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Multiple Security Features for Your Catalogs

These days, each large company has its own unique processes, methods and guidelines that it must protect from competitors, especially if it uses exclusive, one-of-a-kind technologies or ideas. That’s why tech companies in particular need to focus on securing their intellectual property, especially their product or service offers and catalogs.

While sharing details about your products and services with potential customers is essential – after all, you need to gain new buyers, it can make it easier for competitors to steal your ideas. However, today’s technology allows you to remain vigilant even while you sleep! This is where Publuu comes to the rescue. We let you create online catalogs that allow you to present your offerings in a visually appealing and interactive format, while ensuring your security.

Your online catalogs are well protected with Publuu

As creators of new technologies and cloud storage, we understand the importance of securing sensitive data during their public distribution. In this article, you’ll read how catalogs from Publuu can help you maintain cyber security at your company, while presenting your product offers only to those who need to see them.


Multiple security features

Google Indexing

Thanks to Publuu, your catalogs will be displayed as interactive PDF flipbooks relying on HTML-5 technology. This enables easy access to your content on virtually any modern smartphone or tablet, eliminating the need for downloads.

Since these are online publications, we typically allow Google and other popular search engines to crawl and index this content. This is generally beneficial for your company because it helps potential customers find your products and services. Additionally, backlinks from Publuu catalogs can boost web search visibility.

google indexing feature for digital catalogs

However, we understand that when our users want to safeguard sensitive company information, they might want to restrict access to search engine bots. As a result, our user interface features a straightforward option to disable Google indexing.

It’s enough to toggle a single option – as a result you can hide your catalog from prying eyes, ensuring that your confidential business information remains protected. This precise control over search engine visibility allows you to strike a balance between exposure and security.

Disable Download and Printing

Disable download, share and printing youe online catalogue.psd

Publuu simplifies creation of online catalogs with convenient linking and embedding options, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your product offer with your website or email content.

While traditional online ebooks can grant viewers the ability to download or print the content, Publuu allows you to exercise greater control over these functions. Through our intuitive settings menu, you can simply disable the print and download options, ensuring that your secret content stays exclusively online.

Password Protection

Securing your confidential information with a password is a basic step in safeguarding your intellectual property. Publuu’s password functionality adds an extra layer of protection to your PDF catalogs, ensuring that only authorized viewers can access your valuable content.

Protect your catalog with password.psd

Visitors will only be able to view the cover page, which can both pique their interest and prompt them to contact you for the password. By distributing the password separately to your coworkers and business partners, you can maintain fine control over who can view your catalogs.

Embed Protection

Publuu’s Embed Protection is an additional way to control who views and accesses your online catalogs. This feature enables you to restrict access to your interactive catalogs, allowing the users to read them only on a specific website.

Thanks to Embed Protection, you can preserve the exclusivity of your content and control who has access to your interactive catalog. When you embed the content on one specific site, it can be accessed only through that specific URL. Even is some users decide to share your catalog’s direct link with others – it simply won’t work.

This feature is especially valuable for companies that wish to sell their content behind a paywall. It will effectively protect your publication against unauthorized access.

Embed protection for your catalogues2

Thanks to Embed Protection, you can preserve the exclusivity of your content and control how many people get to experience it. You might use this feature to promote premium content or trade secrets, since it prevents competitors from stealing your ideas! Combined with password protection, Embed protection can lock down your trade secrets and offer access to these only to a select, trusted circle.


Experts agree that cyber security should be a top priority for companies that rely on confidential information, especially when it comes to innovative technologies and exclusive products.

Publuu offers advanced security features for your catalogs without sacrificing accessibility for potential customers. From disabling search engine indexing and print/download options to implementing password and embedding protection, we can provide multiple ways to protect your product offer against unauthorized access.

Don’t let your competitors steal your ideas – take advantage of these powerful tools and secure your intellectual property today. Sign up now at and start protecting your offerings from unauthorized access.


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