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Choosing the Perfect Background for Your Online Catalog

Maybe you’ve already created an online catalog in PDF format or on an interactive site. If so, have you ever considered how to make it truly stand out? Grabbing customer attention is crucial! One often overlooked promotional element is your catalog’s background.

adding a background to your catalog

This article will guide you in creating a visually appealing and user-friendly experience by crafting a captivating background for your PDF catalog.

How to add a background to your catalog?

Adding a background to your online catalog is a breeze with Publuu’s user-friendly tools. Here’s how to personalize it:


1. Upload your catalog to Publuu

Upload to Publuu flipbook

Once uploaded, navigate to the control panel, and click “Customize”


2. Choose your background

Customizing background in your online catalog

In the ‘BACKGROUND’ tab, customize using options like:

Colors: Select a color that complements your brand or content.

Themes: Choose from a variety of pre-designed themes, including animated backgrounds to enhance your catalog.

Image: Add a personal touch by uploading your image (max 5MB).


3. Save and shine!

Click “SAVE” to finalize your selection. Voilà! Your interactive catalog is ready to impress!

Why does the right background matter?

Choosing certain colors or patterns can instantly bring a brand to mind. This is why a consistent, beautiful background should be a part of your product identity. Use colors that match or suit your brand; for instance, if you’re selling pink toys, try using subtle blues and violets to contrast the background.

You can also use colors or themes that resonate with your industry, like green for an eco-friendly business or bold reds for romantic themes and ideas. Publuu lets you match the background for the occasion.

The right background can elevate your products from good to excellent. A neutral backdrop lets your items shine, while warm tones create a more casual, inviting atmosphere. Experiment and find what complements your products and brand personality best.


Standing out with animated options

The power of animation can easily breathe life into your online catalog. It can instantly grab attention and keep viewers glued to their screens, especially younger readers. Animations add dynamism and interactivity, making browsing an engaging adventure. Of course, you should use them sparingly; it’s not your animation that should keep the readers engaged, but your content!

Publuu’s online catalog example

View more online catalog examples


Gain audience

Capture attention with a visually stunning background that reflects your brand. If you run a travel agency, you can transport your customers to an island getaway with a nautical theme, or show them a majesty of the sea!

Boost engagement

Make browsing an amazing experience with a background that speaks to the user and puts them in the proper mood. For example, adding visual effects can boost the shareability of your car catalog.

Influence emotions

Don’t underestimate the subtle power of background choice. A warm and inviting background can be easily associated with trust and comfort, while a sleek and modern design showcases the sophistication and innovation of your tech startup.

Best practices for choosing the best background

Keep it relevant

The background should complement your brand’s overall aesthetic and color scheme. For example, Christmas is associated with green and red, and spring with green and pink. If you sell sports equipment, prepare for the season or important games!

Display on different devices

Test the background on different devices (desktop, mobile, tablet) to make sure it displays correctly and does not affect the visibility of your product. Publuu is built on an HTML 5 engine, so it’s compatible with most modern browsers; there is no need to download a PDF.

Balance your content

Backgrounds should not compete with product images or text to get noticed. Find a balance that allows your products to take center stage while the background provides a visually pleasing foundation. Subtle animations can be a great solution for your business.



Choosing the right background for your online catalog is crucial for user experience and brand image. Publuu allows you to choose a background that complements your brand colors and matches your industry and your target audience. With a well-chosen background, you will create a very visually appealing catalog that is sure to be remembered.

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