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Professional-Looking Online Catalogs

Online PDF catalogs are powerful marketing and sales tools that make it easy not just to learn more about products and services but also to learn about a company’s offerings.

Their crucial purpose of organizing product details makes online catalogs invaluable to buyers and decision-makers as well as retailers, marketers, and sales representatives. Online catalogs provide intuitive browsing comparable to printed catalogs. With Publuu’s interactive features, these catalogs stand out by being engaging and dynamic, unlike many other mundane and static formats.

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With our tips, you’ll discover how to craft a professional online catalog using Publuu’s intuitive creation tool and what are the crucial selling points of such digital publications.

Ease of access

Thanks to HTML-5, Publuu’s digital catalogs are compatible with most devices, making them universally accessible regardless of the user’s preferred platform. Whether they prefer desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones, everyone can enjoy a seamless browsing experience.

In addition, web directories from Publuu can be easily distributed via email, integrated with websites, or shared on social media. What’s more, the integration of QR codes even allows for convenient offline distribution using printed materials, increasing your reach!

Catalog sharing options

Visual appeal

In the case of visual media like catalogs and PDFs, visual appeal is key since it attracts viewers and drives their engagement. Publuu’s online catalogs offer an immersive reading experience thanks to page-turning animation and customizable animated backgrounds which add dynamism.

The ability to embed high-resolution images in the content of your online catalog can help you create a professional, consistent look. You can showcase your products thanks to an intuitive interface, allowing users to browse the content of the catalog easily and enjoyably.

Catalog quick sharing options

Our way of presenting your catalog can mesh well with your layout – you can switch the colors of hotspot icons, and customize the background and colors of navigational elements to suit your content.


In addition to a great design, Publuu’s web catalogs offer several interactive features that improve user experience. For example, hotspot links allow readers to seamlessly navigate to another page of the catalog or an external site (like a product page on an online store) with a single click.

Publuu also lets you create a comprehensive table of contents, allowing users to quickly navigate between sections, which minimizes time spent browsing the catalog and increases the chance of getting a deal. As the user experience becomes more intuitive, users are more likely to spend longer interacting with your content which boosts the chance of sale.

Interactive catalog

Product tags allow customers to start their shopping journey directly from the online catalog, accessing product descriptions and detailed information, which can streamline the buying process and increase the efficiency of your product offer.

Thanks to the use of these interactive elements, Publuu’s web catalogs can easily capture the attention of potential customers, increasing their chances of interacting with the content and ultimately making a purchase decision.

Multimedia integration

You can showcase your products with captivating photo galleries. Publuu allows you to embed photo galleries – including animated GIFs – directly into your catalog or open them as pop-up windows to create an engaging product presentation.

Image hotspot feature

Publuu lets you integrate your catalog with YouTube and Vimeo videos to showcase your products in action. Adding video content is something that a paper catalog simply can’t do! You can also enhance your catalog with background music and sound effects, allowing your audience to fully take in your content.

Mobile responsiveness

As we increasingly consume content on mobile devices, having a responsive online catalog is essential.

Whether someone is using a small phone screen or a large tablet, the catalog from Publuu will adjust accordingly, guaranteeing readability and usability across platforms. In addition, the easy-to-use interface makes navigation simple and intuitive, even on a smaller screen.

Mobile resposive online catalogs

In conclusion

Publuu can empower anyone to become a catalog design expert. Our intuitive platform and comprehensive set of multimedia features allow users of all skill levels to create exceptional catalogs that rival those of seasoned professionals.

From captivating visual effects and interactive elements to seamless mobile compatibility, Publuu gives you the tools to create remarkable product catalogs. Whether you’re a business owner seeking to boost sales or a marketer aiming to draw the attention of customers, Publuu is your best choice for creating professional-looking catalogs.

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