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Enrich Your Online Catalog with Audio Files

I bet you already listened to at least one podcast. After all, it’s 2024, and the combination of audio with text is becoming increasingly popular. That means your product catalog can come alive with the power of audio.

We can help you unlock its full potential by embedding audio files directly into your Publuu online catalog. This guide will help you create a more compelling experience for your customers by seamlessly integrating audio content into your catalogs.

how music can increase your online catalog sales

How can sound and music increase sales?

Music is universally appreciated for its pleasant qualities. But apart from creating a pleasant atmosphere, sound and music can significantly impact your product sales. Voiceovers and music can affect customer experience, making them feel as if they are directly interacting with the product.

Studies confirm that the right music can evoke certain emotions and set the tone for purchases. It has been known for centuries that upbeat music can energize customers, while soothing music can create a sense of relaxation and encourage browsing through a catalog. Background music can increase the amount of time customers spend shopping, making them more likely to make a purchase.

Of course, music can also reinforce your brand identity and values. Experts at LinkedIn point out that a luxury store, for example, can use classical music to convey sophistication. Classical music is considered very prestigious – and increases the perceived value of products. And if you’re designing power tools, showcase their power and strength! All of this can be included in your online catalog.

How to add sound to your online catalog

1. Log in and open the editor

Create your Publuu account – if you want to try it out, don’t forget about our free trial. Once logged into your Publuu account, open the catalog you want to edit and click “CUSTOMIZE” in the left panel.

2. Select the page and add the hotspot

After selecting the page where you want to upload the audio, click “ADD HOTSPOT” on the left or use the three dots menu on the right. Choose the “SOUND” option.

Adding a sound to online catalog

3. Upload and position the audio

Click “UPLOAD” and select your MP3 file (max. size 100MB). Once uploaded, you can drag and drop the hotspot to the desired location.

Adding a sound file

4. Preview and adjust

Preview the sound to check how it will play on Publuu. Then, customize your options using the “SOUND OPTIONS” menu: adjust settings such as hotspot color, icon, and visibility (pulsating or transparent). Enable “ACTIVE AREA” if you want readers to click on the hotspot to play the sound.

If you wish to enable autoplay, activate the “AUTOPLAY” toggle to have the audio start automatically when the page is loaded. Note that due to browser security, readers may need to use a pop-up window to enable autoplay.

Flipbook with embedded audio file

5. Preview and save

When you’re finished working on your hotspot, click “PREVIEW” to see your changes. Click “SAVE” when you’re satisfied with the result.

Advantages of audio integration

Elevating user engagement

The right music can easily create an atmosphere and evoke emotion. Audio can make browsing through a catalog a more engaging and enjoyable experience for your customers. What’s more, the right sounds will set the mood – for example, catalogs from Publuu all have the sound of pages turning switched on, which will make them feel like physical catalogs.

woman browsing online catalog with music

But audio goes beyond just ambiance. You can also add narrations to the content; instead of flipping through the pages, users can stop for a moment and listen to the story told by the narrator. This is perfect for many industries like education or real estate.

Increase accessibility

Above all, we know that audio integration can make a catalog more accessible to people with visual impairments. Voice narration can describe images and other interface elements, and sounds can also help navigate.

For example, you can put an audio file on the cover of the Publuu catalog that automatically plays and says, “Press the left/right arrow to turn the page,” so that sight-impaired users will know how to use your file and might have the content read to them. This approach can also assist young children or people learning your language, enabling you to integrate educational materials to help them learn to read.

Improved brand recall

Sound has a huge impact on memory. Adding brand-related sounds or music themes can help reinforce your brand identity and make your brand so much more memorable – for example, you can use orchestral music for respectable brands like those in banking or real estate. How cool would it be if your brand had its theme song?

Create personal connections

A human voice can build trust and create a sense of intimacy. Imagine a natural voiceover using everyday language and lighthearted humor – it draws users closer to your brand. Furthermore, background sounds, like music or relevant ambient noises, further bridge the gap with your audience: imagine the roar of an engine when you open an automotive company catalog!

Effective audio integration

Content selection

To make sure your audio content reaches users effectively, do your research. Like all content, audio in your catalogs should be tailored to your target user group. For example, consider whether a furniture catalog requires narration; perhaps music would be a better choice.

Also, consider which types of content are worth placing in your catalog – options might include music, voice narration, podcasts, and interviews. All of these can enhance your product catalog. For instance, a presentation of new clothes could be accompanied by an interview with their designer.

Publuu’s online flipbook example

View more online flipbook examples


Quality matters

The better the quality of the sound, the greater the user experience as they browse your catalog. Audio recordings should be free of noise and distortion. If you have chosen a narrator, they should speak clearly and with proper intonation. I find few things more annoying than these AI-generated robot voices!

User autonomy

Don’t force audio on users who do not want it. Users should be able to control the audio playback, with options such as pause, resume, rewind, and volume adjustment. What’s great about the catalogs from Publuu is the combination of text content with video and audio. If you have a narrator, ensure that users can also read what is being said and turn off the audio at any time.

Audio marketing tips

Audio reports are a great tool: they provide valuable pre-recorded information on specific topics relevant to your audience. Think of them as experts explaining subjects to catalog readers. This approach helps to answer frequently asked questions, improve SEO, and pre-sell to visitors.

An excellent suggestion is to rely on audio testimonials. Don’t simply write quotes from past partners on your website; ask them to record their endorsements instead! This method shows real emotions, stories, and benefits gained, helping customers understand why your company is worth trusting.

You can also include an audio interview in your catalog with a designer, industry expert, or company president. Not only will this share valuable information, but it will also promote you as an industry leader.

Company owners can also rely on their voices to create a deeper connection with their audience. If you believe your voice is the best way to describe products and services, give it a try. Often, the lead engineer who has created the product can tell about it with real passion. This strategy works best in industries where personal contact is important, such as education and real estate.


As you can see, audio can bring your product offerings to life and add various dimensions to your online catalog. It benefits sales, and accessibility for the visually impaired, among other things. Moreover, the perception of your brand and the power of the human voice can help you build relationships.

Publuu’s features allow you to combine audio, animation, and text to create an engaging, one-of-a-kind catalog. Try them out now!

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