating your catalog with social media can be beneficial. Customers can share and read opinions about your products, increasing your visibility and reach.

Offline access

One of the reasons customers might prefer using a catalog app is the ability to use the app efficiently offline. They can browse and learn about your offerings on their phones even without an internet connection, and you can update it with new offers as needed. Publuu allows you to download your catalog in PDF format and adjust it to the reader’s needs.

offline access for mobile apps


Benefits for businesses

Our customers decide to enhance their product catalogs by using a catalog app or PDF display from Publuu. There are many advantages to creating a product catalog for your business, and here’s how you can use them to the fullest.

Increased reach

Digital catalogs can reach everyone around the globe! By creating multiple versions of a digital catalog, you can reach various groups. For example, if you offer software, you can create a simple app for less experienced users and a more complex version for professionals.

Enhanced customer engagement

You can attract more customers by offering personalized recommendations and in-app messaging. For instance, if you sell printers, consider targeting people who have already purchased them and offer ink instead of a newer model of the printer.

browsing on a mobile app

Data analytics

The app allows you to monitor user behavior and product interactions. This helps you understand their interests, enabling you to make informed marketing decisions. Publuu allows you to track the pages your customers are most interested in, which can inform your strategies to capture their attention.

Brand loyalty

The app can include many options to make shopping easier, such as saving personal information, addresses, discounts, and facilitating repeat purchases. By providing a convenient and personalized shopping experience, your app can increase customer loyalty. This translates into repeat customers and a stronger brand reputation.



Regardless of whether you opt to create a dedicated app or choose Publuu for a more flexible solution, your catalogs should be easily accessible and interactive, ultimately benefiting your business. The goal is to create a valuable tool that enhances your business operations.

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