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Unique Yearbook Ideas and Themes For a Memorable Keepsake

Looking for fresh and creative ideas for your school yearbook? Look no further! With so many themes and topics available to choose from, it can be challenging to come up with yearbook theme ideas that truly capture the essence of your graduating class.

But fear not, with some planning and out-of-the-box thinking, you can create a yearbook that will be remembered fondly for years to come.

We have prepared ideas and themes you can use to create your perfect online yearbook with an album maker !

In this text, we’ll explore some exciting yearbook themes that can change the game, from nostalgic to future-focused to pop-culture-inspired themes. We’ll also share some tips on incorporating your theme throughout your yearbook pages, and provide some helpful surveys to get your school collaborating on the perfect theme for your yearbook.

Creative Yearbook Ideas

If you’re looking to create a yearbook that’ll be cherished for a long, long time, then these yearbook theme ideas might just be what you’re looking for. Whether you’re making a yearbook for a middle school, elementary school, or high school seniors, these tips will come in handy!

Get Online

When it comes to yearbook ideas, incorporating online elements is a great way to turn your yearbook into an interactive tool. You can include QR codes in the physical copy that link to online content, such as videos and photo galleries, or you can create an online version of the yearbook.

With Publuu flipbooks, students can now access the yearbook from anywhere, making it more accessible and convenient, just as in the example below:

Publuu’s online yearbook example

View more online yearbook examples


You can make them view it on a smartphone – and, for example, put hotspot links in the yearbook for them to communicate with each other! This is a unique solution for everyone!

Make Your Personalized Covers

Creating unique covers is a great way to make your yearbook stand out from the rest. You can create a cover representing your graduating class using student artwork, and photos or even create a competition for the best cover design – great for the youngest students!

custom yearbook cover

Include Favourite Quotes

Adding students’ and lecturers’ favorite quotes to the yearbook is a great way to sum up the school year and create inspirational messages. It could be a funny inside joke, a meaningful quote from a book or film, or a memorable moment. You can write them down by hand or conduct a survey among the student body for the best quote of the year.

yearbook quotes

Add a Section For School Trips

Field trips are often one of the most memorable aspects of a student’s educational experience. Add photos to your yearbook to capture the adventures and highlight the bonds that students have formed during these trips. If you have a lot of photos that you would like to include, think about creating an interactive photo album online.

school trips in yearbook

Don’t Forget Staff Members

Staff members, not just teachers, play an important role in a student’s school experience and must be included in the yearbook process. Support staff, handymen, librarians, and administrators all play on the same team and you need to highlight their hard work and dedication. You can add photos, quotes, and messages from staff members to show them some love from the student body!

school staff in yearbook

Highlight Big Moments

Major festivals, prom, and graduation are all important events in a student’s school experience. Focusing on these milestones in the yearbook is a great way to remember the school year and create a lasting memory of the experience. Ask your students to create a photo gallery commemorating; they are sure to have them on their smartphones. Before you’ll start, make sure you already know how to make your photo album look great !

highschool prom in yearbook

Create a Map of Memories

Creating a map of memories is a unique way to commemorate the school year. Your yearbook team can design a map of the school and add photos, quotes, and memories from each location. This allows students to move around the school and remember their favorite friends, places, and memories. You can also create a map in a different way – read about it in our guide on how to create a unique memory book .

yearbook map of memories

Show The Year In Reverse

A creative way to document the school year is to show the year in reverse. Instead of starting with the first day of school and ending with graduation, you can start with graduation and go back to the first day of school. This perspective will show how friendships were formed, how students acquired their interests and joined clubs, what are their favorite things, etc. This will shape the entire high school experience in a unique way!

highschool graduation in yearbook

Try To Predict The Future

You can include predictions from the student body and faculty members in the yearbook. Interview students about where they see themselves in the future, where the school will be in ten years, and what the world will look like. Think about what students will do, what they will do, and where they will work. The role of the school is to prepare students for adult life!

"future" caption on the sky made by plane

Brilliant Yearbook Theme Ideas

You might find yourself at a loss for how to plan every spread once you know the exact number of pages for this year’s school yearbook. It’s time to let go of the notion and see how these yearbook ideas will alter the course of events. You should produce material that will be valued and excite students about the book. There are many yearbook themes – and your yearbook staff can pick this year’s theme from our suggestions!

Emojis Everywhere

Sometimes teachers think that high schoolers communicate only through emojis. Although it is not entirely true, you can’t deny it is a big part of their life. You can use the emojis theme on the cover, or assign a specific emoji for each student. With Publuu, you can also give your student community the ability to respond with an emoji to each photo or event in the yearbook!

emoji yearbook theme

Superhero Celebration

Everyone likes to be a superhero! Each student could be depicted in the yearbook as a different superhero with special costumes and abilities, perhaps wearing the school colors. The entire class could be depicted as superheroes in a comic book-style illustration on the cover, and movie- and comic book-stylized illustrations could be used on the pages inside.

superhero yearbook theme

Gamify It

Young people are increasingly interested in retro games… Often these are computer games that teachers used to play. Use the theme of 8-bit games from Nintendo consoles, or you can create pixel art-inspired portraits of students, or assign them RPG-like stats. And Publuu even lets you play chiptune background music! Or you can take inspiration from board games for your yearbook themes – with motifs of pawns and squares on a few pages!

retro games yearbook theme

Strange Times

Who among us doesn’t love Stranger Things? It takes adults back to their childhood and resonates with the young because it reminds them of their problems. In many ways, this Netflix series is very much like growing up and changing over time…. and you can add a touch of horror and dark mood to the yearbook, too! Add a horror-themed background, spooky and ambiguous illustrations, a bit of 80s styling and voilà!

stranger things yearbook theme

Pop Culture Passion

It’s not just the Strange Things series that’s popular – let young people choose the computer games, movies, live-action, or animated series they like. Students love an opportunity to show off! Maybe one student will quote Geralt the Witcher and another could quote the Mandalorian, maybe their pose could imitate their favorite rap star. The sky’s the limit!

popculture yearbook theme


Creating a yearbook that summarises an entire school year is no easy task, but with the right combination of creativity, collaboration, and planning, it is possible to create a yearbook that will be a treasured keepsake among your students!

With our ideas, you will be able to create a yearbook that not only captures the memories of the year but also prepares students for the future.

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