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How To Write an Ebook? Short Guide

Attracting new customers, putting the word out about your business, and showcasing your achievements have never been easier thanks to ebooks and self-publishing. Many professionals, companies, and designers have taken to writing ebooks using their format not just as an opportunity to present their knowledge but also to promote the products or services. Incorporating a book maker into the process can further enhance the quality and design of the content, making it even more appealing to readers.


A free ebook is a great way of getting exposure or achieving more hits on your landing page. Why create an ebook? Well, here are a couple of reasons…

Four reasons for writing an ebook on your business


Step 1 - How To Write an Ebook

Anyone can write an ebook. Thanks to the availability of self-publishing, various internet platforms, iPads, tablets, or e-readers like Kindle a lot of people moved their reading habits with the times. And with readers moving to the digital world, publishing an ebook just became a lot easier. For example Publuu –online ebook creator. You can use it to publish your ebook and share it with the world in just a couple of clicks, even on social media.


Step 2 - How To Write an Ebook

Writing an ebook is easy. For many formats, your ebook doesn’t need fancy illustrations or an unusual layout. It’s just text, and there are many programs that can help you create an ebook from a text document. You can easily create a pdf in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Just add a couple of illustrations and some nice cover art after writing an ebook and you’re done! You don’t need to choose a specific ebook format, since many devices can read PDFs, convert text to EPUB or flipbook.


Step 3 - How To Write an Ebook

An eBook generates leads for your content marketing. Many bloggers offer the availability to download the book if a visitor enters their e-mail address or even phone number into their database. And if your ebook includes a call to action, it can drive more visitors to your landing page, showing your blog, product, or service.


Step 4 - How To Write an Ebook

You can earn money. When you write an ebook you can publish it in an online store, like the Kindle store on Amazon. Not only you do get the word out about your brand, but you get a steady stream of royalties! What’s even better is that they keep selling, even for years!


What is an ebook?

What is an Ebook

To create a new ebook for Kindle, you need to be able to create MOBI files. Other ebook readers use the EPUB format. Both of these formats are very similar. They are essentially html files which means that creating them is fairly easy and illustrations need to be placed as separate pages.

But since many people read ebooks from their computers, phones or tablets like iPads, many still prefer the pdf file. PDFs allow you to freely place images and use a variety of fonts. You can use graphics heavy ebooks or even comics saved as PDF. Many newer ebook readers also can read this file format. If you want your ebook to stand out form your competitors convert your PDF to flipbook – interactive publication with a real page flip effect. You can easily do it with Publuu – pdf to ebook creator.

Publuu displays your PDF file in a flipbook format, mimicking a real book. You don’t need any e-ink device to view them, a simple web browser is enough. Using conversion tools like Calibre you can convert any ebook into PDF – and display it online as a real book with fonts in vector quality using Publuu.

Why write an e-book?

Ebook writing

The best reason for writing an ebook is the desire to share your knowledge and business skill with the world. When creating an ebook try to focus on your target audience, and write what you know for them. The topic should be something the readers want to read, not some typical blog post. Reading your ebook should be engaging and interesting.

That’s why we suggest you should share it on Publuu – the perfect way to showcase your content and make it look fantastic. Publuu offers you a quick way to convert your pdf document into a beautiful flipbook and share it on many different way. You will be able to present your content to anyone with any modern browser, without any plug-ins, additional software, or downloading the file on their computer. What’s great about Publuu is that it imitates the feel of a real physical book, with the sound of flipping the pages and double-spreads, which will doubtlessly seem engaging to your audience!

You can easily convert a text document to a PDF and publish it online effortlessly. You can also put your back into it and create a more presentable experience to promote your electronic book. What’s important is that you can keep your book accessible to everyone using social media, you can also include hyperlinks to your website, product page, or relevant blog posts.

How to write an ebook?

You might already have a good idea or even a draft of your novel, but to promote a business, you should focus on a shorter form. You want people to:

  • be interested in your brand
  • keep on reading
  • buy the book or at least recommend it to their friends.

If you want to promote your ebook using your business, social media, blog posts, or the network of friends, it should be relevant to your brand and readers. Advice on what you know or what you’ve learned on the job, tips on how to make money, or how-to guides are guaranteed to sell well.

Write what you love

passion ebook writing

The writing process requires a lot of hard work. When trying to write an ebook, pick something you feel passionate about rather than choose something you are told will sell well. No amount of content marketing research can replace a good idea. Writing a book should come naturally, it can’t be a chore. People who know how to write an ebook always advise others to write what you know and what you are passionate about.

If you are a designer and can talk about fonts and typesetting for hours, pick that topic instead of forcing yourself to write your ebook about color schemes that bore you to tears. Creating an ebook is hard work and you shouldn’t invest your time and effort into an idea you do not know well. Choose a topic you can talk about for hours and can do research even longer. Don’t force yourself to make your ebook if the subject is not something you could want to write on for a longer amount of time.

Create evergreen content for your eBook

Evergreen content is always useful and up-to-date, regardless of what may happen tomorrow. This ensures that your ebook will still be helpful to the readers even after several years down the road. While it’s true that even best, tried-and-true practices change over time, hopefully only a few things will change about them because these methods are top-notch.

Current Internet memes or fads may be catchy for a few weeks, but over time people will lose interest and ignore them. And since ebooks are designed for readers looking for more than a short blog post, they are the right medium for this sort of evergreen material. Choose a topic that won’t get old that easily and will drive more customers in the future. Your current readers will find what they want there, and new readers will still be able to get the same important information after a year or two.

Don’t overdo it graphically

Although Publuu offers you the opportunity to promote your ebook using multimedia and colorful pdfs, you should know that your first ebook could very well be just a simple “wall of text” – perhaps broken by simple images or page breaks. A free ebook can entice a customer with its content. Marketing it could come later. You can promote your ebook using quotes, reviews and good quality cover art or title.

Of course, some industries do demand some visual appeal, especially if you work in design or technology where diagrams are important. You can use excellent graphics if you know how to make an ebook containing these. A successful ebook does not need high-profile graphics to be shared on social media, however. People asking how to write an ebook will start with writing, not obtaining illustrations!

Set yourself a goal

Your first e-book should be short and to the point. There are people selling their blog posts in e-book form that are about 8 pages long. If you have something to say and want people to read it, go for it! Remember not to overhype your e-book in such a case, especially if you’re soliciting people’s e-mails for cold mailing or newsletter. In such a case target audience might feel disappointed with a short e-book that’s essentially a longer blog post. You don’t want your product or service to evoke negative associations in your target audience.

Estimate how long your ebook should be and start writing. You might want to establish a daily word count – this could be an equivalent for a long blog post. Five hundred words equal a page of text.

The finishing touches

book writing

When you are ready to publish, consider the format, whether you want to create a PDF or publish it on the Kindle store.

Even if it’s casual writing, take care about getting a good editor – both for things like spell check or correct grammar and also for spotting factual errors. If you’re on your own, ask a friend about a review – it should be a person who knows the industry you’re making your ebook about. There are also many spell-checking or grammar tools, such as StudyCrumb, available online, some even specifically made for eBooks. Even if you don’t have anyone to help you with editing and publishing your ebook, leave the ebook alone and wait for a while – after some time you’ll be able to look at it from a fresh, new perspective.


As you can see, creating your own free eBook is a good idea for many reasons, and such publications are available in many different forms and file formats. Whether it’s a compilation of previously published material or a book you are writing from scratch, creating an eBook is not as lengthy or difficult as it might seem.


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