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Page Flip Effects Ideas

These days, almost every action we take, we make with aided by an app or some other technological device. More and more people fill out forms exclusively online and it’s not unlikely that young people who leave school today won’t ever use pen and paper in their lives. But many people are still interested in the page flip effect. It still draws attention to smartphones and other mobile devices.

Flipbook and Ebook formats have started to dominate the market these days – in part thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Their price is lower, and many eBooks are often free to download, more environmentally friendly, and far more convenient. Although eBooks are far less expensive than paper books, a single eBook reader may cost less than a single paper book, depending on the model. Luckily, in Publuu we can offer you the capability to display an eBook as a beautiful flip book.

The feel of online magazines

These days paper magazines are becoming less and less relevant, and digital magazines can fill the niche. This effect can help your readers get used to reading articles off their phone screens.

If you want to use Publuu, you can make your online magazines look and sound like a real printed edition. Our page flip effect lets you transform a static PDF file into a great-looking e-magazine.

Publuu’s online magazine example

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Flipping through the pages is just like reading a paper magazine. Your audience will enjoy a realistic reading experience thanks to the realistic page-flipping animation and shadow, as well as the flipping sound. Publuu provides them with easy access to the archive of your previous issues – they don’t have to install any software!

Advertising brochures and pamphlets

Advertisements and brochures can also benefit from Publuu’s realistic page flip effect. You can move your advertising brochures online, replacing the leaflets with interactive HTML 5 booklets relying on flipping animation. You can limit your document to four pages and have clients flip through them – with no damage to the trees or the environment.

Publuu’s online brochure example

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At events like expos or trade shows, many of our customers distribute QR codes – which link to their website with flipbooks showing more information about their offer. You can create excellent brochures online with colorful, realistic images for readers to view on their cellphones – at a fraction of a price of printing.


Proposals, presentations and slideshows

Business customers can use the page flip animation to replace slideshows. The flipbook format has a far more organic feel than even the best PowerPoint presentation, and you don’t need expensive software to create PDFs. Your audience can explore your presentation at their own pace, and you can easily add links or YouTube videos to your content.

Converting a document you’re going to present into flipbook also makes for great proposal material. You can present your files for everyone to read, and the booklet will be visible on the big screen, without any extra software.

Business proposal example

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You can also deliver additional materials such as notes or explanations of your multimedia presentation in flipbook format. Additional features, such as the ability to embed videos or web links, can be used to integrate the presentation on your screen with the extra material in notes.

Photo albums or art galleries

The page flip effect is useful also when you want to create a photo album that feels like a real book. Even inexperienced users can quickly convert their photo collection to PDF, upload it to Publuu, and publish them online – letting your family and friends view your album. The page flip visuals can display your albums the way they’re meant to be enjoyed. You will return to this document and it will feel as if you were holding the book in your hands.

Photographers, artists, and designers should take advantage of this opportunity as well. Instead of a portfolio site, you can create a portfolio of your own images using our tool. It looks and feels like a much more professional publication, and the flipbook format adds to its respectability. You can easily showcase your design abilities and present your illustrations and art on the flip-book pages.

Photo album with transparent background example

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Presenting your artwork in a flipping book can have numerous other advantages. Publuu flipbooks let you add videos or image galleries to your interactive portfolio. You can improve the impact of your art on the reader thanks to the great cover design, background music that you can upload to the server, or hyperlinks.


Showcase your eBooks and publications

Page flip effect allows you to also present your eBooks or comic books in the way they were meant to be viewed. In particular, flipbooks are great for presenting publications with a lot of images or graphical details. For example, comics, fashion magazines, or how-to guides work especially great when displayed on the screen of an iPad or an Android phone. Publuu’s page flip visuals will enhance their appearance and engage readers with their amazing appearance.

Many people prefer to read their eBooks using e-paper, rather than using a mobile platform of any sort. However, art-heavy flip-books look way better on colorful screens. Many publishers use Publuu to showcase the paper books they publish, presenting on their website to encourage the users to buy and download their samples and previews. For example, you can use Publuu to present your real book online, which will look realistic thanks to page flip animation.

Publuu’s made ebook example

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You can even create a web library of your own titles, using a custom domain. You can offer online previews of your books, with the flipping effect allowing readers to see what the complete book will look like.

This is also a useful feature for editors and proofreaders – when you scroll through a manuscript, you don’t know what the prospective reader will focus on and what will be ignored. Publuu allows you to convert your PDF into a realistic flipbook and see the book pages as if they were real. You can glance at the page number, whether it’s too large or too small, how it looks when you flip the page, and so on.

Educational materials

Teachers, schools, and libraries can also benefit from flipbooks from Publuu. You can publish your own materials for your students to peruse on their own cell phones. It’s a fun lightweight, right solution for many modern schools – since the page-turning effects for example lets your students do the task first, then flip the page to learn the answers.

Of course, this is not our flipbook app’s only educational application; you can also add videos, embed audio, or link to interesting websites for the benefit of the readers. These flipbooks are simple to use and will work on any device that has a modern browser.


Product catalogs

Much like presenting e-books, you can use Publuu to present your other products and services. You can arrange attractive photos on the pages of your PDF, and showcase them to the readers. Thanks to our integration with the cloud, your readers can enjoy your publications everywhere.

Publuu’s product catalog example

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You can experiment with layout and picture arrangement on the pages of your interactive catalogs – Publuu provides you also with tracking links functionality. You can test various solutions on your audience and determine which features to keep, thanks to our robust analytics function.


Using Publuu’s pageflip animation, you can easily create an online flipbook from a static PDF file. These digital publications can take the place of traditional paper books and digital magazines. You can read an interactive ebook on your smartphone or tablet thanks to our ground-breaking flipbook functionality. Creators can even embed videos and image galleries into Publuu flipbooks so that readers can enjoy not only the page-flipping animation but also a variety of other interactive features.

You too can quickly create any kind of content using our innovative tool. Try out Publuu for free and share what you have created with the rest of the world!


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