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The Best Flipbook Ideas

With flipbooks from Publuu, you can engage your readers more excitingly and dynamically than you can with static PDFs uploaded on the web. If you want to add movies photos or links to your flip book, you can do it with ease! Digital flipbooks from Publuu also offer a 3D page-flipping effect that mimics the sensation of flicking through a real magazine.

In this article, we’ll present you with six ideas on how to use flip books to create unusual effects, make use of their unique page-flipping features, and provide your readers with amazing functions they can’t find anywhere else.

An online Resume

You can create a flip book resume using the flipbook functionalities from Publuu. Unlike a simple PDF, flipbooks give you much more functions:

  • You can be as detailed as possible. Flipbook animation will look even more stunning if your CV has multiple pages. You can describe your experiences in more detail, adding illustrations if possible. Your flipbooks will look better if you add colorful backgrounds in the Publuu system – it should look professional, but this does not have to mean “boring”.
  • You can convert your resume into an online portfolio – a flipbook with good cover art will stand out from the crowd of identical CVs.
  • If you’re an artist, you can use the Publuu gallery function to include pictures you have drawn or link to your portfolio website. If you are an animation artist, you can embed your animations on YouTube and in your flipbooks.

    Publuu’s online portfolio example

View online booklets examples


A virtual sketchbook

A lot of artists doodle on paper or use online files. If you draw or create images, you don’t have to throw away these pictures – instead save them, scan them and create a virtual sketchbook in Publuu.

Flipobook idea - sketchbook

  • Even if you don’t want to share it, it will remain secure in the cloud. You’ll be able to return to it and see how you’ve improved your skills. It’s easy to updated the document with new information and add a new drawing.
  • This type of sketchbook for casual art can supplement an online portfolio – you can add art that’s made as a hobby and isn’t as profitable as you may think, but would still interest potential customers.
  • If you write, you can create and design flipbooks that combine your stories and discarded attempts with illustrations. It’s also a good way to return to when you want to be inspired.

Online calling card

Both casual users and business users can benefit from moving their calling cards to Publuu flipbook. You could give a new acquaintance or a lead a small classic card with a QR code – and this could lead to a great booklet explaining your company or personal capabilities!

business card

  • Instead of a basic website, you can create a flipbook that explains what do you do, add some great images, and allow your customers to explore your offer on their own using their cellphones.
  • You can have many versions of calling cards – one for artists and the other for business partners, for example. You can combine this with a resume or presentation of your company or offer, if you wish.
  • You can display your calling card on the cellphone screen so it’s even more accessible than a regular calling card. You can add mp3s or hotspots to make your calling card stand out!

New way of presentations

Flipbooks can replace apps like PowerPoint for your presentation need. Instead of displaying each image separately, you can flip them as pages of your flip books. It has a great effect on your audience, whether they’re students, coworkers, or business partners.

New way of presentations

  • It’s easy to include images, videos, or sounds in your Publuu flipbook. Your presentations will look great and will still be easy to watch them.
  • You can send them easily to the mobile devices of your audience. With remote work, you can send the presentation to the smaller screen without people watching it on the main screen.
  • You can return to such presentation easily – adding extra resources to read, new information, by uploading new versions you have created.\

Teaching materials

Publuu flipbooks can be easily used to help teachers or instructors distribute additional materials. They can display well on the screen of any device and allow your kids to study at their own pace. It’s a great, safe way to distribute texts and pages to your audience.

Teaching materials


  • You can quickly share your reading list without any problems. Your students can read them on their cell phones without risking losing the paper pages.
  • You can add interactive materials like hotspots to let your students quiz themselves or mp3 when sound is important like with learning foreign languages.
  • Your eBooks can be accessed in classroom or at home to let your readers revise at their own pace.
  • You can add as many study aids as you want to – flipbooks can accommodate a small guidebook or a longer book.
  • You can easily monitor which students opened their reading materials!

Business bulletins and newsletters

Many companies release an internal newspaper detailing news inside the company – and so do other organizations like NGOs or unions. You can release bulletins to your coworkers using the innovative flipbook format – even a school newspaper or a digital magazine for your club.

  • It’s easy to distribute and upload new issues thanks to a web kiosk feature Publuu offers!
  • You can use the analytics form to learn are your issues being read and what’s the most interesting article!
  • It’s easy to add hotspots to link to the important articles or to outside the flipbook


As you read this article, you learned about the many benefits of digital flipbooks, including their interactive nature and how they can help you connect with your customers or students. So go ahead and start making eye-catching and interactive flipbooks that will draw the attention of your audience!


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